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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 164: You voted that - Tim will say to Jack, 'I'm sorry, but let me know next time'
Helen in the flat
Episode 164: A new bathroom?
Helen: Sorry I missed your call the other week, Dad. We were out ten-pin bowling, for Khalid's birthday.
Dad: Did you have a good time?
Helen: It was great, except Alice was let down by Tim, and she still isn't speaking to him!
Dad: Oh dear. Is that causing problems in the flat?
Helen: Well, a few, but...
Dad: I see, well, I wanted to talk about the flat.
Helen: Uh-huh...
Dad: I think the flat should be modernised. I'm going to put in a new bathroom and kitchen.
Helen: Wow, that's great!
Dad: I hope so, but it means you all have to move out while the redecoration work is being done.
Helen: Move out? Can't we stay here during the work?
Dad: I'm not sure. Do you think that's realistic?
This vote has now closed:

What will Helen's father decide to do?
1: Make the flatmates move out during the redecoration
2: Let the flatmates stay in the flat during the redecoration
3: Cancel his plan to redecorate the flat
Total votes: 3377

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