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The Flatmates
Archive episode 162: You voted that - Tim won't tell Khalid the truth about the jumper
In the bowling alley
Episode 162: Ten-pin bowling
Khalid: Oh, I don't believe it! I've missed again. I'm useless at this.
Tim: You've got to bowl it straight down the middle.
Khalid: That's what I'm trying doing, but it just goes off to the side.
Tim: Well, don't forget to follow through with your bowling arm. Like this ... Yes!
Helen: Aren't you the expert? Khalid, try using a heavier ball. Have another go now.
Khalid: Okay. I'll try using this one.
Helen: Tim, where's Alice? She should be here by now. Did you remember to give her the address of this bowling alley?
Tim: Well, I remember telling her we were going bowling, but I'm not sure I mentioned where. Sorry!
Helen: Oh, Tim! You idiot! She'll kill you. She's probably gone to the other alley. Give her a ring now!
Khalid: Yes! A strike! What a great birthday!
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Which of Khalid's sentences contains a mistake?
1: I'm useless at this
2: That's what I'm trying doing
3: I'll try using this one
Total votes: 3444

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