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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 16: You voted for - One or more of the flatmates will treat Helen differently
Helen, Michal and the cat in the kitchen
Episode 16: A kitchen romance
Michal: Oh Bronka! I'm so miserable! Alice doesn't want to go out with me.
Helen: Oh sorry, Michal. Am I interrupting something here?
Michal: No, no, I'm just pouring my heart out to Bronka.

Oh yeah, I found out that Alice gave you a knock-back but it's not the end of the world. There are plenty more fish in the sea you know.

Michal: Fish? I don't want a fish, I want a date!
Helen: Well, there's someone right in front of you!
Michal: You're always too busy studying. You wouldn't go out with a guy like me.
Helen: Oh wouldn't I? Why don't you ask first!
Michal: Would you?
Helen: I'd love to!
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Where will Michal and Helen go on their date?
1: The London Eye
2: A river boat trip
3: A ghost tour
Total votes: 2157


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