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Food vocabulary

Helen in the night food market
Here is some vocabulary about food and restaurants.

Types of meals:

a barbecue / a bbq
an informal meal which you eat outside (in your garden, a park or other outside space). The food is cooked on an outdoor grill

a picnic
an informal meal which you eat outside (in your garden, a park or other outside space). The food is either pre-cooked or uncooked. Almost all the food is served cold

a buffet
a meal in a restaurant or at a party where you help yourself (rather than being served by waiters) and pick and choose what food and how much of it you want to eat

an all-you-can-eat buffet
a special kind of buffet which restaurants serve where you can go back to the buffet table as many times as you want and eat as much food as you care to for a fixed price

an early bird special / an early bird menu
a fixed-price meal that is offered to customers early in the afternoon (from about 6.00 - 7.30 pm), before restaurants become busy during the evening

Ways of describing food:

uncooked but edible (you can eat it). For example, carrots, tuna or beef can be raw

in a natural condition rather than artificially preserved by, for example, freezing

completely developed and ready to be eaten

no longer fresh or good to eat because it's too old

fruit or vegetables which are no longer fresh

butter or oil which is no longer fresh

milk which is no longer fresh

Things you might find in a Chinese restaurant:

two slim pieces of wood, plastic or metal which are used for eating food from East Asian food

a lazy Susan
a circular piece of wood or plastic which is put on a table and can be turned around so that everyone at a circular table can reach the food that is on it

a fortune cookie
a hollow biscuit which, when you break it open, contains a message, usually about your future. These biscuits are not given to customers in restaurants in China but are often given in Chinese restaurants outside China


willing to do things that are new, risky or difficult

either of the two round male sex organs which produce sperm, below and behind the penis

risked going somewhere that might be dangerous, unpleasant or here, unfamiliar

Isn't that the truth?
That is very true


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