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Air travel vocabulary 2

Helen on the plane to Beijing
Here is some vocabulary about airports and air travel.

Beginning and ending your journey:

a departures board
a noticeboard in an airport that tells passengers information about their flight

a boarding pass
a piece of paper or card that is given to a passenger at check-in. A passenger must have one to be allowed to go onto the plane

passport control
the place in the airport where your passport and boarding card are checked before you go to the departure lounge

a final call
an announcement that's made over the airport's loudspeaker system to let passengers know that the flight is almost ready to go

baggage reclaim
part of the airport where you go to collect your luggage after you arrive at your destination airport. Usually there is a 'carousel' - a continuous moving strip of material that goes round in a circle with passengers' bags on it

Types of flights:

a short-haul flight
a flight that takes a short time (up to about three hours), compared to a long-haul flight

a long-haul flight
a flight that takes a long time (over seven hours), compared to a short-haul flight

a domestic flight
a flight between two airports in the same country

an international flight
a flight between two airports in the different countries

a red-eye (flight)
a flight that leaves late at night and arrives early the next morning

Types of seats on a plane:

a window seat
a seat next to the window

an aisle seat
a seat next to the aisle (the walkway between rows of seats)

an economy seat
a seat in the economy class part of the plane (in the back part of the plane, where the seats are smaller and closer together than in other parts of the plane)

a first-class seat
a seat in the first-class part of the plane (in the front part of the plane, where the seats are bigger and spaced further than in other parts of the plane)



a plane's movement down (towards the destination airport)

local time
the official time in a country or an area (e.g. When it's 9.20 pm local time in Beijing, it's 1.20 pm in London)

holiday a couple take after they've just been married

track events
sport events which take place on the running track of a stadium (e.g. 1000 metres, hurdles, relay race)

some local colour
the special or unusual features of a place

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