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Vocabulary of studying

Helen looking at a noticeboard


a study scheme
a planned timetable of what or how to learn or revise
Helen and John devised a study scheme to help them revise for their economics test.

study under someone
be taught by someone
Helen studies economics under Professor Lewis.

revise (verb), revision (uncountable noun)
re-learn or memorise a subject before having a test on it
Sorry I can't come to your party but I have to revise for my history exam this weekend.
He hardly did any revision and still managed to do OK on the test. It's just not fair!

try to learn a lot very quickly before an exam
I stayed up till 4 this morning, cramming for the exam but I don't think I can actually remember any of it now.


pass (verb), a pass (noun)
be successful in an exam
Did you pass your driving test?
I just managed to scrape a pass. The exam was really difficult.

be unsuccessful in an exam
She failed her driving three times before she passed.

a border line pass
a mark on a test that's only just above the pass mark
The pass mark was 60% and I got a borderline pass of just 62%. But at least I passed.

a clear pass
a mark on a test that's much higher than the pass mark
She got a clear pass on her chemistry exam and is sure to graduate at the top of her class.

take an exam again because you didn't pass it the first time you sat it
I failed geography and am going to re-sit it in September.

university or college

an undergraduate
someone who is studying for their first degree
He's an undergraduate at Yale.

graduate (verb), a graduate (noun)
someone who has passed all their final exams at university and has been awarded a degree
He graduated in 2003.
She's an Edinburgh graduate.

a postgraduate / a postgrad
someone who is studying for a second degree after getting a first one
After graduating in Chemistry, he started his postgrad in Biochemical Engineering.

lecture (verb), a lecture (noun)
give a lesson on a specialist subject to a large group of students at university
She's been lecturing in Medicine for years.
We have our Business Administration lectures on Tuesday at 10 o'clock.

a tutorial
a lesson or period of study with a tutor involving one student or a small group of students
His professor helped him planned his essay in his tutorial.


can't bear
not wanting to do something because it will make you scared or uncomfortable

dawdling (informal)
doing something very slowly, taking more time than you need to

on the line
at risk. You might get something, you might not

very happy

noticeboard (US bulletin board)
a board on a wall on which people can put notices, adverts etc.

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