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The Flatmates
Archive episode 149: You voted that Alice will play tennis - 'and feel better for now'
Khalid, Helen, Alice and Tim playing tennis
Episode 149: Mixed doubles
Tim: 40-15. I'll serve this one out wide Alice. You keep close to the net. That's Helen's weakness. The match is ours if I can hold this serve.
Alice: Show no mercy partner.
Khalid: What's our strategic here?
Helen: I'm just trying to get the ball over the net.
Khalid: Who knew they would be so good?
Helen: Talk about hiding your light under a bushel. It's not fair!
Tim: When you're ready.
Helen: Go for it.
Khalid: Out! 40-30.
Alice: It was in. I saw it.
Khalid: Alice it bounced right beside me. It was out a mile.
Tim OK. No point getting het up Alice. Second serve.
Helen Too fast for me.
Tim 6-2, 6-1. We are the champions!
Helen Congratulations. See Alice, I told you you'd enjoy yourself.
Alice Thanks Helen. I just wish work was this easy.
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Khalid should have said:
1: What our strategy
2: What's a strategic?
3: What's our strategy?
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