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The Flatmates
Archive episode 147: You voted that - Helen will agree to the conditions
Helen and Alice in the living room
Episode 147: Being professional
Helen: Aren't you changing for tennis, Alice?
Alice: Oh, I'm not feeling very sporty. Can you find someone else to make up the numbers?
Helen: No I can't. I've booked the court. Come on.
Alice: I'm knackered. I've had a hard day. I think I just need a quiet night in.
Helen: There's something else, isn't there?
Alice: I saw Paul today.
Helen: You see him all the time at work.
Alice: We discussed some patients and I took careful notes on their treatment programmes. I was extremely professional.
Helen: Course you were. And then he asked you out tonight. And now you want to bail out on me.
Alice: We've split up and ...
Helen: What?
This vote has now closed:

What will Alice say next?
1: I hate him
2: I hate working with him
Total votes: 3252

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