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Business vocabulary 2

Khalid, Tim and Kitty in the kitchen

Career stages

get a junior position / be in a junior position:
have a job with few responsibilities or power which usually involves doing mainly unskilled jobs
She left school with no qualification so was lucky to get a junior position in an IT firm.

get work experience / go on work experience:
a short-term (often unpaid) job that young people or students take so that they can get experience of working in an office or company
He's got some work experience at a newspaper over the summer. He hopes it will help him get a job in journalism when he graduates.

get a permanent position / get a permanent contract / be made permanent: have long-term employment with a company
After working on 3 short-term contracts they finally made him permanent last week.

be promoted / get promoted / get a promotion:
move further up in a company to a more senior role
She's delighted. She got the promotion. She's a manager now.

stop working when you are old
She worked for years as a teacher but now she has retired. She spends most of her time with her grandchildren.

Employee relations

a union:
an organisation which employees (but not usually managers) can belong to. A union uses its strength, by having a lot of members, to talk to management to try to improve pay and working conditions for employees
The unions are in discussions with the government about how the anti-smoking laws will affect workers in pubs and restaurants.

strike / go on strike:
refuse to continue working because of a disagreement with an employer about working conditions, pay or job losses etc
The unions threatened to strike if the management don't offer a better pay deal.

when workers carefully obey all the rules and instructions given to them about their jobs, but don't do anything extra or outside those rules (as they usually do)
They're not going on strike but are going to work-to-rule if the management decides to go ahead with the job cuts.

Types of work and ways of working

a freelancer:
a person who does short pieces of work for different organisations rather than being continuously employed by one company
We'll get some freelancers in to help us with this project so that we'll make the deadline.

a job for life:
working for the same company all your working life
The days of having a job for life are over now. Most people work for 8 - 10 companies during their working life.

work that is done inside a company, rather than it being out-sourced
We still produce the company newsletter in-house but we out-sourced the printing. It's much cheaper than doing the printing ourselves.

work that is done for one company by another one rather than it being done in-house
The company decided to out-source its IT so that it could concentrate on its key business area - marketing.


a right handful
someone who is difficult to manage or control

turned up

took him to task about it
talked to him about it, blamed him for it or gave him into trouble about it

asserting your authority
showing that you have power

written details about a lecture or lesson that you use to help you study or remember

in the process
while doing something else


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