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Homophones 2

Tim, Helen holding the phone and Khalid in the living room
A homophone is a word which is pronounced the same as another word but spelt differently. For example, two (She has two sisters), too (Can I have a coffee too please?) and to (I'm going to lunch).

Homophones from episode 142: I, eye and aye

I'd like to book a court please.
He was in a fight and someone punched him in the eye.
Scottish people sometimes say 'aye' for 'yes'.

hire and higher:

When you were on holiday, did you hire a car?
The cost of living is just getting higher and higher these days.

racquet and racket:

Can I borrow your squash racquet?
Children, be quiet! Stop all this racket at once!

Note: The sporting word for 'bat' can be spelt 'racquet' and 'racket'

balls and bawls:

Have you got the tennis balls?
When the baby's hungry he bawls till his mother feeds him.

all and awl:

All of you are invited. The more the merrier.
The cobbler put my shoe on the awl while he was working on it.

time and thyme:

Excuse me, have you got the time please?
He uses lots of herbs (like basil and thyme) when he's cooking Italian food.

been and bean:

Have you ever been to India?
I'll have the black bean soup please.

but and butt:

I want to go on holiday but I've got no money.
She smoked her cigarette and then crushed the butt on the ground with her shoe.

would and wood:

Would you like a coffee?
Paper is made from wood.

boys and buoys:

They're got two boys and one girl.
The buoys showed the ships what parts of the water near the rocks were safe.


places where you play games such as tennis, badminton or volleyball

mixed doubles
a game, for example tennis or badminton, played by a team made up of one male and one female player

it's been years
it's been a long time

to book
to reserve something or to arrange to have a tennis court, a place at a restaurant, etc. at a particular time in the future

hang on
wait on the telephone

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