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The Flatmates
Archive episode 142: You voted that - Tim will fire Jack
Tim, Helen on the phone and Khalid in the sitting room
Episode 142: Booking a court
Manager: Hello Sports World. How can I help you?
Helen: Do you have any courts free for Monday evening at 7.30 please?
Manager: Oh yes, we have plenty available then.
Helen: Good. And can we hire racquets and balls at the court?
Manager: Oh yes, we can provide you with all that. Now, how many courts do you want to book?
Helen: Can you hang on for a minute? OK guys listen. I'm just booking the court for Alice and me. So for the last time, are you two in as well?
Tim: Oh I don't know, it's been years since I've played tennis.
Khalid: But it would be fun. The girls against the boys and a few games of mixed doubles. How about it Tim?
This vote has now closed:

Who will play tennis?
1: Helen and Alice
2: Helen, Alice and Khalid
3: All the flatmates
Total votes: 2881

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