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Learning English - The Flatmates  
The Flatmates
Archive Episode 14: You voted for - Alice should tell Helen the flatmates know about her secret.
Tim working in the department store
Episode 14: Tim strikes it rich
Tim:Can I help you madam?
Customer: I'm looking for a man's watch.
Tim: Well we have a sumptuous selection here: sports, evening, everyday watches. Do you see anything you like?

Oh, I rather like that one.

Tim: Impeccable taste, madam. Now, just take it over to the cash till there and they'll wrap it up for you.
Customer: Thank you, goodbye.
Tim: Goodbye...Oh, you've dropped something madam. Madam! Oh she's gone. Let's see 50, 100, 150 pounds! Well you know what they say Tim, a fool and her money..
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Will Tim keep the money?
1: Yes
2: No
Total votes: 2349


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