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The Flatmates
Archive episode 138: You voted that Alice will say, "you're so naive sometimes"
Alice sitting at a table in a pub
Episode 138: Second thoughts
Alice: Paul, you're so naive sometimes.
Paul: I'm more realistic than you think I am Alice.
Alice: What?
Paul: It's just that Lucy's having second thoughts about the divorce.
Alice: Well it's too late now to change her mind. You did tell her that?
Paul: Not exactly.
Alice: Not exactly? You're not thinking about getting back together with her?
Paul: Well she asked me to reconsider. She said we'd had a trial separation before and maybe now it was time to think about a trial living together period; see if we could be a family again.
Alice: Paul!
Paul: We're trying to make our marriage work. It was a real one, Alice, with two lovely kids. It's them I'm thinking about.
Alice: But what about us?
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What will Alice do?
1: Finish with Paul
2: Phone Lucy
Total votes: 3210

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