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The Flatmates
Archive episode 136: You voted that - Alice will tell Paul about the phone call
Tim and Helen in the kitchen with an empty box of chocolates
Episode 136: An empty box
Tim: Oh chocolates, brilliant! Just what the new manager needs to get his energy level back up. Oh no! Who'd leave an empty box here just to tease me, eh Kitty?
Helen: Hi Tim. How was your first day?
Tim: Hard work but pretty good fun actually. You don't look great. Are you OK?
Helen: I feel awful.
Tim: Anything to do with this empty box of chocolates, per chance?
Helen: How did you guess? I'm supposed to be on a diet but every time temptation comes my way, my resolve crumbles. I've got no backbone, that's my trouble.
Tim: Oh don't be so hard on yourself.
Helen: Easy for you to say. You can eat what you like and you never seem to put on a pound.
Tim: That's true but why don't you ... ?
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What advice will Tim give Helen?
1: Take up a sport
2: Join a gym
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