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Coffee vocabulary

Tim at the cafe

Here is some vocabulary about the well-known drinks tea and coffee:


coffee beans
seeds from a coffee bush (which are ground or crushed to make coffee grinds which are used to make the drink coffee)

white coffee
coffee with milk

black coffee
coffee without milk

skinny coffee
coffee with skimmed (or low-fat) milk

a small measure of strong, dark coffee

one measure of espresso and milk

one measure of espresso and hot, frothy milk (milk which is whipped until it forms lots of tiny bubbles) and often powdered chocolate on the top

filter coffee
coffee made by slowly pouring boiling water through crushed coffee beans in a coffee filter (thin paper which allows only the liquid to flow through, not the beans or the powder)

instant coffee
coffee made by adding boiling water to coffee powder (it is made very quickly because you don't need to filter the coffee)

caffeine (uncountable)
a chemical, found in coffee (and tea), which is a stimulant (something which makes people more active)

decaffeinated coffee / decaf coffee
coffee that has been treated so that the caffeine (a chemical substance in coffee or tea) has been removed

strong / weak
two adjectives used to describe coffee with a full flavour / lacking in flavour


ordinary tea / plain tea / builders' tea
dark tea that is commonly drunk in Britain (and Europe), made from leaves of the tea plant

green tea
lighter-coloured tea that is commonly drunk in China and Japan, made from leaves of the tea plant

herbal tea
tea made from dried or fresh flowers or leaves (usually this kind of tea has no caffeine in it)

decaffeinated tea
tea that has been treated so that the caffeine (a chemical substance in tea and coffee) has been removed

Coffee verbs

make a cup or pot of coffee (or tea)

put coffee beans through a machine that crushes them into powder which can be used to make filter coffee, espresso, etc.


I've got that straight
I understand that now

He's on easy street
He's got an easy life with no difficulties or worries

get my head around

special words and phrases which are used by particular groups of people, especially to do with their work

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