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The Flatmates
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Present forms

Alice and Tim in the sittingroom
We can use the present simple to talk about habits (things that we do regularly), facts (things that are always true) or states (facts that are true for a long time).

We can use the present continuous to talk about an activity that's happening now, (or around now) or to talk about planned future arrangements.

Present simple

We give Helen the rent every month.
She sends the cheque to the landlord.

The sun rises in the east.
Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.

They live in a flat together.
Alice doesn't work in a hospital.

Present simple form:


go to the office by bike.
likes swimming.


Present continuous

Happening now:
I'm just putting the kettle on.
They're watching TV.

Planned future arrangements:
Helen's studying later tonight.
I'm playing football with my friends on Saturday.

Present continuous form:


Verb to be +

verb + ing
waiting for you

Note: In spoken English we usually shorten "I am" to "I'm" , "You are" to "You're" etc.


To spill the beans (idiom):
To tell a secret

Whoa, easy tiger! (informal):
Take it easy, calm down.

This'll put a smile on your face:
This will make you happy.

No idea (informal, short for "I have no idea"):
I don't know.

Anyone fancy a cuppa? (informal, short for "Does anyone fancy a cup of tea?"):
Would anyone like a cup of tea?
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