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The Flatmates
Archive episode 122: you voted that: Ellie will help with the horse
Alice in the stable with the pony
Episode 122: Mucking out
Instructor: Horses have thick coats so you can brush quite hard, do you see? Do you want to try Ellie?
Ellie: Yes please. Oh Alice, isn't Dusty's coat gorgeous?
Alice: It certainly is and you're grooming her really well.
Ellie: Alice, can I ask you something?
Alice: Course you can my dear.
Ellie: Do you like me?
Alice: Oh Ellie I think you're a lovely, smart, brave girl.

It's just that I was a bit naughty when you were baby-sitting me. My daddy told me off and I thought maybe you'd fallen out with me.

Alice: Well I was angry with you, that's true.
Ellie: Does that mean you're not my friend?
Alice: No Ellie, it's just that ...
Ellie: I'm sorry I was rude to you.
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Will Alice and Ellie make up?
1: Yes
2: No
Total votes: 2233

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