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Cinema vocabulary 2

Michal and Alice outside the cinema
Here is some vocabulary to describe people connected with making films and some questions you can use when asking about a film.

People involved in making a film:

The producer is the manager of the film, and deals with the money and schedules.

The director is the creative manager of the film; the director calls 'Action!' and 'Cut!'.

The cinematographer/director of photography is responsible for the look of the film - the photography.

The screenwriter writes the script or screenplay.

The leading actors/the main actors are often famous stars, and they have the most important roles in the script.

The supporting actors are the other actors in the film, they have less important roles in the script.

The extras are people in the background of the film, they usually don't speak in the film.

If you want to find out more about a film, you can ask these questions:

What's it called?
What is the name of the film?

What's it about?
What is the story and who are the main characters?

Where and when is it set?
Where and in what historical time does the story take place?

Who's in it?
Who are the leading actors?

Who's it by?
Who is the director (or the screenwriter)?

What's it like?
What is your opinion of the film?

Is it any good?
Is the film good?


To go out on a date/To go out with someone: To have a romantic time (usually an evening) with someone.

To witness: To see something and be able to describe it later
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