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The Flatmates
Archive episode 113: you voted that: Tim will take up the offer
Helen in the library
Episode 113: Study time
John: Hi Helen! I haven't seen you in the library for ages. What are you doing here?
Helen: I've got a ton of work from Professor Lewis and I need to make a start on it. I'm surprised to see you working here so late.
John: Oh I'm a changed man! Not that you'd have noticed. You've been a million miles away for ages.
Helen: Yeah. I have. So what made you knuckle down?
John: Well, the prof gave me a good talking to about the whole photocopying incident.
Helen: What did she say?
John: Look, why don't we nip out for a coffee and I'll tell you the whole gruesome tale?
Helen: Oh I shouldn't really.
John: Come on, five minutes won't hurt!
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Will Helen go for coffee?
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