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The Flatmates
Archive episode 112: you voted that: Tim saw himself as a bit of 'a self-made man'
Tim sitting outside a cafe
Episode 112: A proposition
Janet: Sorry?
Tim : I said 'I've always seen myself as a bit of a self-made man'.
Janet: So a guy who's not afraid of hard work.
Tim: Exactly! It's just that there hasn't been much hard work around lately.
Janet: Well, what if I told you you're wrong?
Tim: I'd love to be wrong about that.
Janet: Well, a dear friend of mine is retiring and heading off to the sun. He's looking for someone to take over the reins of his small business. And I thought you might just be the man for the job.
Tim: But how could I? I mean, I'd need some money to start with. How would I do it? A business all of my own?
Janet: Tim. What do you say?
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Will Tim take up the offer?
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2: No
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