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The Flatmates
Archive episode 107: you voted that: Professor Lewis will help Helen
Alice, Khalid and the cat in the living room
Episode 107: Khalid lends a hand
Alice: Oh what are you up to today, Khalid?
Khalid: I'm helping Helen out by taking the cat to the vets.
Alice: Oh Khalid. That's so sweet of you but...
Khalid: Helen's very worried about Bronka.
Alice: 'Bronka'? Khalid listen, I don't want to talk about Helen behind her back but you need to know a couple of things. First off, the cat's called Kitty or Coco. It was Michal who called her Bronka. And secondly, the last time Helen was a bit down in the dumps she claimed the cat was sick then too but the vet said there was nothing wrong with her.
Khalid: But it might be different this time. Maybe Bronka really is ill.
Alice: Khalid!
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Will Khalid take the cat to the vets?
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2: No
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