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The Flatmates
Archive Episode 105: you voted that: Alice and Helen will go to Paris
Alice in the park
Episode 105: Alice swallows her pride
Alice: Thanks for agreeing to meet me.
Paul: That's ok, what's on your mind?
Alice: You must know. I flew off the handle the other morning and I just wanted to say how sorry I was. I wanted everything to go well with me and Ellie, but then she said she didn't like me and I overreacted and and ..
Paul: And I was tired but that's no excuse for my behaviour either. I don't think I realised just how badly shaken I've been since Lucy left me. I knew I was being overprotective of Ellie but I just couldn't help myself.
Alice: Oh Paul. What a mess we're in!
Paul: I'm so sorry Alice.
Alice: Can we try again?
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Will Paul and Alice keep seeing each other?
1: Yes
2: No
Total votes: 4802

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