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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 103: You voted that: they would go to an Italian restaurant
Helen, Alice, Khalid, and Tim in a restaurant
Episode 103: Helen's treat
Waitress: And for the gentlemen?
Khalid: I have the spaghetti.
Tim: And the cheese and tomato pizza for me.
Waitress: And to drink?
Helen: Oh, a bottle of bubbly, thanks.
Khalid: What do we celebrate?
Helen: Our anniversary. It might seem like yesterday but it's actually almost two years since Tim, Alice and I started sharing the flat.
Tim: Doesn't time fly?
Alice: A toast!
Khalid: To friends old and new.
Helen: We've had our ups and downs but here's to absent friends and mates right here who won't let you down.
All: To friends!
Helen: And don't forget, this meal's on me Tim.
Tim: Thanks Helen. You're a real pal.
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Which phrase or sentence is correct?
1: I have the spaghetti
2: What do we celebrate?
3: friends old and new
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