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Learning English - The Flatmates
The Flatmates
Archive episode 102: The correct sentence was: "It's not as if I'm smoking"
Helen and Tim in the kitchen
Episode 102: Friends again
Helen: Tim, have you got a minute?
Tim: Well, it's not like I've got a ton of things to do, is it?
Helen: No, no, it's not. Tim, I want to apologise for the way I spoke to you the other day.
Tim: Oh yeah?
Helen: Yeah. I was well out of order. I've been having a hard time lately but that's no excuse. I'm sorry.
Tim: Thanks Helen. Well I suppose I should say sorry too. I'm unemployed but it's not the end of the world. And I put you in a difficult position, asking for a discount.
Helen: That's OK. Would a slap-up meal make us friends again?
Tim: Oh go on then!
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What kind of restaurant will they go to?
1: Italian
2: Chinese
3: Indian
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