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Learning English - The Flatmates  
The Flatmates
Archive Episode 8: You voted for - The catch is that Alice has to iron Tim's shirts for a month.
Michal, a cat, Alice and Helen in the sitting room
Episode 8: The newcomer
Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn't she adorable?
Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That's a good Polish name.
Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co...Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name for her.
Helen: Em, I don't think so. You know we're not allowed pets in the flat. It's against the rules.
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How can they keep the cat?
1: Ask the landlord's permission.
2: Keep the cat a secret.
Total votes: 2162


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