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The Flatmates

Khalid is showing off a bit about working on the farm. He's very proud of his new skills.

Do you like to blow your own trumpet (i.e. tell people what you're good at) or are you shy when it comes to telling people about your own achievements?

What's the thing you've done in your life that you're proudest of?


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Guthemberg, Brasil
I think it's quite important to be proud of your own achievements. Everyone who puts your best foot forward on whatever should feel free to talk about it to is friends. Actually I do it when I tip my hand about my job activities or my personal life. I think doing this is nothing to do with selfish, you aren't putting a foot wrong making it.

Yangbae Lee. Korea
I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but I hope my office being much better run when I am in charge.

Ursula, from Russia
I have finished music school

every thing interesting i love to share with u

Ican tell people about myself and talk proudly about my life especially when they get experiance through it.

Sean, South Korea
I prefer to say my good points to others rather than not to show off them. I think there is no need to cover up strong things of me and just to fall into my own world. The 21st century when we've gotta present myself to others confidently and strive to overcome barriers which are seemingly impossible to even challenge.Of course, I don't like to just blow my own trumpet without considering others. If my confident attitude toward myself can be taken as being rude or can get on someone's nerve, I'd think twice, control my words, and say my good point without doing any harms to others. But I think people should change their thinking on other's proud stance. I mean I think they should be more open to self-praise. As someone says, "Everyone in their beings has their own things."! If we want to respect others, we can start practicing it by acknowledging others' good features. Don't you guys agree with me?

Emiliana, Italy
I'm proud of myself for not giving up to improve!

Da Costa, Sudan
I'm glad when hear someone talk about me. It means they pay attention to me whenever I have done something.

Steven , France.
People evaluate us by our achievements and it's important to communicate them even if we are shy. I'm reserved but I do the necessary to be considered

Rabiyah, Pakistan
i don't feel comfortable blowing my own trumpet..but yes, people usually come to know about my skills on their own..well, the proudest thing i've done in my, actually a secret:) i dun wanna lose the value of those disclosing my deeds here..

Youssef Morocco
People cannot judge themselves. So i think we should let others tell us what they think about our achievements; and as an answer to the question:I'm proud of my high studies in ingeneering , and I'm proud also of starting learning english this year alone and trying to share opinions with you guy!

Li, Czech republic
Sonner I thought, that when I´m really proud of myself, then I can speak about that...but I´ve realised, that-for example-when somebody compliments me, so then I try to point on different thinks. I don´t like when somebody´s speaking about me in this way...-it isn´t normal-yah:)!

Lily, Kazakhstan
In my opinion, to blow your own trumpet should be concerned boasting and usually it is never greeted nowadays, especially by people, whom you don't know rather well. It is normal for me to devide my achievements with my family and friends, because they will never be envy or jealous and they will always be happy for me; at the same way, they won't think you're boasting, but be sure that you're just wishing to devide your happiness! That makes up a good friend!!! I enjoy praising people for their success and admiring them, if they have really done something worth it. But at the same time I really become shy when I hear any praise into my side. Only few people do that sincerely!!!

Thiet, VIetnam
Sometimes i talk about myself and i think it also a good way of sharing with my dear friends.

Thien loi , Viet Nam
I'm not one guy who is easy to talk about myself . I keep my all in my mind.When some guy need my help , I will give my hand to him . When I have troubles , I consult my close friends or experienced people to come over the difficult .

naveed, UK
I like to telling people my achievements because when you tell other about your achievement thats mean you are indirectly motivating them, that they can do as well. I won a competition in my company which was among all the sales person in our 1100 stores all over the world and i was on third position in the world and then company reward me with free 7 days tour to US, Canada and Caribean cruise.I tell everyone about because i am proud on that, and now my other coleagues are doing efforts as well.

zoz , bahrain
honestly , I like to tell other people about what I am good at and I don't feel shy at all because I am certainly happy off my achievements . we should be proud off who we are but there are definitely limits for everything.

Andrzej, Poland
I rather prefer when my own achievements are noticed by others instead of blowing my own trumpet because if in that case I wasn't noticed I would feel ashamed.

Shahram, Iran
I myself prefer not to talk about my own life and background but i think it is a good idea, because step by step you can learn how to be honest with yourself and the others.

??, VietNam
Telling people too much about me myself is not my habit. I think sometime we need to show them what we have done but it depend not only on what we have done but also on the communicate situation. However, talk about others achievement alway the wisest way in communication

??, Philippines
I consider talent as something that we should be proud of. Though some people are shy to expose themselves in public. But in my own perspective, we should show it to the whole world because that is the gift from God. I have one talent I know that I just discovered lately which is the insertion of an IV canulla to patients. I say this is a gift from God to me because if my colleagues are unable to find a vein and fail to insert a line, they will ask me and luckily I successfully able to hit the vein with one shot. This is one thing that I am proud of myself because my patients need it especially if the client desperately in need of an IV line for emergency procedures or for introduction of IV fluids and IV medications. Definitely I am proud of this because it saves life.

Sumera Umrani, Pakistan
I think talking high of ones own achievements is like begging for appraisal. one should let others to jugde and praise without saying a single word about what great one has done. I would never tell anyone even if I do something extraordinary.

Victor, Ukraine
We need to be proud about our good achievments and ashamed if we have done some bad things...

Maria, Greece
I am not shy when it comes to my job.I can speak for my achievements and qualifications and i know how to sell my self. But as far as it concerns my private life i can say that I quite shy and I don't like saying too much about my self. I am very proud for my job, because I managed to be successful in a field, that in my country was only for men.

No I never tell my good qualities to others or never tell people what I am good at but i like if other people tell me about my good qualities,my friends often tell me that i am so honest and kindhearted.

YPW, Sweden
I do not like to blow my own trumpetand I think there is no need to tell people about my own achieveements.

Taher , Yemen
I don't like to blow my own trumpet! But i prefer others to talk about my achievements & success. As answer to the above question: I am proudest of my success in the university getting a bachelor degree of English Language. I am proud also of participating in a competition in English Speech. Although i got the second rank, but it is very good for me.

Kyungtae, Korea, Seoul
There was something that I am proudest of. I completed my project before 3 years. that was very difficult business. In addition, people around me were worried about finishing it by me. However, I did it without other people' helps. So I love to blow my own trumpet about it and I used to show off about it in front of my family.

I´m not too much shy but I surely don´t like to blow my own trumpet, even then I´m the best at something, because showing off isn´t a good trait generally and it leaves a puerile effect on other people and may make them really disappointed, a fact that could be absolutely unnecessary. And I find there´s no achievements of any sort which one might show off about. We can tell other people our good deeds in a well-mannered way with enough reservation, avoiding to disgust them. Then our story can be as extensive as we wish to and our pride underlined as much as we like to. I had so far many times opportunities to help other people substantially what I´m very much proude of.

Irenka, Russia
I'm a bit shy person and I don't think it's good to show off. But there's a good Russian saying: If you don't compliment yourself, noone'll do it. So sometimes it's not a bad thing to tell people about the things you're good at and your own achievements. The main thing is not to be too boastful and arrogant. Anyway, it's the way to get friends and career promotion. In my life I haven't done such a thing I'm proudest of yet. But I hope I'll have a chance. I look forward to it.

jean Marie, France
It would be a lie saying I don't like to blow in my trumpet. I used to do that until I discovered, very late, that a big part of the audience preferred listening to the sounds of his own trumpet. Anyway, we have to do our promotion! Although as the time went by, I have understood I'd better hear people telling about my own achievements. When it happens, rarely, I play a feeling of embarrassment, become a little red, and try minimising: "don't tell them more, it was not so difficult" but I am really happy, like a dog with two tails. What I am the proudest of? to see my four children successfully growing up. I suppose that my wife and I have done something well in their life.

Indeed it is not easy to blow your own trumpet, it is a trait of character which is not very welcomed in my country. To be modest is always praised. So even you are not shy you have to be madest and you have the let the people tell what you are good at. So I am not shy but a modest person. I am proud of my achievements at school, my sense of humour is also appreciated by my friends.

Hussam, UAE
I think that I'm proud of myself at work, I'm doing very well, every thing done in time. some times i give new ideas to my boss and he proud of me. it's not that i have a big head but mybe i deserve it.anyway i think everyone should be proud of himself sometimes because it'll give you self confidence.

Noura, United Arab Emirates
Actually I’m proud of many things that I did in my life. Like advising my friend toTake something in their life seriously and I feel that these things make me a goodFriend. I also good at art like drawing and designing and that make me different Of some people who don’t have my skills. And now I hope to reach my dream ofGraduating from college with good marks to begin my new life.

Mariam Saif , UAE
yes, it is good to be proud about your self. As for me i am good at drawing and writing short poems. Also when I was in high school i got a certificate because i drew a family picture and it was very beautiful .

Ammara,Saudi Arabia
People have been praising me for my talents on their own without I having to blow my own trumpet.I like being appreciated for the things I deserve and never feel shy about it.

ibrahim akturk turkey
i am sharing the same idea with Nina because when people talk about your achievements you feel shy. I have to give some of my money for charity organizations even though I don't earn much money. One day, I met a girl who works for that organization and she told me something so good about myself. I felt so embarressed and so happy that I want to make a suggestion. You have to donate for charity because people really need to help and it will really make you feel better. As you know; what you give with free will, comes back to you

Marisela, Venezuela
No, I really don’t like to show off about my achievements, I don’t really like to blow my own trumpet. When we do so, we may feel others very bad and then they will no longer want to be with us. It’s better to stay quiet for our achievements and never wait to be congratulated by others. Uhmmm, what is the thing I’ve done in my life that I’m proudest of??? Well, it’s something simple, I learn to type without seeing the keyboard in just one day. Bye

Ngoc Ha,Vietnam
I always avoid telling about my success and achivements because i really don't want other people to commpliment or even admire and to become an awful boastful person.In some situations; however;i must to show my ability as much as possible without the fear that i'm not modest. For instance, when i'm in a important interview or write a CV to apply for a job,i'll show off my achivements wholeheartedly(ha ha).

Andrew, Russia
I think people become much better when they are modest, so I prefer be quiet about my achievements.

Yes,I like very much having my skills and talents being recocnized!!!

Well, I thinh it is good to tell your friends about your accomplishments. when you`re blowing your own trumpet it`s much easier to swap tips and things you`ve found useful with other people - you will give them a good idea, they`ll give one back to you!I`m very good at languages.I`ve learn English by myself in a short time!So I think i can be proud of that!

Nina, Russia
Of course, it's very pleasure for me when people speak about my achievements but I'm shy to speak about it myself. I'm proudest of my 3 kids and also I'm proud about my career because I was able to obtain many good results in journalism.

I can concider myself to be a bit shy person,because it's always difficult for me to point out my advantages and achievements.Unfortunately,sometimes this trait of character prevents the success;that's why I think it is better to blow your own trumpet, if you really deserve it.

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