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Episode 202: Talk

Khalid and Tim in the pub

Keeping secrets

If you 'put your foot in it', you say something by accident which embarrasses or upsets someone or you do something that's socially not acceptable. Khalid has put his foot it in by talking loudly in the pub.

Have you ever done anything like that - either in your own country or aboard?

What happened? Tell us about your experience.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

ThanhTruc, Vietnam
Oh, I definitely know how embrassing i am when i laugh out loud. I never be able to control my feeling and it naturally gets out though. I try not to do it but no way. My friends urges me many times as i laugh but no way. What i suppose to do if my life without smile!!!*-*

Maxim, Russia
I can't recollect doing anything like that in my life, yet I clearly remember how it embarrassed me when, on some occasion, we had guests at our place and one of my nearest and dearest began to bring out in the open my private habits at home while we were all sitting at the table. He thought it would liven the party up, but, actually, I felt very embarrassed and the story wasn't much of an entertainment for the guests too. Keeping that event in mind, I try to be careful about other people's feelings so as not to hurt them in front of the public by putting my foot in it.

Olessya, Kazakhstan
I love to laugh :-) and I can't stop even if I see that it'll cause the big problems.I'm enbarrassed when it happens in serious situations, but I can do nothing.

Ahmed, Egypt
one day I arrived to my lessons late & I did not see the lecturer sitting so I started talking about him badly when suddenly I saw him in a room near us and he had heard every word I said.

Elvy, Spain
I truly put my foot in it when I talked to my frinds about my sister's food likes. She was in the same room at that time , and she immediately blushed when I said that she usually bites her nails. she didn't talk to me in a week.

Lily, India
Today I went for a seminar regarding career guidance with my bosom buddy the place was too congested place no arrangement of fan or air conditioner and lecture was the boring part of whole than after 15 min we decided to leave as we were sitting in first row as we get up from the sit the lecturer stopped speaking and looking at us as if he will eat me with anger in eyes and hundred eyes on us with whole silience than we moved out of hall might be that person would be disappointed with our attitude.

Daniel, South Korea
my friend looks like Khalid. he up sounds to talk to others in pub. however i like him. because he is a very funny. ^^

Bahij, Libya
yes , i did that many times , especially when i going to tribute some family's friend or relatives , i had chosen some words maked me so embarrassed .

Tereza, Czech Republic
I was sitting with my friend in a school cafeteria and we were talking about a professor and her subject, which we realised very boring. I was just saying, how the subject is unuseful, when the professor came around us. I don´t know if she heard me but it was very embarrassing.

Maha, Pakistan
Few days ago i experienced an incident that would not let me to live comfortably as i saw my aunt with a stranger,she was posing like a friend to him but i told to my grandfather in a family get together,i haven't any right to enterfare in others personal life so much that go to that extant which i did.I did a wrong deed and will not able to come in front of my grandfather and aunt too.

Valen, China
Well,when i was talking to my friends i always use some devastatingly shocking words by accident.It's quite embarrasses when i realized what i had done.But on the other hand, i play an important role in breaking ice when the conversation came to a dead end.

Hassan Hureashi, Saudi Arabia
yes, once in a speech at school when the speaker noticed me and my freind talking among hundred students. And ask us what I have said? my face got red.

Alice, Malaysia
i am a blunt person by nature. i couldnt rememberhow many times have i embarrassed myself in a so-called socially-not-accetable way. as i see myself, i am just being brutally honest and at the same time thoughtless. well, sometimes i just forget to compliment someone before sayingthe truth. i get to know people accept things better when they are told nice things before the "ugly truth".perhaps it is the correct way of communication. sometimes i just dont get it.....

Alice, Malaysia
i am a blunt person by nature. i couldnt remember how many times have i embarrassed myself in a so-called socially-not-accetable way. as i see myself, i am just being brutally honest and at the same time thoughtless. well, sometimes i just forget to compliment someone before sayingthe truth. i get to know people accept things better when they are told nice things before the "ugly truth".perhaps it is the correct way of communication. sometimes i just dont get it.....

Maha, Pakistan
My faviourite teacher once treated me bad and called loudly to me,then she challenged me to have a compitition with her,i accepted that with a despicable thought for her.I won that one and provoke her badly though i knew that the reason of her change behaviour was my friend's complaint against me.I would not able to forget all this through out my life,alas my teacher could understand me and i would not behave with her as i did.

Lily, India
It was Sunday evening I went to shoping center with one of my buddy just for having fun we went to each and every shop tried almost every accessory , shoes, clothes etc and than one shopkeeper burst on us and every eyes were staring on us it was all silence that one one can hear the noise of falling pin and it was too embarrassing.

Charly, Philippines
Recently I experienced one instance that embarassed somebody in public which eventually make her upset and we didn't talk each other for a couple of months. She is one of my colleague and this event happened when I did an inservice in our unit regarding adult physical assessment. Actually she presented herself as the model for my inservice and so I used her an example when to physically assess patients on their breast, so I used her an example and she was upset because I mentioned that she is post hysterectomy and with this made her embarassed to everybody. She can not accept the fact and it even reached to an incident report and we settled the issue in our manager's office. We didn't talk for a couple of months and I can not remember anymore when the issue was closed.

Nina, China
I remember once I helped my friend in a bookshop and I saw two celebrities talking. They stood very close to me and I was interested in listening to what they were talking about so I stood still there. Suddenly they found that I was listening and became uncomfortable and unpleased. I think it was very impolite but at that moment, I was thrilled to meet two famous people so I became stupid and did not care about their feelings.

Ebrahem, Egypt
I have put my foot it in by let my minde going on things don't care me

One day I went to my friends house we were having a get-together so she was wearing a clumsy and old-fashioned dress so I commented on her she felt very bad and started crying I was feeling really guilty as this was not my intention and I thought now I will think hundred times while speaking.

Mariam, Egypt
After graduating ,I began searching for a of my friends suggested to apply for a job at a resort where she works;it was one hour away from my city;so I had to take the bus which belongs to the staff.During the distance I was chatting and laughing with my friend .At that moment i put my foot in it by talking loudly in the bus as it was in the early morning and almost all the riders were exhausted and much-needed a nap before reaching the resort.

Amal, Pakistan
yea,it happened to me two years ago,an incident that make me still embarrassed whenever i remind it.I was showing my family photographs to my friend,meanwhile i abused one of my cousins forgetting the presence of my friend,she became astonished on my such behaviour as she didn't expect it from me as my image to her is completely opposite.It was really a ebarrassing moment for me ever in my life.

Andrey, Russia
When we were in primary school in the assembly hall, the headmistress was delivering her speech on the chair, but when she stood up, we noticed her skirt had creased up and was revelaing too much of her upper thighs. All the kids on the right began giggling so she turned around to tell us off. But then all the kids on the left began giggling, and she turned around again totally confused..and so on..I don't think she ever found out why on that day 10yrs ago 200 children were laughing at her.~~~Another time @ school, we were practicing oral (oo-er) in French class by meditating (we had quite a new-wave teacher!).I couldn't stop laughing, so our teacher thought she'd shut me up by, wait for it, putting a motorcycle helmet on my head.Cue a class-full of 14yr-olds meditating in French in the dark with me sitting there in a motorcycle helmet looking round not quite sure whether I was in a dream or not.Embaressing AND quite bizarre in the extreme.I loved my school years! :-)

Andrey, Russia
When in Paris, a lady on the next table asked if our meal was 'froid' we ended up chatting to the lady (In pigeon French) and she was very impressed with our lingo skills until I said 'Sur Lundi, c'est mon anniversaire et je suis tres excite!!' her husband and their guests burst out laughing and she blushed... her husband winked at my other half- which i thought was odd. Apparently I had said 'On monday its my birthday and I'm horny' Doh!

Andrey, Russia
Saying loudly on a bus "Oh, look at the big red fire engine!" then realising my three year-old was not with me. I was on my own.

Bao, Vietnam
I think a polite man don't do anything like that even that's a serious problem

Amelia, New Zealand
That happens all the time for me. My mother and my boyfriend always say i am silly and can't read other's face.It's an unforgettable experience. I guess it's the most severe one in this case. My father never hit me but that time. When i was 12 years old, my mother took me to the park every week. That was a summer weekend,i stormed into the park delightedly with my parents and my grandmother and run straight toward the trampoline which is my favorite game. All of sudden, i blurted out something unrespectful to my grandmather(i forgot what it was). Then my father kick me on my leg with a face like thunder. I was totally freak out. I just didn't realise what had happened untill my mother trying to cheer me up. I thought i would hate my father in my whole life, but i didn't. He said he was so impulsed at that time and so regreted to me by doing that.I think everybody will make mistake. The most important thing, i believe, is not let that happen again. "Put your foot in it" is not a big deal, just correcting it and taking the courage to eat a humble pie.

Silvia, Mexico
I got very angry with my daughter because she wanted a very expensive toy, so I put my foot in it by shouting loudly in the supermaket.

Sebastiana, Spain
Yesterday, we attended to a netmeeting conference and at the beggining I thought the lines were cut and I told a joke about the colleagues in the place. I really put my foot in it and it was so embarrasing when I heard laughs through the speaker.

Nastia, Russia
I recorded a raunchy message and set it as the alarm on my boyfriends PDA. He left his PDA in my handbag one day and I didn't realise until the alarm went off in the middle of assembly (I'm a teacher). I have never moved so quickly in my life.

Nastia, Russia
Worst moment - standing in a cinema queue with my husband who had been guzzling very fizzy drink. Husband let out huge belch, turned to me and said in scandalized tone:"Really, dear! How unladylike!"The eyes of dozens turned in my direction was enough to promote more than a wince of embarrassment.Will never forgive the old man for that one...

I say something by accident at school. I had asked wat a father do for work. But his father was dead. This was not nice.

Jean Marie, France
While my barber was cutting my hair I saw in the mirror a man waiting in a car outside. I made out the face of the chief of the local police and thought back of some stories I heard about him. My hairdresser being exceptionally silent (I hate his usual gossips) I decided to bring out a couple of these anecdotes about this police officer. I began, this man is so zealous that he's fined his wife for an illegal parking...Noticing the sudden white face and the surprising no-comment of the barber I enlarged my sight in the mirror and found out the policeman's wife and his son sitting behind me in the salon. I tried clumsily to go on with some positive words, talking about the great job of the police, too late, I'd made a fool of myself.

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