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Episode 199: Feel the fear

Alice in a lift at the hospital

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Feel the fear

Last week ...

You correctly voted that Dr Laver would say I'm claustrophobic

The episode

Dr Laver:
But I'm ... I'm claustrophobic!
You're lying.
Dr Laver:
Why would I lie? You've got to help me here Alice.
Why should I?
Dr Laver:
Because I can't help myself. Oh please. I can't breathe.
Is this your idea of a joke?
Dr Laver:
You know that I'm scared of heights. Do you think it's amusing to make fun of people's phobias?
Dr Laver:
Believe me. This is no joke.
Dr Laver:
Alice, there's not enough air. I need to get out.
OK, Dr Laver. I want you to listen to me. Are you listening?
Dr Laver:
There's not enough air for both of us. I can't stand this.
Paul! Help will be here any second. Now look into my eyes and tell me ... Tell me about the happiest day of your life.


Episode 199

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