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Episode 198: Talk

Alice in a lift in the hospital

Being trapped

Alice and Dr Laver are stuck in the lift.

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? Or have you ever been in another situation where you felt trapped?

What happened? How did you get out?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

Tohe, Vietnam
i never stuck in a lift. The only situation where i felt trapped was at my school. My class stayed rather late and it became darker and darker. However the guarder didn't know we were still in the room so he locked the door. We had to wait for such a long time. At last we found a people come across us and tell him to call the guarder.That day our parents were so worried because we didn't come home as usual.

Samuel, Taiwan
I was stuck in a lift before, but I wasn't very scared because it happens all the time because it's very old, many people want it fixed. You might ask why I would go in the lift since it gets stuck all the time, it's because it was a tired day and I hated going up the stairs again, only this incident keeps happening again and again.

Shaden, Sudan
I have been stuck in the elevator before, but it lasted only a few minutes. I was with my mother Therefore, I did not feel afraid . We just pressed the alarm button and the elevator worked again.

Jincy, UAE
few years ago i was working in a hospital,one day after my lunch i get into the lift and i press the floor number where wanted to go .and it was 14TH floor, lift suddenly got stucked in to 3/4th of theway while it was started to open .the opening was too small for me to go out. i was little bit afraid ,still i tried to keep my courge and started to scream for help, some of my collagues came and they called lift maintainance. and it took almost half an hour to repair that lift and i was inside til hat timeeeee

Nastya, Russia
I've been stuck in a lift once with my father. I guess I was 5 or so. We were playing "horses". My father put me on his shoulders and jumped a bit. At the very nonce the lift stopped and the light went off. We were trapped in complete darkness! I have no idea how we got out, but I do remember that I felt very excited thinking it all was part of a game. I'm not afraid of lifts now - I prefer to walk up and down the stairs - it's a very good form of fitness, especially if you live on the 8th floor ;-)))

MrStone, Vietnam
As for me to be stuck in a lift has never happened for me. However, I can imagine how it looks like and my feeling at that moment. It's worse if nobody can hear of the sound of alarm. It possibly takes place if assuming in that day I work late and there is no-one in the company even the guards of the building :-). It's just an imagination so why I don't think that there is a beautiful female colleague who also works so late and in the same life as me :-). Why is it the best time for me? In that situation, I wish the worse coming true that means nobody in the company except both of us. I will cheer her up and said that "We should look at the bright side. Surely, tomorrow, someone will rescue us. Calm down and why we don't have a nice talk to kill the time while waiting the help from outside". It might be a good start for a romantic story and almost of men in the world are stuck in the life are likely to think similar to mine :-).

Mark, Russia
Hello. This is my story. My girlfrend and I were at a party in our frend's house. We had a need to talk tet-a-tet, so we had gone to another room where nobody was. Suddenly the door get to be closed. Probably someone pushed it by chance. Result was we could not open the door. We knocked the door and shut out for help. A host had come and said that a lock was broken for a while and they was not going to close the door till the lock would be repaired. Then we ask for a ladder, becouse the room was on second floor, and get out trough a window. That was happy end of our being trapped.

Tatiana, Russia
Once I stuck in a lift with a woman who was my nieghbough. We rase an alarm and then could only wait for beeing rescued. Surprisingly, I wasn't afraid, only amused. But my neighbough had some sort of trouble. She stood close to the slit between the closed doors of the elevator so that her mobile could find the wave, and gave a call to her husband. She had to worn him not to hurry home after work while there was no dinner cooked and she would'n be probably ready with it while she was stuck in a lift. She asked him to go out instead and dine somewhere. I thought that was pretty nice of her to worry about her husbant but not about herself.

Osman Elzubair, Sudan
Fortunately in Sudan we have a few multi_ story building and we always using staircases. There are three probabilities if lift stuck, either the lift fall down by gravity, remaining stable without movement or it will work. Anyway you have to be lighten up to wait your destiny...

Zeina, Paris
I live in a tower in the 25th floor. We have 3 lifts. I've never been really stuck in a lift (not more than few second). But the most horrible thing can happen, it's when the 3 lifts are out of service!Imagine you are going home with your shopping bags... 25 floors by foot!!

Meyza, Indonesia
yeah, i was remember the incident happen when my family and i went to vacancy in my province.we stay in hotel and got rooms in the second floor. one day i felt bored and then i invite my sister to try used the lift because thats the first time i ever see the lift, but unfortunately when i entered in the lift and the lift start works for the second floor the lift stopped work, and then i felt nervous and then i said to my sisters don't panic, it will works in a few minute. don't panic, i said with my self. lucky in a few minute the lift works again. and then i came out from the lift, and i went to my mom's room passed staircase. since the event i never went to the lift alone, always with my mom.

YPW, Sweden
I have been stuck in a lift when I was achild. I was scared and decided not touse a lift again.

Ania, Poland
I've never been stuck in a lift, but I can imagine how horrible it would be. I don't like lifts, especially the old ones, I always have feeling that the lift will suddenly start falling down!My classroom at the college is on 13th floor, guess which way up I choose:)

Ying, China
I haven't been stuck in a lift. But I think the most horrible situation where people felt trapped is being stuck in the earthquake such as 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China. The principle is same with being stuck in a lift though the actual situation is worse if you are injury. What you have to do is waiting for others' help with strong belief until you are rescued. In my opinion, it is helpful to read the survival handbook and learn some survival skills at your spare time.

Nick, Poland
Oh yes, I had been trapped in unhappy partnership with my ex-wife for some time, next I divorced her and that's it.

Yang, HongKong
I stuck in the lift this month. This was my first time to stick in the life and I hope this will be the last time. I remembered going to a factory to examine its goods. The factory was on the eleventh floor. When a lift arrived, I got in it. Then the lift was going up. Suddently, the life jolted and then stopped running. Its light and engine were off. I raise the alarm for help immediately but it was out of function. Then I heard a strong girl's scream. I was really afraid because only me was in the lift.I could not see anything in the dark. It continued about ten minutes. The lift worked again and then it stopped on one of the floor. I got out of it as fast as possible. I told this event to the factory manager. He told a story to me that this lift often happened like that near month. Sometimes a girl's scream not only in the lift, but also at night in this building. He added that a young girl was rapped and killed by a thief last month but the thief is still at large.

Majid, Iran
Although I have never had such a bad experience,I sometimes have this vivid imagination of trying to escape from a broken lifts while it stops between the floors and out of sudden it starts to go up!

Zeinab, Edinburgh
yes,once i was in a lift and i pressed the floor number but it did n't work.that was a very tight,i was starting to be afraid,that the lift was a really bad experience and thanks for your story,i learned new words fram it..

Ana, Spain
Yes , I remember that when I was a child I been stuck twice in a lift . The first time it was when my parents and I went to visit some cousins. They lived in a old house and the lift was like the house , it was a very little and slow lift and we were four people inside when it stoped , I still remember the panic that I felt . But this wasn`t the only time because after this one day we stuck in the lift of one big departament store , in this case the lift was big but it was full of people. Since two this experience I developed one phobia to take one lift and for a lot of years I have come up to all the places where I´ve go by stairs . Now I´ve achievd to use the lift , but it has been a very long way.

Lara, Italy
Yes, I've been stuck in a lift as I was a 7 years old child. I was visiting my grandmother with my parents, since I was bored I decided to go out to play alone, I took the lift and suddently it stopped. The awful thing was that I didn't know what to do since I was young and in a foreign country, so I started screaming with all my voice, but nobody could hear me! It was a nightmare. Fortunately, the lift started to move again by itself after a few minutes, however it wasn't a nice experience!

Valerie, Hong Kong
I have never been stuck in a lift but I stuck in a building exit. After I went to toilet and returned to my office. I found that the exit door was locked. I ran up and down the stairs to find my way out, but I wasn't success. I cried out loudly. I gave a kick at the door. Nobody could hear anything. If I had mobile, I would have called my colleague. Time is getting night and my heart is beating fast. I was alone and afraid. I was leaning against a door. Suddenly, I saw a man who cleared the floor and collected recycle paper. I cried out and he knew that what to do. He opened the door, let me in. I was delighted to meet him and give him thousand of thanks.

Antonella, Italy
I don't rememeber being ever trapped in a lift. However, something similar happened to my mother long time ago when I was a child. I was on holiday with my family at my aunt's summer house. One day, my mother went to the bathroom and got locked in. Apparently, there was no way she would be able to unlock the door from inside. So my uncle got out of the house and decided climbing up a tall pine tree just in front of the bathroom window that was located on the second floor of the building. Once he reached the window height he jumped into the bathroom and reached my mother. Fortunately everything got well and this story has become an anecdoct in our family reunions.

Pierre, France
yes, once I was caught up in the lift. That was a long time ago when I was a student at Aix enProvence University. We were at least 15 in the lift and suddendly , the lift stopped between the 4th floor and the 5th floor. Somebody call the security service but we were obliged to wait. A tall sweety girl burst in tears and as she was near to me , I wanted to calm her. I sait her nice things like: '' don't cry, it is nothing, the security is on way'' but she went on crying and finaly she fell on me but as she was taller, I was sqeezed by her body agaisnt the wall of the lift so that I coul not breathe properly. Her breast was against my face and her hair dropped all arount my shoulders. I asked for help so that I could survive, struggling to breathe a little but every one laughed but fortunately I heard a voice saying:'' here they are, cheer up boys"" that was the end!

Gaston, Argentina
I've never been stuck in a lift! But I have to admit that I was caught in a difficult situation! when I was a child I was playing football with my cousings and then one of them scored me a goal so I got furious and I kicked him, and when I was doin' it my father saw me and I was punished

Josefine, Denmark
Once when my family and I were on at trip to France,We went up in an elevator, and it stopped suddenly, then we saw a rat in the elevator on the floor, we hadent noticed before now.We got very afraid, both because the elevator had stopped, and because of the rat.Then we saw the red alarm button, and we got rescued :D

Amal, Pakistan
Last week will be a memorable one as in it two time i have face terrible problem,firstly when i was going late from the first day of my job,secondly when i was in lift and my bitterest enemy was also in same one,and lift has stop due to mistake of anyone else,not bearable for me but those were moments when i felt that everything is not under our control,and we have to show patience not for any other but for ownself.

Audrey, Brazil
I never have stuck in a lift and I hope this situation never happens to me because I'm claustrophobic.

Weronika, Poland
I hate being trapped. I've been stuck on a train several times when it suddenly was out of order. It was boiling hot or else freezeing (depends on a season :) ), people gathered inside couldn't get off. I felt I was going to lose my mind cause I'm afraid of being stuck without enough space.So I almost fainted. Hardly I stopped myself from screaming. Happily the train moved and I got off on the first station. I was frightened, my legs and hands were shaking, heart was beating fast and I breathed fast. It wasn't a nice experiance. However, when I'm in the mountains and I go among the rocks, sometimes I visit caves I don't have this feeling of being trapped.

Marcia, Brazil
I've been stuck in a lift once. I was alone in the lift of the building I used to live. I got into a panic for a few minutes but the lift didn't take long to start working again and then I felt ok.

Kasia, Poland
I am working on 7th floor in building where is 16 floors. Of course we have got lifts, but sometimes they do not work properly - as all machines. In such cases I prefer to use stairs, because I do not want to check my reaction when I stuck there.

Jean Marie, France
Never in a lift, but my wife and I have known such a trapped situation. On the seaside, we were approached by two or three oiled black haired men, with incredibly white teeth, largely smiling, the same quantity of superb blond girls wearing quite short mini skirts.They told us: "We have splendid news for you! You've won a fortnight in Bahamas! Follow us, please." Curious, we did and went to the bottom of a half build concrete building. "You are the happiest couple of the year", showing one of the storeys, they added "one of these marvellous flats is for you." We said, gently, no, please, we've no need and followed a hard, long talk with always the same negative conclusion. They decided we have to explain our refusal to their boss. They trapped us in a cellar in the basement of this awful building. There were only a tiny window, no air, no seat. After an hour of physical and psychological preparation we met a bald, scared face and broken nose man, stroking a growling pittbull. Nevertheless, we repeated, no. Some minutes later we were allowed to get away. Whew! (some adjectives in this story are pure imagination, it's only to practice some words! but the anecdote is true :)

Reza, Iran
Yes,I traped in the lift .I was with a doctor and his wife.luckily he had mobile and he called his friend.meanwhile he broke the glass of the lift .After a time manager opened the lift and said;why have you broken the lift? Dr said;you are late and do you expect we dont break the lift?...

Rishabh Poonia, India
No,I have not yet enclosed in a lift but I am not claustrophobic.It'll be lot of fun if the electricity goes completely off & the lift get stuck for a long period.I'll enjoy my most of the time in the lift with fun & joy.

Ănder, Turkey
In advance, i have been stuck in a lift when i have gone to the classroom. The lift was just stuck between the two floor. I am not clastrophopic. So i didnt panic but i was a bit low. At that moment, i prefer my girlfriend could be in the lift. So that i wouldnt down in the dumps and i would be over the moon. :)

Owais, Pakistan
i have experienced this situation 5-8 times in a lift of my building. but i am not claustrophobic. however, in one situation a lift got jammed when it was full of people, it was quite embarrasing for me.

Farshad Nastaein
I have never stuck in a lift but i have trapped too many times in my life.

Anne, Taiwan
I think people have ever been stuck in a lift;that has been tremendously and fearfully complicated feelings. You haven't gotten out of the lift even though you had already raised the alarm.You don't know when technicians will fix the problem,and then you can leave the suffocating situation.I hope I won't trap into this condition forever.

NJ Baloch, Pakistan
It was a lovely morning many years ago.I was ready to go to school for my examination.I was going down on a lift. It suddenly stopped moving and lights turned off.I was neighter scared of hot nor darkess.I was worried about getting out soon so i might not be late to shool.I raised the alarm wothout wasting any time.It was an electricity failure and at the same time building,s power generater was not working.My panic got worse and worse with every second passed. After 15 minute the generater was fixed and i was out of the lift.Thanks to GOD i was on time to take my exam. Once again i was in the air.

Kien, Vietnam
A low-class lift is terrible. I live in a building where the lift stops every floor from bottom to top even though you never choose that floor. Sometimes I chose walking by the ladder. A good exercise in the early evening, sound good!

Macarena, Spain
Yesterday I went to Malaga's airport to pick up my elder daughter,unfortunately I parked my car far from the area where we had to meet us.I had to take a lift,pushed the button the door closed and it didn't move!I felt terrible!It was a very claustrophobic situation later I pushed another button,the door opened and I ran away and climbed the stairs.

When I was going to an English course,there was a very good-looking girl who I have always wanted to seduce.One day,I got that chance unexpectedly,she and me were on the same lift.We put the button in order to go downside,but suddenly the lift stuck.After the lift stuck,we started talking with each other.Later we were lovers and she and me confessed that it was one of the happiest time our lifes and we never want to be saved from that lift.Unfortunately,the administration of the course opened the door of lift in a short time.

Carles, Catalonia
I've been stuck in a lift two times but at the end everithing was OK , both times I was able to leave the lift with the help of our neighbours that could manage to move the lift up turning the electric motor by hand.

Maha, Pakistan
I have face this situation when in my village i tried to pass an underground den,more horrible then in a desert,actually the place is popular as a living area of monsters and jins,but i have challengd my cousins to pass it but in the mid of it i felt as i was passing out from this world,nothing visible,pin drop silence and me forlorn,at that time i was not in hope of next breath,but a funny moment was for me when i opened my eyes and found myself on my bed, it was a dream,but last day of my challenging nature as i cant cope it in reality.

Nadin Lee, Russia
I have never been struck in a lift. I'm not a claustrophobic, but it is not a pleasant to be lonely in a close premise, especially if you on the 9th floor for instance.

Sebastiana, Spain
It's been a long time since I've stuck in a lift. In fact, the first time and the last time I was stuck in a lift, was more than twenty years. It was at school, the lift was plenty of people. There was a warning for the number of people and we were more than that number. We were up to the tenth floor and suddenly the lift started to go down and it didn't stop until it got down the basement. When the assistant came to open the door of the lift with an special key, she asked for the number of people, as we said the true, she decided not to open until two hours later. I decided not to use a lift after that.

Anca, Romania
I've never been physically trapped somewhere but there were times when I felt trapped in difficult, unpleasant situations at work. They were mostly deadlines that seemed almost unrealistic or projects that I didn't like but it seemed, at the moment, that I will never get out of. At times I was a bit low but fortunately I acquired better technical skills and I'm dealing better with work challenges.

About two years ago, a garbage truck accident made the traffic of the freeway seriously jammed and it took several hours to recover the condition from the terrible mess . Unfortunately, I was also trapped on the freeway. Due to too much braking time, the heat of my car was suddenly abnormal and got smoky. I was so frightened that I could not do anything about the trouble except moving my car aside the freeway and waiting the heat cold down. I asked the policeman to help me too. It's near midnight, I finally could drive my car with glimmering lights on my way home.

Marti, Spain
I have never been stuck in a lift but I used to live in an old apartment building where the lift didn't work very well, so one of my neighbourgs was stuck in it. He spent about two hours locked before it was fixed.I am claustrophobic so i wish I will never be stuck in a lift or locked in some other narrow place.

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