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Episode 197: Talk

Tim in a rowing boat on the lake


Tim's talking about how stressed he feels at work.

What advice would you give Tim?

Is your work, studying or home life stressful? How do you relax?

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Kasia, Poland
I am also stressed because of my work just as Tim. It is easy to say "relax", but it is not so easy to do it. Everything depends on the individual person, his or her ability to cope with difficult situations. Some people need another person to talk about problems, other people feel better when they do some physical work or exercises like swimming or running. Maybe you know a person who feel better after a session with lawnmower :)

Jo, Korea
I would suggest that Tim does not need to feel like the Mighty God! We cannot take care all the things around us. We have our colleagues who can do well beyond our expectations. I would like to recommend him to have a trip to somewhere nobody can contact him with mobile, e-mail, etc. That is the way I do.

Fabio, Brazil
I understand Tim. Some weeks ago I was like him,stressed and thinking to give up my many things. I managed this situation making exercises for at least one hour a day. It was incredible, but few days after I'd started, I felt better and I became more relaxed.

Ammar, Iraq
my work as adoctor is very stressful but i always try to be relax by yoga

Amal, Pakistan
i always suggest to others what the way i choose for me,whenever i feel stress and dont know the way to get rid of it, i go to park near my house where,s natural scenery and pure atmosphere make me cool and relax,and i release my stress easily.Trust me nature makes man relax and care free 0f any tention.

Alex and Julia, Italy
If I were Tim, I'd relax more because I think it's important to feel better.. Maybe Tim you should spend more time with your real friends, because they are the only ones who can really help you.

Dick Lau, Hong Kong
Find somethings that you are interested in, like fishing, dancing or watching movie. During the participation, you will forget your troubles in your soul.I have experienced so many ups and downs in my life so often, it honed me more adamantine.

Vale&Chiara, Italy
My life is very stressful because I have to go to school everyday and I have to study always too much. During the week the only way I have to relax myself is doing sport. Indeed I go to the gym three times a week. While during weekend I prefer going out with my friends to relax myself.

Taniele, Italy
I'd like to suggest tim to take a break from work and spend time on Holiday... i suggest him to go to Maldive's islands... beach, sun, wonderful sea, colors... is relaxing...

Micaela, Italy
my advice to tim is to take time to relax and to enjoy himself. during this period, my studyng is so stressful beacuse i'm at the end of the school so students have to repair to some valutation not very good. i relax myself going out with my friends, going shopping or listening to music. in general doing sports, cuold help to relax oneself.

Giulia, Italy
when I want to relax I usually watch television or I always go out with my friends. when the weather is sunny we usually go to Laghetto that is a park in Eur. We usully go shopping when we are only girls going out.

Beffi & Vale, Italy
We would like to suggest Tim to do sport when he is stressful.

Worldwide, Hong Kong
Due to the global recession, my latest company had no exception was closed down because its sales volume went down. I have sent hundreds of my resume to apply the job but only a few I got a chance for an interview. However I still could not succeed in getting any job. I am very disappinted. I really fear that nobody will employ me forever. Now I almost spend all my saving money. I have to pay rent, transportation fees, electricity, gas and Internet bills for my daily expenses. I am really worry about my life will be over one day. Sometimes I waked up at night but I could not sleep again because I was afraid of my hard life. I will go mad if the situation is going on.I remind that I must think positive. Only good health and better social life will have made me to get a big chance to improve the situation, so I wake up at seven o'clock. Then I jog, swim or run every morning. I began my active daily routine. I eat a fresh breakfast, read newspaper, write a letter to apply a job, and study BBC English. I speak to my wife what is my situation and my feeling. I meet my friends. I do not cover my difficult situation and tell them I am looking for a job.Although life is not all fun, I hate to give up.

Ammar Alasbahi, Yemen
Almost each one of us has stressing moments while at work,studying or even at home. In my opinion, people who feel stressed should practise putting their minds at rest once in a while in order for the stresses wear down. For me, I bike very early in the morning for an hour and a half. This activity makes me feel more relaxed and ready to cope with all stresses of the day. It's good for Tim to figure out how to be not affected by his stressful work, for example, by doing a soothing activity before and after work.

Beatriz, Argentina
Well, poor Tim. First of all I'd tell him to prioricide demands. It's difficult not to be stressed, but trying to be healthy I personally go swimming twice a week and it's very good for me.

Qiao, China
I think Tim should come to the nature as often as possible,say,go hiking or birdwatching.As for myself,being able to manage my time efficiently helps me de-stress.Plus,nothing more relaxing than a brisk walk around our neighborhood with my hubby after a long day!

Sebastiana, Spain
I work in an office and for me the best way to relax after a stressful day at work, is playing a tennis match with my friends. We have drink some beers after the tennis match and then all the stress has disappeared.

Laetitia, France
I could say to Tom to be less exigent toward himself. Maybe he could try to get home by a different way. Walking and not to go home directly after work. He could find an activity he likes to practise despite he never find time to do it. Watching a film on TV, reading, cooking or simply change his habits.

Sara, Saudi Arabia
In a work place to stressful is a common thing. He should find a hobby or activite that helps him to relax. Some people play football others like walking in the park.

Ana, Spain
I think Tim must delegate more at work , because work is a very important source of stress. In spanish we have a proverb that said something like this "I sell advices , but I haven´t them for me" . So, in this case is the same for me , because I think that I need delegate at work but I´m not able to do it and normally I feel stressed, nervous and with a big feeling of impotence because I can´t arrive to do al things which I have to do . Anyway I try to control my stress levels doing sports , and usually I go to do fit bike twice a week .

Seulgi woo, Korea
I'm a physicaltherapy major. Everytime when i examed on academic subjects, I suffered torments of test..So, I just used to listen to music for the best policy..Simple is the best way, i insist myself,I give my favorite songs hearty recommendation to Tim when occasion comes !Take care and Keep at it :)Go to bye bye -

Thi, Vietnam
I graduated from a college but I work as a waitress. That had made me feel disappointed in a long time. But now, I have changed. I think that knowing how to accept what we 're having is the most important. If I was Tim, I wouldn't let myself be in many troubles like that. In the relation with his flatmate, he should try to live honestly, be caring to his friends... in his work, try to change attitude about it, maybe it would make him feel better. if he can't, find another job which is more interesting. And finally, he should find a close friend to confide all the things making him upset.

Becky, TW
Nowadays it is easy to feel stressful in our life no matter studying, work or home life. Developing some hobbies or favorite exercise can help us to switch our stressful emotions to interesting actions and get a lot of relaxation. Yoga, swimming and cycling are good choices. After exercise, our spirits are lifted and we can start afresh easily. Everything will be wonderful in every day!

Sarvjeet, India
take breaks of few minutes regularly.use relaxation techniques like deep breathing .should find time for yoga and pranayam.

Carmen, Italy
I think that our life style is becaming very stressing and difficult to lead. We have to dedicate more time to ourselves and our family, forgetting problems and relaxing with friends.

Marjan, Iran
I sleep when I am stressful, but it is dangerous. Reaserching show sleeping by stress causes cancer. I hope change my habbit maybe it is better listen to music.

Anna, Russia
I abstract my mind from stressful moments at the office.I'm telling to myself that it is all not so cruitial and that my life is not only work and problems - there are also so many good and beautiful things and people around)))

Tiffany, China
I m a so-called white collar. After a demanding work, I prefer to back home directly, have a deep sleep. Then next morning I ll feel relax.

Shakeel Mansuri, Pakistan
No, My it isn't . I try to make my self more relax for finding good and interesting works which develop my effections.

Alice, Hong Kong
I would like to suggest Tim to watch a movie when he is stressful. I have done this many times and I think it is quite work.

Thienloi, Vietnam
No one can keep himself from stress in this busy time. There many ways to help you feel more comfortable : do whatever you like, go far away of the stress cause, hanging out with friends to share the difficult , or even do nothing but sleeping. Your methods you choose totally depend on your personality. If I was Tim, I could hanging out with close friends,someone you can share a lot of things and always make you laugh.

Amira, Sudan
I'd like to advice Tim for more relaxation, man can finding that is useful and successful. If my work is stressful,I will go in my mind thinking about finish this work in a good face and travel to nice place with my best friend.

Marti, Spain
I would advice Tim to delegate some of his work to some reliable worker he is in charge of.From my particular experience I prefer some stress more than feeling relaxed. Working under pressure makes me work better and, on the other hand, time goes faster.

Elvy, Spain
I'm a Primary teacher and I think it's one of the most stressful job in the world. Every day is the same old same old : "don't do this, don't do that..." It makes me feel exhausted! Therefore when I got home I really need to rest and forget all my problems. After work I might have a nap or I might watch TV. If I had more free time I'd go for a long walk or read a novel. However I think I should meet with my friends more often, because bursting out laughing is the best way to get relaxed and happier at once!

Jose Luis, Spain
I'm doing yoga,just when I wake up, and all day I try be happy

Julio, Brazil
I think Tim is stressed because he doesn't know delegate tasks in his job. Also, Tim is needing some time to spend with himself practicing sports and doing things he likes.So... take it easy man if you want to you can came to Bahia to have a good time. Drink some beer can work too. Teers!

Rishabh Poonia, India
I think that Tim should relax more and give some rest to his body.Yes,my study life is stressful because there is often very much homework and children are very much overburdened in exams and even do not have time to go to sleep.I relax by sleeping and not doing work the whole day as spending a holiday.

Jean Marie, France
I'd tell Tim: Do what you're able to do, calmly, don't think about too much things at the same time, don't mix everything such as customers, Sally and Jack's happiness, accounts. I can't help myself of being stressed because life is full of reasons to be worried, children, health, job, money...How to manage with them? I'm afraid we can't. We have to be fatalist and accept them. But we must act cleverly to avoid the bad events on which we might have influence. It's not easy and sometimes we need to relax. What I do? I meet friends once a week and say the most stupid things, tell the most unbearable jokes and non-senses for a couple of hours and above all we forgot all serious points of view.

Sevil, Turkey
if i'm so bored and stressful, it means that tehere's no avacation in my life, don spending time for anything without work and it means i must make a difference in my life, this can changing decoration of my house, metting new people by attending a company

Diena, Oman
i always listen 2 Quran when i feel upset and i feel comfortable immedaitely

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