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Episode 196: Talk

Alice waiting at the lift in the hospital

Your attitude

Nurse Molly thinks Alice is in trouble with matron because of her attitude.

Have you ever been in trouble because of your behaviour or attitude with your parents, at school or at work?

What happened? Did you change your attitude? Why / why not?

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Yeliz, Turkey
3 years ago,I was at high school.I had a teacher who i didn't like.His lessons were boring for me.I didn't participate his lessons.One day,he wanted me to come to the board.He asked me a question.Although i knew the answer, i didn't say it.But he insisted on and he wanted me to answer.For 10 minutes we waited.Later he told about my behavior to other all teachers were bad to me.because they thought that i was stubborn.I couldn't change their ideas.

Martina, The Czech Republic
When I was young (about 16, I went to the cinema with my classmates. The cinema was in another town and we missed our bus home. I came at midnight and my father was furious. I tryed to explain it, but he refused to listen me. And I said to him, that he isn´t right. I wasn´t allowed to go out for more than month.

Ehsan, Iran
some years ago when i was at school i was studying my lessons very well,in spite of this none of my friends did it.And when the teacher saw the homework,none of them had it except me.some days later when i was going home they stopped me and started to annoying sum up i didn't change my behaviour because i was doing the right thing and they had to correct themselves.

When I was a little girl, always I wanted to be successful student. That's why I studied so hard and it was too tired for me.I couldn't play some childhood game and if I couldn't success some lesson, I cried in a badly way. Now, I'm thinking that, I get myself too stupid. Why I did like that.

Mandy, China
Once I bought some material for English teaching. I just bought something for myself and I didn't buy things for my workmates, who also teach English in our school. Neither did I inform them about it. When they knew that, they were angry about me. And they became further away from me since then.

Shin, Korea
when i was playing in the rock band few years ago, i got trouble with the ohter member a lot of time. Almost time, it is related to the difference of preference music. Each memember have the various preference of music, especially, i wanted to play Korean Music. But the others members often ignored the level of korean music that i suggested, and i felt kind of scolding about that. Anyway, i decided to play foriegn music rather tha korean music, tried to listen various music, to avoid the matter, to lead my band to foward.

Sebastiana, Spain
I've never been in trouble because of my parents. The most I like is peace and quite, so I always try to do what it's considered as standard in a polite way.

Susan, China
I am 13 and my mom always help me improve my English on weekends. Sometimes she blames me and says that I am not serious because I'm impatient all the time.I'm really unhappy because I do take it seriously!!!Ao every time I have to try to seems serious,isn't it interesting? It really works that it can stop our quarrel to continue and dad are always difficult to deal with,right?

I've made many mistakes from which I realised that I could have made the situations better if I had stayed calm.

Kriszta, Hungary
Yeah once i had a terrible fight with my teacher, i made a remark he found offending, and consequently he shouted at me.

Tereza, Czech Republic
I was in trouble at school last year because I was lazy and I did not do my seminar work in time. So I must write it during the holidays. Now I am working much harder - I do not want to spend the other holidays in libraries.

Isabel, Brazil
Yes I was in trouble, because I was very honest and no worry to talk about everyone my opinions

Gurpreet, USA
I have been in trouble once because of my never accepting attitude even i was in wrong. I had a big problem in the past that i don't accept that i was wrong. My collegues had to suffered a lot with that kind of my behaviour. So they told to my boss at work and boss had given me a long lecture on this kind of my bad behaviour. From that day i put every possible effort not to repeat that kind of behaviour again. I am still working on it and i hope i will get out of this attitude someday.

ljupka, Macedonia
I had never been in trouble because of my attitude :) maybe sometimes but for stupid things

Pierre, France
At school, I took the habit of stealing things. I was stronger than me. I couldnot help . Once the mistress surprised me robbering a calculator in my best friend's bag. I said I was given the permission but she did not believe me at all and made a report to my parents. They tried to explain to me that robbering was a fault but nevertheless I kept on going . But once the mistress gave me a big kiss after she saw me stealing . Since that day, I did not steel any more.

Jenny, Argentina
When I was a teacher (now I am retired) I used to help my pupils when they had problems at home. Matron sometimes didn´t agree with my attitude but at the end it was good for ppupils.

Valentina, Italy
I have never been in trouble because of my behaviour at work because I have always been capable to find the right way to move ot talk with may collegues and may chief, even when i disagreed with him.

Yang, Hong Kong
I always thought that my manager made some unwise decisions or took some stupid actions, so I did not support her. Therefore she defined my attitude was bad. I left this company for a year. Now I know I am wrong. I made a stipud action to quit the job. I have been looking for a new job for a year.

Mari, Russia
At work I tend to tell the truth in front of my boss even if I know she has a different opinion. She doesn't seem to object, and my colleages say this makes them respet me more.

Chris, Austria
When I was a schoolboy of the age of nine or ten my friends and I were bored on a sightseeing tour walking through the woods.We decided not to stay any longer but to go home. We wrote a notice for our teachers in the sand: Don't worry. We are going home.See you tommorow at school!The day after we were punished by some strokes at our backside. It was in the 60's. Today impossible!

Guido, Italy
I had some problems just when I was younger but it was 4 stupid things come back late at home after party it's normal things when you are really young and if I think about that now it was funny :) lolGuido

Yue Bohan, China
yes, i had when i was in my first year of master course in japan. it was my fault totally.i was the teaching assistant of a professor.once i forgot to go to the class because of some very depressing thing. he got very furious.i can understand that thoroughly and i felt very regret about it.i began to doubt myself and couldn't stop blaming myself that i am a unreliable person.after this thing i indeed changed a lot.but i have to say it affects me so much that every time when i think about it i feel depressed and anxious.

Capoblanco, Uruguay
Sometimes I disagree with people but usually I don't get in trouble for my behaviour. I don't think that I will change my attitudes in order to satisfy someone who just want to be happy

Chiara&Vale, Italy
I've been in trouble with my parents when I come back home too late. I was at a party and I forgot to call my mother to inform her about my lateness.I stay at home for a week as punishment.I try to change my attitude indeed by now I call my mother every times I come back at home later. In this way I am as free as the air to do what I want.

LSC, Italy
i have never been in big trouble because of my attitude. however once i wanted to go at the beach by myself but my parents didn't agree and so i was sent to my aunt's house.

Giulia, Italy
I have been in trouble with my classmates.So i had a rough with another girl and i cried because i'm noble.I'm a beatiful girl but the others think i'm too stupid

Davide, Italy
No, I haven't been in trouble because i have a good rapport with my friends. I think that I have a good attitude.

I've hardly ever been in trouble because of my behaviour. I'm usually a good girl. I like being polite, calm, quiet... However when I was a teenager I used to be a bit rebel and sometimes I spoke to my parents in an awful way. I thought they couldn't understand me, I even believed they only wanted me to be her little baby forever. If I were there again I wouldn't treat them so badly. Now I've realized that they only want to teach me the best way to lead my life on my own.

Daniel Baff
I was in trouble with my coach becouse i don't wanna play basketball as the way he say.

Lele, Italy
I have been in trouble because of my attitude at work a lot of times, because I am very fast in my job, so my colleagues are jealous.

Kapo&Vale, Italy
We often have been in trouble for our attitude but we'll never change.WE ARE WHAT WE ARE

Jean Marie, France
When I was in my mid-twenties I used to critic everything. A very bad habit, indeed. I was dogmatic in some fields, such as architecture, painting, music, clothing... till I met a rather aged gentle couple. We were some friends and as usual I did jokes, mockeries assorted with pooh, pooh! about everyone. The couple was aware of my stupidity but I didn't realise. They invited us to have a drink in the evening. I discovered their beautiful house and their way of life which was the most exquisite we could ever imagine. Since I have changed my mind. I keep thinking that "nobody's perfect" but I too! So I try to consider when I am not enough tolerant and improve my behaviour.

Tatiana, Russia
I wish I've been always calm with my family. I have to learn to keep my temper, but it's not easy, indeed. I'm often sorry for my behavior. Though with other people I usually have not any problem or wrong attitude.

Reza, Iran
i have been in trouble with my work .i teach and sometimes university students want higher mark but they are not capable.they dont cope with all questions.

McJourn BV
It,s obvious where people have to live or work together it means that they every day have to spend many hours in an environment full of words and activities there is no possibility to not get into troubles or arguements and disputes. Everyone has its own behaviours and attitudes as fixpoints of their charakters and sometimes one is not able to supress his urge to do something and if this is not pleasant in his actual environment there surely will be some opposition towards him and this is the point for coming up troubles. My brother,s a heavy smoker and since he shortly got into some healthproblems his family is trying to cure him of this harmful habit. Now since a year or so, every day there,s been a struggle in the family because of his attitude and at the end he had to start reducing his amount of daily smoking and promised to continue reducing it up to abandon it for ever. This has been not only because of his own health but times before they have repeatedly mourned that smoking at home especially during the cold times is really nasty and unpleasant.

Amal, Pakistan
yea, often my attitude with others,including my parents is not good so people become angry on my harsh wording and queer attitude,that often become a big souce of lose for me,not only economically but also morally, i think i should change my behaviour,may be then it will easy for me to deal with others.

Osman Elzubair, Sudan
I had been sacked from my work twice, because I wanted to get my rights by rude behaviour. And now If I want to claim about my rights, I will be so patient to get it and also I will request it by politics ways.So I changed my attitude, that's means knowledge has been taken.There is small truth to make life 100%:If we number the letters respectively from A to Z A=1, B=2 to Z=26. If you accumulate the letters for words, such as: Hard work, Knowledge, Love, Money or Leadership, you will not get 100%, But A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E=1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%Attitude is everything, change your attitude... And you change your life!!!

Antonio, Spain
Hello to everybody. When I was a pupil at school, I sometimes got my knuckles rapped by the teacher because of my attitude, but not very often. I don't remember being in trouble at work. Now that I work as a primary school teacher I very often have to rap some pupils over the knuckles (I mean to reprimand them or to give them a talking to). I think nowadays children behave worse than some years ago.

Ying, China
I had been in trouble with my mom when I was in my high school. I wanted to go to collage which is far from my hometown. But she insisted in choosing a local university for me. I certainly understood that she'd like to take care of my life and oversee my study. But I disliked to be taken under her wing. Finally, I decided to choose my own life and realize my wishes. She didn't understand why her little girl suddenly became a disobedient one with stubborn behavior and attitude. When I packed up my things and was going to leaving, I found the tears in her cheek. I couldn't help crying with her. At last, she understood me and said she always loved me.

Maha, Pakistan
I always faced complexiy in my life due to my parent's behaviour, they don,t try to pick my point,on that position i changed my behaviour,but really its make me hard to think that parents can show paradise and even hell on earth.just imagine due to all this bad atmosphere my attitude with others is not ideal.

Giada, Italy
I've never been in trouble because of a bad attitude, but at present I wish I had...beeing always polite and trying to satisfy everyone brought me to postpone my wishes to my parents' ones. So at university I studied something I didn't like and now I have a job i hate

Liliana, Colombia
I not. but in my Job a lot of persons are the same place of my boss. and they have prefference in my office. They have an bad attitude an it is unfair.

Silvia, Spain
Sometimes, it's better for you to change your attitude. However, it's not always good to behave in such a way since people think you can do what they want on all ocassions. Facing a difficult situation like this is not easy but it means you are strong.

Kim, Korea
I was in trouble with my math teacher because I never paid attention to him in the session. I always played computer games in math lesson. One day, he saw me playing games, took me to his faculty, and blamed me and even beat me. I was very upset. So I didn't take part in 3 math lessons. But after time, I regretted about my attitude and apologized to him.

Thienloi, Vietnam
Two years ago at work I made a mistake. All of this originated from my attitude at work. The problem was that I said something that was not allowed in my position. I remember when I just entered my department. I wasn't afraid of anyone and I complained about how slow one of the older mechanics was. I didn't know who he is. And the result was a reply that I've never forgotten: "It's none of your business!"

Riz, Pakistan
Yes I had a serious problem taking my attitude at work. One day I was rude with the customer because of some personal problems which I should not bring to work. Anyway, I talked to the customer very badly and in imappropriate way and the customer complained to the manager. luckily I was not sacked but I did got the warning as it happend first time. since then I do control myself and try to be calm.

It's good to change the your attitude.

Elvy, Spain
I've hardly ever been in trouble because of my behaviour. I'm usually a good girl. I like being polite, calm, quiet... However when I was a teenager I used to be a bit rebel and sometimes I asked my parents in an awful way. I thought they couldn't understand me, I even believed they only wanted me to be her little baby forever. If I were there again I wouldn't treat them so badly. Now I've realized that they only want to teach me the best way to lead my life on my own.

Marina, Italy
I have been in trouble because of my attitude at work a lot of times, because I am very fast in my job, so my colleagues are jealous.

Rosana Mara , Brazil
Yes, I have been in trouble because my behaviour with my parents. I am the only single daughter, 42 living with my mom, the others are married and always every single thing that happens with mother it's my fault in their opinion. It's always me! Why?

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