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Episode 195: Language Point

Tim at the boating lake in the park

types of boats

expensive pleasure or racing boat which is powered by sails or an engine
Example: If I won the lottery, I'd buy a yacht and sail round the world.

ferry large boat which transports people and cars, lorries etc over a stretch of water
Example: In New Zealand, they took the ferry from the South Island to the North Island.

long, narrow boat which is used to carry people and/or goods along a narrow stretch of water, for example, a canal
Example: Hundreds of years ago, coal used to be carried around Britain on barges but now most barges are used as floating holiday homes in the summer.

rowing boat
small boat with (usually two) oars which you can use to row the boat to make it move
Example: Why don't we go to the park and hire a rowing boat? We'll enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise at the same time.

cruise ship / cruise liner / liner
large ship, like a hotel, which people travel on for pleasure
Example: There's so much to do on the cruise liner – tennis, swimming, dancing, films – there's no way to get bored in the two weeks we'll be away.

boat which can move over land and water by keeping close to the surface and producing a current of air under it to support it Example: We're going on the hovercraft when we go to France this summer. It'll be strange being on land and sea in a boat.

small open boat (often used for people to sail to safety if there is an accident at sea)
Example: Luckily they managed to get into a dinghy after their yacht capsized.

small light narrow boat, pointed at both ends, which you move using a paddle (a short pole with a flat blade on each end)
Example: He rowed the canoe fast through the river, cutting though the water with the paddle.

parts of a boat

port, starboard, bow and stern
left, right, front and back
Example: The ship measures 15 metres from bow to stern.

Example: Time to wash the decks. I want to see them cleaned and polished right away!

expressions and idioms about sailing

land / get into / be in deep water
get into or be in serious trouble
Example: If you're late once more this week, I'm warning you, you'll be in deep water.

miss the boat
lose an opportunity to do something by being slow to act
Example: I thought the price of the tickets would go down if I waited till the last minute but then I missed the boat completely because there were none left when I finally decided to buy them.

rock the boat
do or say something that will upset people, be controversial or cause problems
Example: I know you don't like my dad's politics but just for once, this weekend will you please not rock the boat and let us all just have a nice quiet visit?


set of matching clothes or ones that go together well, worn for a particular occasion (here, smart or stylish clothes worn for going on a date)
You don't look half bad (informal compliment)
You look very good
belonging to you personally, not owned by a company, the state or the government
fit for a queen / king (expression)
something that is very good (so good in fact that even royalty would like it)

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