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Episode 194: Talk

Alice, Khalid, Helen and the cat in the kitchen

Inexpensive holidays

Khalid, Helen and Alice are talking about ways to have cheap holidays. What's the most inexpensive holiday you've ever had?

Do you always like to go away when you're on holiday or do you like staycations? Have your holiday plans changed because of the economic downturn?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

Zhenya, Russia
I prefer going abroad to staycations. I know few inexpensive hotels in Turkey and Egypt with friendly staff, clear comfortable rooms and delicious national food. When i was a little girl i used to go there. Now I'm interested in European countries especially in Spain, Italy and France. I'm going to Barselona this summer. Fortunately economic crisis hasn't affected on industry of tourism so that prices are quete reasonable. I hope it will be fantastic holiday and it gives me positive emotions and i'll have a good time!!!

Martina, the Czech Republic
I ame going to Germany. I like Berlin very much and I want to show it to my son. And may be ve will continue to Balt sea.

Liky, Hong Kong
I think the most inexpensive holiday is staycation in my home city, Hong Kong. I only spend the travalling fees for taking buses and ferries, and then I can find and enjoy the beautiful natural sights, such as the sea stack, the x-shaped joints, and the main island of Tung Ping Chau; the vertical faults appeared along the hexagonal joints in the Roaky Harbour; and etc. So beautiful is Hong Kong's nature and eco.

Ian, Colombia
Beach. In my country the most cheap holiday that you can have is in the beach, in Santa Marta, for example. Because you only have to pay the bus and the hotel, an there are a lot of offers. Also, you can buy the ticket with discount if you know how.

Tuyet, Vietnam
I love traveling. I always like to go away when I'm on holiday but I don't have much money. So I sometimes just travel somewhere not far from the city where I live. It's quite cheap and funny. I only have to pay for bus tickets and some food and drink. Now I'm saving money for a holiday in Sapa this summer. It's a great place with cool weather, beautiful sight and stuff.

Tereza, Czech republic
I usually spend quite little money for a holiday because I prefer sleeping in nature instead of expensive hotel. But this year I started to work and I have earned some money, so me and my boyfriend decided that we will visit Finland and we will rent a cottage. I am looking forward to it very much. Economic downturn does not exist for me :-)

Antonella, Italy
The most inexpensive holiday I've ever had was in Barbados, in the most luxury hotel of the island! It could sound as a contraddiction in terms but that was definitely the cheapest holiday I've ever had as I simply didn't pay for the trip thanks to the generosity of my aunt. So I went to Barbados in her stead.I was on cloud nine and I recovered quickly from a previous desease.But during my 10-day holiday I had to face a little problem: everything was included except lunches.So while my well-off companions were tasting roasted fish or delicious barbecues at the swimming pool side or under the palms I'd rather went swimming to skip lunch. Because althought I was starving I couldn't afford to pay for the meal. It was definitely not for my pocket. At that time I was a poor student.Now I like to go to a place which corresponds to my needs when it's time to plan holidays. So it could be to the mountains, to the seaside or abroad and even at home, it depends.

Cheryl, Hong Kong
I am an outgoing person. Usually I go to climb the mountains, canoe, windsurf, go to the theatre, etc. with my friends in summer. But the swine flu worldwide has aroused fear in travelling. I hope it will be under control in the coming summer or we cannot go to anywhere else... Perhaps it is time to change the way I spend my holidays. Reading at home, taking online tutorials on drawing, listening to the radio, having a good chat on the phone would also be a relaxing, and inexpensive, holiday.

Elea, France
I live in a touristic place with a lot of beaches. Toulon is the sunniest town in France. You are under the impression that you are on holidays even during the weekends even though they are short. The most inexpensive holiday is staycation by enjoying the beaches over there in summer.

Steve, New Zealand
I used to like going around. But as I am getting older, I'd rather stay at home. And that's partly because of the hiking petrol price!

Robert, Chile
I always go to South of Chile. It is a nice country.I love to visit my mother every year and take a lot of pictures.

Tohe, Vietnam
I like staycations. Firstly because i don't have enough money but the most important reason is I love my family. I want to enjoy every minutes I have with my family's members.I always find a new recipe and we spend all the day to cook it. It will be a wonderful meal ( although food may not good enough ^.^). Really cheap and friendly with environment, is it?

Anna, Russia
I'm going on holiday to Estonia to visit my friends. We are going to swim in the sea. It will be great! I like Estonia!

MrStone, Vietnam
I have never been rich. Therefore, all of most my holidays so far are not expensive. Honestly, at the moment, I don't know which one is the cheapest. Normally, I prefer to go holiday with my friends or relatives. In my company, we have a culture that might be different to the others. There is always a kick-off meeting for all of employees and their family (spouse and children). It depends on the number of year you have worked that whether the company sponsors for all your family. This year I don't know if this policy still exists or not. All of us know that we are facing the economic downturn. My corporation is also impacted although it's not as much as the big companies. If the company gives me a choice that is if the policy is just optional and you can get money in case you don't go. I'd rather not go. In fact, the board of directors often say that "You had better join the kick-off meeting, otherwise you will go to work as usual. Besides you won't get anything". According to you, what I should do :-)?

Becca, France
We were hoping to go to the US this summer for a holiday of a lifetime, but with the swine flu we may have to stay at home instead. The cheapest holiday I ever had was when I was a girl and we stayed at home, doing things like cycling and walks in the country with our dog. At the time, I thought it was less interesting then travelling abroad but we have some fantastic memories!

Mia, Portugal
Actually, I prefer staycations. I'm not a jet-set person and not keen on visiting the place where is packed with all of the tourists, like 'Jean' said.But, sometimes when the weather is so good, I go out and travel around my city by bicycle. As well as for the environment,for the health and economical reason, it's better using a bike than any other vehicle.

Liliana, Colombia
My the most inexpensive vacations I had in Egipt. It was a great holidays whith my housband . This vacations i have staycations jajajaj.. the crisis or downturn dont let other thing

Tuvshuu, Mongolia
If i had a travel anywhere i would go to Bali. I think it's most beautiful place i've ever heard. Are you agree with me?

Kim, South Korea
I envy a person who live in Europe. Because they can take a trip to other country cheaply. Because In my country, it's impossible to go foreign country by car or train. We can take only airplane.(It's expensive.)So anyway the most inexpensive holiday that I've ever had is staycation surely.

Trang, Vietnam
for me, the most expensive holiday i've had was go to America last year. it was great,but everything was too expensive for me. I could go there because my aunt lives in California. American 's very polite, i really impress about their queing culture. in my country, it's not. so, i think i like going away when i'm on holiday, because i can learn more about the culture of many countries , and of course, my knowledge is improved. but it depends on my financial sources. that's why economic downturn influence to my holiday plans so far.

Ale, Italy
Once I paid 35 euros for a return ticket Naples-Berlin and 10 euros per night in a double room. It was about New Year's day. A good bargain, wasn't it?

Evelyne, France
I'd prefer to go away abroad when I'm on holidays but it's very expensive . This summer I was thinking to go to England but I haven't enough money so I'd better stay in France

Luciane, Brazil
I'm planing my next vocations. We are going to Italy and Germany during 15 days. We will rent a car and drive from Frankfut to Rome. I think it will be great

Agnieszka, Poland
When I am going somewhere I always look for the cheapest train tickets and accomodation is even easier. There is this website 'couch surfing' and people offer you a free bed. You can have a free accomodation and in addition, meet wonderful people :) I've been going to Canada for my vacations for 4 years... And it seems like I am going this time too ;)

Jonida, Albania
My most inexpensive holidays are those when I stay at home.I would prefer to go away on holiday than staycations.In some ways my holiday plan have changed because of the economic downturn.

Osman, Sudan
I will never think to go away, but I alaways thinking in poor guys, you had better help those guys to be survive rather than go away. Also we were planned for a world free of poverty.

Nguyen, Vietnam
The economic crisis does not affect my love in holiday, but it really prevents me from taking a far away trip. It's now difficult for me to travel far. Therefore, I decide to have my holiday in my own country, but to the remote areas, where there are few people and also little service. I know it will be tough, but I believe I can overcome all the obstacles on the way. Moreover, it costs me less, which is the most important thing.

Ana, Spain
For me the most inexpensive holiday is when you go to visit your friends , if you know people from differents countries or places you can go to visit them if you haven´t enough money to spend .At first , for this summer we´d planned one trip to South Africa , but because of the economic downturn we´ve decided to put back this plan for another year and we´v started making plans to go to Scotland and we have already bougth the plane ticket.

Janeta, Poland
I am going on holiday to Spain to visit my friend and her boyfriend. Because she lives there, I do not need to pay for my accommodation. That makes my holiday much cheaper than if I had do rent some room.I always try to go away in a new place as I love exploring and think that the change is important for well-being.

Soonsic, South Korea
I'm going to japan that is my honeymoon. I planned to get married. My girlfriend speaks Japanese very well. I think that we'll save some of money because she knows low-priced a hotel, a restaurant, and a tourist resort.

Ammar Alasbahi, Yemen
In my opinion, nothjing is cheaper than having a holiday where you stay. Although it's not as fun as having a holiday in a place you've never been to before, you can find things to do for pleasure. For instance, you can bike, go swimming, go out with friends for a dinner, watch a good movie, or read a book. Having a nice holiday away from my city or country has never been affordable to me because I'm short of money to go away for a holiday. However, I always try to create different cheap ways of spending my holidays. Therefore, the global economic downturn almost hasn't changed my holiday plans.

Eugenio, U.S.A.
I think whatever be the economic situation the most inexpensive vacation is go to the beach. I get a lot of fun with my relatives and friends and i get a fashionable free tanned.

Jean Marie, France
During my military service I had certainly the cheapest holiday we could have ever dreamt. Of course for some unpleasant moment I'd rather have gone on in university for one year more but we had good and inexpensive time. One of them was, a fortnight I remember, was like amazing holidays. As a section of about 30 soldiers we were supposed to assure the protection of a town on the Mediterranean cost in Summer while a foreign personality was visiting the country. We were alone, in a superb and historical fortress on the summit of a hill above the town with sea sight, eating, playing card, sunbathing, reading, having nothing to do except enjoying ourselves. It was indeed like holiday and I even won few coins playing poker. Now I'd rather like staycation because I'm not keen on crowded spaces. With this economic downturn I think some people had better change their holiday plans, but as we never spent lot of money on holiday we shouldn't change ours.

Sebastiana, Spain
I love go abroad on holiday but this economic downturn is forcing me to be on staycation this year. In fact, this summer will be the most inexpensive holiday, I've ever had.

Becky, TW
If the weather is good, I'd like to go away when I'm on holiday. It's good to visit different places, no matter how far I can go. Because of the economic downturn and swine flu, I have changed my holiday plans. Instead of foreign trips, I'll like staycations or local trips. Some coffee shops around the reservoir are near my home, where I can have a cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful spring scenery and feel the warm breeze with less cost - money and traffic.

Hiram 20 puntos ja, Mexico
really did not leave on vacation because he works very hard, but I go very well here in town having fun with all my friends

Irenka, Russia
From time to time I have my inexpensive holiday in the country where we have a small summer house. We go for a walk to the nearest forest, swim in the lake, play badminton or table tennis and have barbecue parties at weekends. A country rest is not a bad way to spend a holiday especially if you live in the city. But sometimes I do want to go to the sea or meet new people and see new places. That's why I prefer to alternate staycations with going away. This year the economic donwturn has changed my holiday plans, but I don't mind a staycation. I look forward to barbecue parties at summer weekends.

Amal, Pakistan
Have fun and enjoy the life is, if not impossible but almost hard to afford, but being a human i really like the beauty of nature,often i save money for such a tour, but this summer season i will not go for enjoyment as its a time for me to face the economic downturn,yea,i am sure i will go to my village for just a realization that i am happy.

Song, South Korea
I like to go away when I'm on holiday. However, the flight ticket has been getting more expensive so it's not that easy to go abroad. I love to go china. If I had a vacation this summer, I would go to Beijing again!

Shim, South Korea
If I have one or two days off, I'd rather stay at home, just having short walk in the park. However, staying at home for more than week is not a good idea. It's time to go for some refreshment!

Mouni, Burkina Faso
I like to go somewhere else when I'm on holidays. As I work in town, generaly, I go into my village and spend a time with my relatives. It's not really the same context in Europ. Here we try to organise a sheap trip, then we don't have to pay for a hotel because we are welcomed by relatives. Whereas, it's appreciated you bring some gift.

Bomsan, South Korea
Staycations are not what I want for my holidays.As a housewife, holiday for me means leaving all household chores and taking time of relaxing to trear myself.So that I like to go away and meet new places and people.

Mary, UAE
traveling costs to much, so I prefer staying at home and going for short destinations trips like going to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Ana, Madrid
I went to my cousin house near the beach and these were the cheaper holidays on my life.I usually go away on holiday and my best holidays took place in Greek.We sailed during 15 days among islands.

Alya, Russia
I used to spend my holidays at my granny's with lot of fresh air, domestic animals, lots of friends and relatives. I think those days were my best ones and I didn't spend on much. Sometimes I dream of such holidays because of good remembrance from my childhood. But these days I would spend my vacations somewhere else, for example, Italy, Switzerland, Finland or UK if I had enough money. Because of economic crisis I have to work very hard and try to thrift to have an opportunity to go abroad. I don't despair at all because I think this situation is the best way to seek for others alternatives of spending your holidays: hiking, picnicking, sailing or everything you want.

Imge, Turkey
Last year,I went to Paris with my friend.We'd planned for this vacation before.We'd bought our tickets for the flight and packed our suitcase.Everything was ready.On the flight day,we went to airport by taxi.They checked our tickets in the airport.And then we were starving,so immediately we went a restaurant to eat something.While we were eating,the flight time came.We didn't notice how the time passed.As soon as we heard announce,we ran to airplane.We got in to the plane.The flight was fine.We didn't have any trouble.Finally,we arrived to Paris.Paris was so beautiful that we traveled Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum.Look our luck that it was a public day in Louvre Museum so,we didn't pay any money to get in.Then we got tired and went to our hotel in which we booked a room.They wanted my identity card.I looked for my bag.I was shocked.It wasn't with me.I didn't know where my bag was.Suddenly,I started to cry.My friend said "don't be upset,my money is enough to stay in a cheaper hotel."I was embarrassed but I didn't have anything to do.So I accepted my friend's offer and we went to a pension.Although I had this problem,it was a very funny trip.

Matthias, Germany
We never make expensive holidays. Because we think, it isn't a question of money or travel far away. It's the spirit, the feeling, the impression, the communication with your wife, children or friends,... This and the combination makes a very good holiday. I believe the sunset all over the world is the same. Close your eyes, relax and try to save the beautiful moment in your heart. Don't worry about the economic downturn, it will be better in the next years.

Rajeev, UK
I have never been on holiday in my life or even on staycation.I hardly ever take even a day off - if only I am sick.I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I would probably go on holiday only if I won the lottery.

Melanie, France
I don't understand very well.I begining learn english..But with the flatmates, I will arrive.

Bugra, Turkey
my flight to usa was the most expensive one. actually it was not considered as a real holiday.i often go away since i like changing my place.but nowadays i can not go away for holidays due to the economic issues.

Ferdinant, Russia
I prefer staycations to luxury hotels. They are more homely, friendly and I can`t afford hotel with five stars. The reason is I`m student. Last summer I had a rest in an excellent place - at my grandmother cottage.

Flaviano, Italy
The most inexpensive holiday I ever had, has been the week I stay in Instanbul with a couple of friends last February.I always like to go abroad when I'm on holiday and my holiday seems no suffering ,at the moment , because of the economic crisis.

Laura, Romania
The most inexpensive holyday That I had was when I got to the Black Sea. I was lucky because I didn't spend money at the hotel and I stood at a relative's flat.I always like to go away when I'm on holyday but there were some times when my holyday plans changed because of the economic downturn.

Reza, Iran
i like holiday but it is expensive.there i try to find a scientific semiar.i give an article and if it is accepted i go free there

Giada, Italy
I think we are always changing our holiday plans because of the economic downturn...The most inexpensive holiday? Try to make friends all around the world...and go to visit them:)

Susi, Germany
My flight to New Zealand was expensive for me because I did'nt have enough money for the trip. My boyfriend lent me the money for the flight.

Yeon Hwa Kim, South Korea
I went to Tully in Australia.I was staying backpacker .It was very cheap but i had to work 3 hour for the room.

Yang, Hong Kong
I remembered my most inexpensive holiday to go China. I only spent US$700 for a month travelling. I took a public bus to travel around. I slept in a large room in which many guests shared. Meanwhile, I could see near their local life and talk with people by chance in the public bus. I also could meet different kinds of foreigners in the shared room.

Mario, Italy
my less expensive holiday I did it has been when I spent an entire month at my relatives's vacation house in a very nice and relaxing seaside resort.My ideal holiday was to travel and visit new place, but due to the fact that in the last years I am travelling a lot for working now I also prefer to spend my holiday at home. About the economic downturn, from my point of view there are some advantages: there are less people travelling around so less crowded place and generally speaking the cost now are reducing.

Jen, China
I will go outside in most of the holidays. We climb the little mountain nearby, travel to park or play badminton. We enjoy ourselves in the calm and peace and relax holiday activies. I don't like to travel the famous sites far away by train or plane. It is too crowded and besides, it costs more than usual time.

Marti, Spain
I am not expecting to go on holiday this summer becouse of the economic downturn. I'd rather stay at home and save some money.

Anneliese, Germany
We have decided to stay at home this year. Fortunately we live in a nice landscape in the countryside. So we can do short trips and enjoy the beauty of the nature here around us. Besides we save a lots of money.

Lara, Italy
I'm getting married in August, so I actually would love to visit some place I normally wouldn't take into consideration because of the trip high costs! But my boyfriend and I still haven't decided, the best would be if some goodhearted of our guests made us a very special gift by sending us to a nice place we can't afford! :)

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