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Episode 192: Talk

Khalid being interviewed by a street surveyor

Your dream holiday

Khalid is talking about his ideal holiday. If you had the time and money, where would you go for a holiday?

Have you been on holiday recently? Did you have a good time?

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

Last year I was in Arab Emirates. It is beautiful country with wonderful nature!

Gosh,if i had enough i'd travel to all part of the world,from wealthy earth to poor's,from north to south and also east to west .i mean in evry part of the world we can find alot of new things to learn,but actually i'll start it from Paris.

Aziza, Russia.
If I had the time and money, I would go to Holliwood.

Luis, France
I've been to Argentina last month for 6 weeks and it was amazing. Landscapes are so different between the North and the South ! I highly recommand this country.

Bomsan, South Korea
Travelling new places is one of my fascinating interests.If I had the time and money, I'd like to go Tibet first and have time for meditation.After that I would go to South America for the first time. To experience it's nature, people, music and dancing.

Sugar, Germany
I was in New York last month and stayed at my friend's house on Staten Island. Every mornig we took the Ferry to Manhatten and in the evening back. I loved to watch this scenerie so much, that I now, back in Berlin, recall this picturesque view sometimes.

Agnieszka, Poland
If I had the time and money, I would go to any tropical island. I wold hire some people to be my personal servants, they would bring me cold drinks and give me nice messages... I would swim in the ocean, sunbathe, play volleyball and enjoy beautiful, sunny weather. My last holday was in Canada. I didn't do much sighseeing becase it had been my fourth time in Canada.

Fouzia , Pakistan
If i had the money and time , i would go to UK on holiday because my dear friend lives there and she always invites me to come over. I have visited Dubai last year and i enjoyed a lot.

Yulia, Russia
If I had enough money, I would go to California. It's my dream to visit LA, Holliwood, San-Francisco...

Anastasia, Russia
The best holiday I have ever had was last year in Switzerland(it was not that recently,though). I spent ten wonderful days there. I was walking a lot and felt at peace and very serene. Moreover, I made a lot of friends. If I had enough money, I would go to Switzerland one more time without any hesitations!

yes,i have.HA NOI is a beautiful place.i love VN

Yeon Hwa Kim, South Korea
I went to Australia for 2years. I had a great time in my life...I traveled around Australia for 2years.Ayers Rock was The centre of world. it was a big rock. It didn't have trees ..just rocks.. and many people want to climb Ayers rock.. of course I did it .it was very hard to go to many flies followed me. so I had to wear a fly net..anyway it was very dangerous and a suprise to me . When I arrived at the top I could see the "centre of the world" sign.

Eduard, Russia
Last winter I went to Austria. I have been to Austria for two times. I am really fascinated by snowbording. Last time I went to Schladming. It is a famous winter mountain resort in Stiria that is a central part of Austria. I had a great time! There was a lot of snow and a lot of fun! If I have possibility I will go again to Austria next winter.

Irenka, Russia
I live in Moscow. It's a mad city, really. So if I had the time and money I would go somewhere far from the city noise, crowded streets and roads full of cars. It would be a quiet place, maybe a small town near the warm sea. I'd walk along the coast early in the morning, breath fresh sea air and enjoy the silence around. At daytime I'd stroll about the narrow streets and have lunch in a small cafe. In the evening it'd be great to meet people and make new friends. That'd be my ideal holiday. And of course, I'd be happy to share all these things with the man I love because he's tired of the city life as well and needs such kind of rest too.

Bich, Vietnam
I've traveled to a moutainy town - Mai Chau in my country and I came into a natural cave in which no much tourists set food. it's quite interesting place,I suppose

Phoebe, Vietnam
Well, summer is coming and I 'm about to be on holiday with my family in our country's ancient capital Hue. That would be a fantastic time!!!

Jesus, Chile.
yes, I had been a short holidays one month ago. I visited Mendoza city in Argentina with my wife and my little child. I enjoyed the food and sunny days there.

Nazrul, Bangladesh
For me, it's always been a long cherish dream to go on holiday in Vancouver, Canada. I am plannig to visit there this summer.

Sabina, Romania
If I had the time and money, I would like going to the beach in Italy, because I love that country and I have friends there too. I'd also love to go to France again, mabye rent a car and enjoy the view while driving on the highway.The last holiday I had was in Austria, where I went skiing. I love that sport and I go to Austria every year. I had a great time and I can't wait for next year, to go there again.

Marti, Spain
I love travelling everywere, but If I had enough money and time I would like to visit Japan, not just to visit the country itself but a different way of life.

Ira, Russia
I was in Holland recently. I love this country: people, small towns, rivers, fresh air. In general I'm fond of Europe, if I had more money I might visit it more often. On the other hand I've never been in London, so I would visit it as soon as opportunity appear.

Oana, Romania
I have been to London 2 years ago with my family. It is indeed the most beautiful place in the world.

Jouly, South Korea
This time last month, I was in Tokyo. One of my brother lives in Tokyo with his family. That's why I am quite familiar with Japan. I was there two weeks. I did just go around and drinking Japanese bear with my brother and sister-in-raw. I had a really relaxing time!

Well,for new persian year holiday,we decided to spend a week in a 5 star hotel in Turkey.Despite the bad weather we had a wonderful first day there but we received a phone call the next day informing us about the death of my father in law and we had to get back home with much trouble .It turned out to become a real night mare.I would not wish that for my worst enemy.

Magali, France
I often take holiday because I'm teacher, the last ones were wet! My best memories about holiday were when I went to Canada with my family 2 years ago. I dreamt about it, but it was better than in my dreams. The west coast between Calgary and Vancouver it's the best place to go if you love the mountain's landscapes.

Audrey, France
I have been on holiday this week but it wasn't so great... Instead of stay at home with my family (parents, brother and half-sister), I would prefer travel to Nepal or to Mongolia to hike in the green meadow under the clear sky...

Petr, the Czech Republic
I'd go to Peru. I've been there already, and it was such an uplifting experience. We were hikking high in he Andes, sleeping in a tent, eating just bread, cheeze, and some dried fruit. However, I have to mention that it was a dangerous journey as well. Just imagine, two young people lost in the Andes

I would like to see many country and try any cultuer and talk with pepole aroud the worlds.I saw frence Germany,EUA, Iraq, India, south Korea, Slovenia, That was very nice and I learned more things frome there.

Anto, Italy
Unfortunately, I have been on "staycation" over the last few years, except when I went on holiday to Crete with my family, my brother's family and his parents-in-law. we got along well and we had a great time.If I had money and time now I would already be spending an undisturbed week laying on a sandy beach in Sicily.

Camille, France
My last holiday were in Bolivia during one month with 2 friends. It's was amasing to meet the population, to discover all this increible landscape!! I could be forget this trip!!

Lili, Iran
If I had time and more important money, I would go around the World.Actually I would find the time for my dream if I had only money.

Sharath Chandra, India
Yes, recently I had been to Papikondalu, located in Khammam District of Andhra pradesh, India. This is the place where the Godavari river makes its way to the Bay of Bengal amidst mountains. This is a beautiful place and a perfect holiday spot. The best time to Visit this place is in the month of November and December in the Winter Season.

Jackie, Korea
Absolutely. On Arbor day, our family had a fabulous time, planting the baby trees to celebrate the birth of my niece.

Ernesto, Chile
My ideal holiday is anywhere with tropical weather a beach with golden sand and warm water sea. If there are some palm trees it would be even better.

Beb, France
Last week, I went to Switzerland for a few days. I ate good cheese, white chocolate and drank beer. I also visited a lot of small villages and castles.

Asia, Poland
A few years ago I spent my holiday in Geneve, Swiss. I sightseeing this town and beautiful places there. I visited CERN, I met there a lot of interesting poeple. It was one of my good holiday.But I am dreaming all time to spend a holiday in Greece.

Fortuno, Spain
If I had little money and a lot of time, I would travel around the word, but if I had not time but I had money, I wouldn't travel around the world

Veronica, Colombia
I was on a little Easter holiday. I stayed in home and began to plan my real holiday on July.

Endy, Hong Kong
Of course, We have the Easter holiday.I make use of the holiday to ease off myself.I am a student and I am under stress from study and relationship with friends.It's a good chance to relax.I feel it's so powerful.

I went to Scotland to visit Edinburg castle last winter.My first impression is the enourmous ancient castle which is on the top of the high hill in centre of the town. My friend and I used some sigh-seeing bus for touring around Edinburg.It was a good time for me.

Lee, Thailand
If I had money and time. I would like to travel all part of Thailand with my mom and my brother .Wellcome to Thailand (the land of smile)

Elenice, Brazil
Yes, I had been a holiday recently. The Easter holiday and It had a good to stay with my family.

Jonid, Albania
My most beautiful holiday was last summer when I was in Turkey whith my family.I had a good time there. It was a dream for me.

Poon, Macao
If I had money and time, I would go to Maldives, enjoy that beach and sunny, and then Japan, Europe¦

Marianna, Slovakia
Ideal holiday should last as long as you enjoy the place, the company and the activity. Maybe one of the parameters could be satosfactory enough.

L Thy Má, Viet Nam
My original country is Hoi An, Quang Nam with a beautiful beach. And now it's also an tourist ancient city. So if i has the time and money, i would go to HoiAn, DaNang, at this time i'd swim and took the sun under the green coconut trees. oh i hope my wish will come true ^^

Jeff, Hong Kong
If I had enough money and time, I would surely go to Switzerland. I would like to try the delicious chocolate there.

Alvin, Vietnam
It's been years since my last holiday. At first it's because I didn't have enough money for both a holiday and the... bills. Then I got a better job, but i don't travel much with my colleagues, because they often drink a lot and play cards, which i don't like. If I had the time and money, I would take my back pack and travel around my country, just for fun and taking photos (I like taking photos of people and nice scenes).

Wonkyoung, South Korea
Yes, I did.Last summer I went to London again about for 10days. U.K. is my second spiritual hometown. So, If I had a great chance for my whole life, I would go there to serve my spiritual families and the people who are given to me.That's why I'm preparing right now.

Jean, Vietnam
My dream land is Holland.I myself love grassland, and in my mind, Holland is the heaven of grassland.I wish I could get there with my beloved, we will spend a whole day lying on the grass, enjoying the smell of the green grass, the sound of the wind and the heat of the Sun. So peaceful.I definitely go there, in the next 3 years.

Pazu, South of Korea
I visited one of old capital city (Kyung Ju) in south part of Korea last summer. It was old capital city of "Shila & United Shila" for 1000 years. I never saw such oldest capital city in the world history,except for Rome. I think the city has all kind of historical remains (big king and royal family's tombs, tower, Buddhism temples, museum & garden. I felt our ancestor's breath while I was touring. Especially, it was good memory to ride on boat at lake.

Sawek, Poland
If I had the time and money, I would go to England for a year not only for holiday but to pratice English too.

George, Spain
I was recently in a mountain camping to climb several summits.I really love mountains. So, If I had enough money to travel, I'd go to Nepal to visit the Himalaya and Tibet

Magda, Poland
If I had money, I'd travel to Africa and Scotland :)

Imge, Turkey
if I had the time and money,i would go Italy.because this country's foods are very delicious.we Turks don't eat sushi or row meat,so Italian foods are suitable for our taste.Turkish food culture and Italian food culture are similar.Another reason is Italian boys are very handsome.=) I love Italy. <3

Claire, Taiwan
If I win a million US dollars, I will buy an island and travel around the world untill I feel tired and go back to my island as retiredment.

Pitaiven, Venezuela
What an amazing question, the time and money for a holiday, none,s available over here. But if I had them I would take a longtime tour through the caribic islands with a steady warm weather where you can go on beach daily and have a fantastic surfing on the rough sea with its breaking high waves and wave-tubes as long as the whole lenght of the beach. Besides, there is a lot of exotics in populations and cultures which need an attentive exploration. The last holiday I,ve been on was a week long trip into the midland of my homeland. It was very restful, an excellent hotel, a good sercvice, I had a very good time there.

Themis, Greece
The last time I was on holiday it was in Bretagne (north France) with my family. I had a fantastic time because I visited all the important sights and monuments in the region such as Le mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo etc and I enjoyed the French cusine and hospitality.

Joy, Taiwan
wow, Rome is good place for my holiday, i would like to spend all my holiday time to rest in this city. of course if i had the time and money enough..!

Lara, Italy
Last summer my boyfriend and I went to some greek islands, i.e. Paros, Naxos and Santorini...just the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen! The sunset you can admire on Santorini is unique! And there are still lots of desert beaches with white sand and green water...If I had the money, I would travel across the whole world. But if I had to make a choice, I'd visit Japan, Russia, Madagascar, the Scandinavian countries, and the USA.

Wendy, Hong Kong
I haven't been on holiday for years. If I had the time and money, I would like to go to Australia, American or Japan for a holiday.

Tatiana, Russia
I've just come back from Egypt.It was wonderful time! But if I had choice I'd better go to England.

If i had money, i would like to go some anciant countries such as Greek.recently i have been in Oslo-Norway,i spent pleasure time with my classmate there.

Ana, Spain
If I had time and money I would go to Africa . When I can, I travel a lot and I'd visit some differents countries in Europe, America and Asia also .Last week I´d visit Provence in France and it had been a very pleasant trip . I´d spent only five days in and it isn´t enough time to visit all the places which are interestings.

Jean Marie, France
The last time we took a short holiday was in Provence (south France). Cote d'azur being not far from Provence we decided to go there for a couple of days. I hadn't realized there would be so many people. We drove many hours, we didn't ever have a chance to find a free parking area hence we stayed half a day in the car and then decided to come back in our villa. If I were you I wouldn't take summer holidays on the Mediterranean coast. If I had the agreement of our children we might rent a big house for the whole family. Sure, it would be in a quite desert country and could be for a fortnight or so an opportunity to remember all our good summer holidays, even the bad! But if we had to talk about the worst one, we would take it easy.

Hung, Vietnam
if i had money i would go to Manchester, England. it was my childhood dream and now i will make it true if i can.

Jukka, Finland
If I had money and time, I would go to K-pax.

Mariam Saif, UAE
If I had the time and money, I would visit, I will visit several place like Japan, South Korea and Sweetzerlanda.Ijust like traveling.And i would like to enjoy beautilful landscape with my family.

Kim, South Korea
If I had the big money and time, I'd go to Africa. And I'd travel all around Africa by car. ( I like bicycle but I think it's a little dangerous :( )And I'd travel all around the world and meet many people.

Luciane, Brazil
I would visit Canada, If I had money.

Philip, Hong Kong
I so expect to go to New Zealand, If I had the time and money.In the recent, I have my Easter hoilday in my hometown.It is a little district.Although my hometown was not better than New Zealand, but I felt so happy to stay here,too.It is because it is my hometown that i bornd in here.It make me feel relaxing.

Flora Tsoi, Hong Kong
In HongKong,students have the Easter Holiday which is about 2 weeks.I spent my Easter Holiday travelling to Qingdao that is a beautiful city in China.My grandparent are living in that city and they were glad to see me and my little brother.This holiday is a happy time for me.If I had time and money , I'd like to go to visit my grandparent again . I feel relaxed when I live with them .

Vovo, Hong Kong
I like traveling! If i have the time and money, i would go to Japan for a holiday. Because the view of Japan is beatiful and I want to shopping there.Recently, I have been Macau. I found that there were many handsome boys there. The building were classical and ihad visited some churchs.The colour of taxi is black.It's amazing.The end, I brough a lot of fire pork and cakes to my parents and friend.

If I had the time and money, I would go to Japan .There are trendy and fashionable city.I will visit the Fuji and have a hot spring.Besides,I go to shopping with my friends and buy some hand letter.

If I had the time and money, I would go to Guangzhou for a holiday Because I want to shopping there.My foreign teacher told me that he buy many things in Guangzhou and then sale them in Australia in the plea market.It can eran another money for my next trip!

Katy, Hong Kong
If I had the time and money,I would go to Newzealand.It's because I know that there are many beaches.All the beaches are clean and beautiful.I like swimming so I want to go to there.Also I didn't haven't been there,so there is a new place to visit.

Amy Yau, Hong Kong
If I had the time and money, I would go to Japan. It is wondenful. There are fashion things in Japan. Also, Japan girl is lovely. I love Japan!

Winnie, Hong Kong
If I had the time and money, I would go to Tai Wan.Why? It's because there were many different kind foods.Moreover I can shopping in there.There was cheaper than Hong Kong.Such as T-shirt ,jean..ect

Bunny, Hong Kong
If I had money I would go to Thailand.But I would not go there now.Because I must be care of my personnal safety.I want to go to Tailand because there have many different things.To my own, I feel so novelty.

Adeline, Hong Kong
If i have time and money,i will go to Japan,because i like it very much.Japan is so beautiful.If i go to there,i will buy some thing...and i have time,i would go to see cherry blossoms.I like it very much.And go there with my family,i want to share with them.

Alex, Hong Kong
I will go to Egypt if i had the time and money.It was because the view of beautiful and i feel to be curious about the mummy and the Pharaoh so i want to visit Pyramid in Egypt.

LamLam, Hong Kong
If I had the time and money, I would go to japan for a holiday.I bought many things.I saw beautiful flowers in winter.

Cindy, Hong Kong
If I have timeand money,I would go to Japan.Recently,I went to Tai wan.There are many different food.I thing I fatter then before go there.And there are so much handsome boy.I met few of them.And got their MSN.I was very happy after the trip.

If i had he time and money i will go to the Prague to me holiday.. because i think prague is a beatiful place and the building all is i think i will go to the prague!!

Yuko, Hong Kong
If I have money I would go to Japan.Because I think Japan is a very clean country and the view is very becautiful,the people is very nice and polite.Japan is the polite of the country.Then,I am very like eat Japnese food and anything about of the Japan.

Eva, Costa Rica
If I had lots of money I would definitely go to New York. I'd buy tons of cloths and visit the best restaurants!!! :-D

Gakhan, Turkey
if I had money and time I would go u.k for a holiday.I have not been on holiday recently. last time I have gone ketehya which city of turkey and next to capital city ankara.

Darcl, Brazil
I'd like to visit Greek Islands and Istambul. But to travel to any place is very good.

If I would have money and time to travel, I would like go Where I´ll be able to help people to be better situation.

Sisi, Cuba
if I had the time and money I 'd like to visit many contries with famous monument around the world and also, I 'd visit Espain, I have many friends there.

Jaime, Chile
I love travelling, If I had a lot of money and time I would live in London. It is very nice place to visit all the time, beside the british are kind and polite person.

Elisa, Italy
I have been on holiday to Paris and I enjoyed it.

Lisa, Hong Kong
I do love travelling.I had a long holiday recently.I visited to Shang Hai with my family in this holidad.Shang Hai is a big and beautiful city.I visited and appreciated a lot of scenery.It was extremely great.We took many photos.I did like it.Although I felt very exhausted,I was quite delighted.

Vu Hai, Vietnam
I really do not understand why not we use "If I had time, and also money", instead of using "If I had the time, and also the money". I think that using "If I had time, and also money" is better. Because we do not know what kind of time it is, and what kind of money it is. Could the BBC help me solve this problem. Thank you very much!

Kavitha, India
If i had money, i would go to Shiridi

Kenny, Jeju Island, Korea
If I had the time and money, I would go to Canada for learning English.

MrStone, Vietnam
If I had the money and time, I would take a round the world. It must be great. I would have chances to be in the most beautiful regions on the earth. Furthermore, I would try many kinds of dishes of each land where there was my footprint. My latest holiday was in the July last year. It was a internal visit. Our destination is at the middle of Vietnam. It is a wonderful beach and well-known about the seafoods. It's not only cheap but also delicious. Sometimes, the feeling of eating seafood and getting some drinks (almost is beer) still appears in my memory :-)!

Betty Leung, Hong Kong
No, I haven't been on holiday recently. If I have money and time, I would go to England to travel. It's because I want to improve my English in England. Moreover, I wany to exchange more cultures. I can go there to eat some delicious food. However, hope I can go there. Hope I will have a good time.

It's a very beautiful island. It's an ideal place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Jose, Spain
If I had the time and money, I would go to Spain

Fabio, Brazil
I d like to improve my english talking with someone in a different country of mine. BBC LEARNING ENGLISH WRITES: Hi Fabio. You can join our Message Board if you want to talk to other people, but we can't let you leave your email address here. Sorry.

Jane, China
If I got a chance to travle abroad, I might go to SWeden. I am very fascinated with Scandinavian landcape.

Luis Emmanuel, Brazil
My country is big and beautiful,I live in Joo Pessoa,Paraba,northwest of Brazil, if I had money I would to Amazon, north of Brazil.

Imen, Tunisia
If I had enough money,I'd travel all over the world by boat and a small truck to discover more things about our beautiful planet and to know more about foreign cultures and civilizations.If that happened,it'd be an ideal holiday for me

Valerie, Hong Kong
If I had the time and plenty of money, I would go to Paris. If I was in Paris, I would visit la Tour Eiffel.

Carlos, Spain
I would go to Norway if I had spare time. I wish can go someday!

Francisco, Colombia
If I had the money, I'd visit London to practice my English and see the British Museum. It would be exiting!

Haliang, China
If I had the time and money, I would stay in a coastal city such as Hainan. Because I like sea very much, I feel relaxed when I stand in front of the sea.

Ela, Germany
Hello, if I had more time and money, I would like to visit Syria, Japan and New Zealand. And I would like to visit big cities: Barcelona, Rome, Lissabon.

Marianna, Hungary
If I had money and time, I would go to London. Last year I was in London to study English. But it doesn't manage, but I love London and I wanna go there again.

Anna, Poland
If I had money and time I would go to the gorgeous mountain Karpaty.

Xiang, China
if i had money and time,i would pay a visit to taiwan. although i think hardly why i want to go to there, i can not find a reason.maybe just because taiwan is a part of china and i have not been there.

Ventura, Hong Kong
Yes,I have. I went to Jiang Si with my parentsand my auntie and uncle. Yes, I did have a good time, I make many friends in the trip and I saw many thing that I haven't seen before.

James Li, China
If I had the time and money, I would go the the Northern part of my country. I am totally attracted by its history and culture. I especially want to go the Lan Zhou and Silk Road. Friends think i am a jerk who always want to go to these poor places. However, to go there is as much important as to go european and American countries for me.

Maiza, Brazil
If I had time and money, I would go to Fernando de Noronha island.

Phuong, Vietnam
If I had the time and money, I would go to the American. I want to vist my relatives as well as have an interesting tour in the biggest country.

Lori, Italy
If I had money I would go to New York

Roya, Iran
yes,i was in usa recently.i had very plesanttime with my freinde in losangles.if i had money and time i would like to go to the all of the world ,because i like taravel very mach.

Silvia, Spain
I love travelling.On the hand, I like to visit places with a lot of monuments, museums and so on. But, on the other hand, I like to go to the mountains and the beach. In general, I feel attracted to the idea of knowing new places, traditions, languages and people.

Ho, Vietnam
I have just pass Lunar new year in Da Nang city.if i had much money and time, i would go to Korea and Shanghai, China where save alot of history note.

Ramya, India
If I had the time, I would go to my native which is village in a corner of INDIA. It is a greenery palace. It will be very lovely to see sunset and sunrise in the open ground and the green leaves will be glittering in the yellow sunlight. The village is surrounded by mountains which will also add beauty to the sunset/sunrise. Now I am in metropolitan city where I miss all these things.

Elva, Taiwan
If I had the time and money,I would like to visit Finland,Santa Claus Village and watch northern lights as well.

Javi, Spain
My ideal holiday, It would be go to New Zeland. My interest in this country is for the movie "Lord of rings". I think that is a unic country diferent. But the problem if you want to do this travel, it's you need time and money

Quy, Vietnam
If I had the time anh money I would go to Dalat on 30/4

Jolly, India
I would like to visit TAJ MAHAL{symbole of love} of India if i had the time and money.

Terry, Australia
If I had the money and also the time, I would go to China and Japan. I'd like to learn their mysterious culture and meet different kinds of people there as well as try their delicious food. lol~~

Rigoberto, Costa Rica
For a holiday, If I had the money I would go to visit Israel and Jerusalem.

Jacky, Taiwan
I'd go to U.K. again to visit some my old friends If I had time. In addition, If I had lots of money, I would visit some famous resorts around the world.

Ana Elizabeth, Brazil
If I had the time and money, I would go to Vancouver. I would take a walk in Stanley Park and I would visit the Aquarium Marine Science Centre.

Tangtang, China
If I had the time and money,I would go to Canada for a holiday.In Canada,I would enjoy the beautilful landscape and their diversity culture. And I would have a wounderful time with my boyfriend.

Chrysan, China
if i had the enough money and time which are not public holidays,i would traval around the extremely unique spots both domestically and abroad.

Tom, Japan
If i had the time and money,I want to watch the game of 2009 UEFA Champions League Final in Rome.I hope it's Man. United VS Barcelona.

Hyunjoo, Korea
I would go to Taiwan for a holiday:)

Claiton Roque
If I had time and money, I would go to Rio de Janeiro. Over there I would go to Copacabana the best beach.

Thienloi, Vietnam
If I had the time also the money, I would go one country of EURO for a holiday. I hear a lot of about the beautiful of euro countries, especially about the sculpture and the art. I have two holidays per year, one on dry season and one on rainy season. My last holiday was dry season holiday. I took a long trip to one of the most beautiful beach in my country ( also around the world ). It was excellent time with reading book and swimming all the time.

Yuki, Japan
If I had the enough money to fly to England from Japan, I'd visit my ex-host-family living in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. I'd love to see them again, and especially in this season, the place is worth to visit.

Campbell, Taiwan
I have been to Australia on holiday recently,I travelled to Brisbane,Sydney,Melbourne and Tasmania,I had a wonderful time in Australia.If I had enough money,I would stay there for study languag and master.

Shahnoza, Uzbekistan
my dream is to make travel around the world,so now I in Malta learlning English. it so nice to know foreign languages.

Abdalrhman, Libya
actually , I have not been on holiday , because I have been studying English language since 7th of October , and I am thinking for one next Christmas , but on my country with my family , It so hard to spend a long time a broad , I am used on my family and my friends so much . Many thanks

Charly, Philippines
Since I am working here in the middle east. I go for my holiday at least every six months in my home country. So, definitely I always spend my leave days back home. Last Christmas I spent my vacation in the Philippines together with my twin daughters. Absolutely I had a great time with them, being a mother I make it a point that I am with them to fill up those lost moments. We had fun together in the swimming pool and we went also to my parents place which is 8 hours away from our house. We stayed there for approximately 2 weeks and had time with our relatives. It was one of the happiest moments we had together. I can't forget every afternoon we will play together in the open field of the farm.

Sam, Brazil
I would go to London, learn about their culture and know some new beatiful places.

Eco, New Zealand
If I had the time and money, first I'd go to my home in Japan for taking my belongings! And next I'd go to Germany for meeting my friends.

Khaled, Egypt

Chris, Germany
If I had enough time and money I would go to the USA, especially to the South Coast.I would enjoy some days in the busy city of Las Vegas with all its shows and its beautiful hotels and wedding chapels Perhaps I'll make some money there, too. Then I'll be interested in the beauty of the landscapes in the National Parks near by.

Song, South Korea
I'd be absolutely happy with my girl friend whenever we are, or whatever we want to do on holiday.Unfortunately, however, I have not had a good time during a couple of holidays recently. It is because I do not have a girl friend.

Marcela, Prague, Czech Republic
If I had the money and time, I would go through the world by my bicycle. I believe one day I will have both time and money enough and still luck and courage and really will go.

Laura, Spain
If I had the time and the money I would travel around the world on a yatch.

Beatriz, Argentina
Yes, I've been on holiday recently. I had a very good time. I was in La Falda, Cordoba, Argentina. If I had money and time I'd visit Europe.

Vivien, Hungary
If I had time, I would go to Rome, 'cause this town is my favorite. I would stayed for a month, at least. And If I had enough money, I would do nothing at all in Rome, I wouldn't work, I wouldn't study, just walk, and eat and drink amazing drinks, for example Chianti Classico or Fragolino...Moreover: if I were worth a million, I moved to Rome... :-)

Mai, Egypt
I love Japan and would like to visit it.

Krzysztof, Poland
If I had the time and money, I would visit my friend in Berlin.

Filippo, Italy
I would like to visit several place of the world like Moscow and California during my life.For this summer I hope to have a wonderful holiday with my friends.

Jawad, Lebanon
If i had the time and money,i would go to italy and especially vinees,where i can enjoy the river that flow between the houses.

Helen, Russia
If I had the time and money, I would go to Ireland. I've been there last year and now I'd like be there else.

I would visit Asian continent. It's my dream for a long time. I'd discover many different countries such as thailand, maylasia, indonesia, cambodia, laos and vietnam. If I had the time, i'd like to visit a part of China too. It would be a great trip!

Ale, Italy
Again, listening Flatmates is becoming easier, I don't know why...My perfect holiday would be with friends, visiting museums and beautiful places. I would let someone else choose the destination and I would enjoy the surprise.Two months ago I spent few days in Florence and I had a very good time. I saw David by Michelangelo, I couldn't imagine it was so huge and realistic, in every detail. When people in Florence drove out Medici, their lords , they put David outside the Palazzo della Signoria, the seat of republic government. So David looked after freedom and his sling was ready to hit Medici, if the family had come back.

Valeria, Argentina
If I had the time and money, I would like visit China! I would try all the chinese food!

Laura, Brazil
I´d go anywhere with my family...because I really like to be near them!!! Besides I think that we would really enjoy ourselves and learn many things going out of home

Vu Hai, Vietnam
If I had the time and also the money, I would take a tour all around the world with my sweetheart. Because it would be very interesting if you went somewhere outside your country, especially with your love. I could visit several countries, learn about their cultures, know something that I had never seen before, make new friends, and so on. After that, I would tell the BBC what I had experienced and continue talking about what I would do next.

Ivan, Russia
If I were in London, I would speak more fluent!:)

If I had money, I would go to Thailand. That would be great:)

Sainaa, Mongolia
I haven`t any time and money. I try to learn english my best. Because i want to travel and study in The USA. France. London. Liverpool.

Recently, i went to italy and i had a lot of good time with my best friend Karine. I went to Milan and saw some beautiful monument! i took the metro and did shopping!

Luscinia, Brazil
My ideal holiday: I would pass the New Year Eve in New York.

Laura, Romania
If I had the time and money, I would go China or London. There I would study their culture and languag. Also I would have fun, enjoy myself and make new friends.

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