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Episode 187: Language Point

Alice and Khalid in the sitting room

People who work in hairdressing

person who cuts and styles people's hair, usually in a special shop, called a hairdresser's
Example: Amy's a great hairdresser. She always cuts my hair in a way that suits my face.

person who cuts men's hair and trims beards and moustaches, usually in a special shop, called a barber's
Example: If it's a special occasion he'll go to his barber for a trim, otherwise he just cuts his hair himself.

person who usually works in a hairdresser's and who styles people's hair by cutting it, shaping it, colouring it etc
Example: The stylist completely changed how Beth looked. Now her wavy hair is completely straight.

Ways you can style your hair / get your hair styled

straighten your hair / get your hair straightened
make your hair straight, often by using straighteners, an electrical appliance
Example: My mum used to straighten her hair by ironing it! It's much easier nowadays with straighteners.

dye your hair / get your hair dyed
change the colour or shade of your hair by using dye (natural or chemical substance which changes the colour of your hair)
Example: I've always wanted to be blonde but I'm too frightened to dye my hair. My mum would kill me!

bleach your hair / get your hair bleached
make your hair blonde by using bleach (a strong chemical) to remove its natural colour
Example: Marilyn Monroe is one of the world's most famous blondes. Lots of woman want to bleach their hair to try to look like her.

do your roots / get your roots done
make your recently grown hair match the dyed shade of the rest of your hair
Example: No-one's going to believe you're a dark-haired beauty with all that grey showing mum! You really should go to the hairdresser's this weekend and get your roots done.

Expressions to use at the hairdresser's or barber's

a cut and blow-dry
your hair is cut and, after it has been washed, it is dried with a hair-dryer
Example: I'd like a cut and blow-dry please.

a trim
when you aren't given a new hair style but when only a small amount (a centimetre or two) of hair is cut off
Example: I'm trying to grow my hair just now so I just want a trim please.

a short, back and sides (old-fashioned) / short all over
a hairstyle for men in which the hair is cut short at the back and sides, showing the ears
Example: The summer's here, so I'd like it short all over please.
Example: Now that the weather is getting hotter, could I have a short, back and sides please?


catching up
talking to someone you haven't seen for a long time and hearing their news
paying good money
spending an amount of money that someone (here, Alice) thinks is large
You've lost me
I don't understand what you're talking about
steady hands
hands that are stable, that don't shake (when I am nervous or frightened)

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