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Episode 186: Talk

Tim in the cafe

Your best boss

Tim and Sally are talking about different management styles.

How do you like to be managed? What kind of boss do you like best - a strict one, an easy one, one who will teach you new ways of working or someone to look up to (someone you respect)?

Tell us about you best or worst boss.

This topic has now closed. Thanks for all your comments.

Elly, South Korea
I prefer the boss who is able to encourge and support the worker's ability in work. Also, he or she should make a decision on some issues and problems properly and promptly. As a worker who is under the boss, it needs to have an exact rule and promptitude in the office. The wise boss, who has the abilities above, can manage all about the atmosphere and efficiency for work.

Bruno, Brazil
well, I think that a boss have to been a person who teach you, and help you in the job.

Luisa, Brazil
I've already had both kinds of bosses. At my last job, my obss had a top-down approach. He was very distant, we hardly ever talked and when we did, he was stupid and yelled at the employees.But now, I've got a good boss. She is very rich now, but in the past, she was as poor as a church mouse, therefore she's not conceited. I like her very much, because she is very friendly and consider us (workers) to take her decisions

Jacky, Germany
I have the best boss. He is intelligent, nice and always friendly. I'm his secretary, and I think we are a good team. The atmosphere at the office is very good. I like to be managed by a person who is respectable and reliable. Another important point for me is equity. A manager must not treat his employees in different ways. My boss is a directive type of manager, but he also likes to communicate and is open to suggestions. I can learn from him a lot. He is very strict in time management, and he is very self-disciplined.

Sonia Lucas, Portugal
Hello :)I prefer a boss with whom i can learn, someone i respect and i know i can talk easily. I love to work in a team and to have the possibility to share my ideas. But someone must be the leader and keep on in the right track, which sometimes is not easy. I love to learn so i´m open to other´s ideas. The diference to catch or not my attention, is how polite you are when you express yourself, so i respect a polite boss :)Cheers**Sonia Lucas

Olivia, France
To my mind, management is really important in any firm. A manager has to impulse some dynamism in the work team, and create by the way a sort of cohesion in the team. But also, the right manager has to defende the social and working rights of the employees of the company, in trying to obtain some improvements in the working conditions. So, for me, the best manager ever, is the less bossy possible!

Nguyen, Vietnam
i prefer the bottom up management style to the top down one. in that way , anyone of the staff can raise their voice to contribute to the business.moreover there won't be a lot of conflict betwween the manager and the staff because the decision are supported among the staff and they will follow the decision happily.i like a boss who is neither too strict nor too easy.he or she must be an open boss who will talk to me so i can learn a lot of experience from them.he or she must also listen to me ( and the staff ) so that we can understand one another more which will do good for our work.

Teresa, Spain
My worst boss was a nun. I'm a teacher. My first job were in a catholic colleage. It was managed for a nun. She was a remote and ugly person with the teachers and students.

Nicola, Italy
My best boss was my first boss. very approachable, open, affter all a very nice person. My worst one was the one before the last: impossible to work with him, very remote and not very expert about the job.

Mate Isle
Leadership qualities or management styles of a boss are right connected to his proficiency and its profoundness, the more his knowledge about his field the better his qualities in leadership or management. Then soon or later during a process which can be any kind of an occupation there´ll be a need on top down instructions for the subordinates especially at the beginning or in the early days after being taken on and only through easy understandable explanations the one will be in the position to fullfill what he´d been ordered to. If such an attribute´d be accopmlished by a bit decency and a portion generosity that´d make a boss realy respected and a favourite one. I once came under such a nice leadership and still think sweetly back to those fine times.

Irina, Ukraine
Actually, I had only one boss for now and he really was great. This was my first place of work and everything I did there was very unusual and strange for me. I had a wide variety of very different tasks, and sometimes they seemed almost impracticable. However, looking back now I can say that I've got really wide experience and I would be able to work with any boss and fulfil any difficult tasks. To sum up, I'd like to note that my boss was approachable and ready to help you in case of trouble

Victoria, Singapore
The boss should have the listening ears to his subordinates.He should be a considerate person. It,discipline,is the good character for the boss. The boss must be respectable person. Then he can lead the team. He must be fair with every team member. He shouldn't side with anyone in the team. He should guide the newcomer to be able to catch up everything at the new workplace without pressing his subordinate.

well, i m a bit managed in my daily routines.i think a boss should nt b much strict as a rude behaviour.he must b more skilled n experienced then his employees n must have to know how to handle his employees,get tem on work in a friendly way.

Halima, Bangladesh
A nice topic indeed. I think nobody will prefer to have a strict boss. Of course I would like a boss who is respectable. But at the same time I would like to learn from him. The boss who always criticizes can never get the best output from the subordinates, because at that case they do not work by their heart. They do it out of fear. On the other hand too much praises are not always good, because this creates a confusing situation for the employee as he/she can not judge the quality of his/her work. So I think there should be a balance.

Yangbae Lee, Seoul, Korea
"How to become the boss everyone loves to praise rather than the boss everyone loves to hate."I think the good(best) boss should be treat every member respectfully and courteously at all time. Particularly when there is a problem, everyone who works is a valuable human being who deserves respect. A good manager is only as good as how she or he treats the people on her or his team.

Thien Loi, Vietnam
Well, it's one interesting affair . I worked for three companies since I graduated from university . The first boss is a good man. He taught us a lot. But the salary is not good. I left after 2 months . The second one was a strong man. He was very young . He was a dynamics guy . We did work with a lot of energy . I learned from him the integrity. "Do your work with your best and you will get the assessment from your boss" , said my boss . The third is one old man. He treats me well like my father . He takes care the young staff . He teaches us the life experience and many things . Thank to him , we become mature .

Shally, Australia
My boss is easy going and helpful. He has the technic and skills which are in need in day to day operations. He is not just listening but also give the solutions. Working for/with him, you feel that you are supported and you can lean new things, you will also have the confidence to take your own leadership.

I will go for easy one because i like boss who comes sweet to his employs.If boss will show us new ways of working or something,if we like his ideas then what will we do in his company we will go for his idea.

Minh, Vietnam
I have so many bosses, the biggest is a Londoner, he's very intelligent but anyway they always have conflict. Everyone has 2 sides and you have to learn from the best, of course nobody is perfect!

Thao, Vietnam
I expect my boss shall be tough and soft in the suitable circumstances.He shall be a team leader to give solutions and helpful advices in hard time. Beside that, he seems to be a brother to shield and teach us creative, smart ways of working.

Selin, Turkey
During my work life, I always work with woman managers. And I admit that both of them were strict one, and I feel unlucky about that. If I were a boss, I would try to be approachable, creativity, sensitive and integrity towards my employees. I hope that one day I would come across my dreaming boss-type.

Ernesto, Chile
I like bosses who are stricts, but at the same time open minded to listen employes ideas.My best boss is the one I have now. (You never know if he will read this, ;)

Rahaf, Syria
I don't like the strict managers although I can deal with these kinds of mangers. I like an easy manager who has sense of humor. I like the one who applies the rules and laws to all employs with fair way. I like the one who likes renewal and developing. I like the one who always gives promotions and rewards (hehehe). My boss in first job was so nice, understanding, and friendly. He loves teaching the newbies. He taught me new and good ways of working. I'm so grateful to him.

Wendy, Hong Kong
I prefer a manager who is very strict and down to earth style; someone that I really admire to rather than the one who is indecisive.

Slawek, France
To be a manager is very difficult : you have to be AMAZING boss and AMAZING friend!

Nabil, Saudi

Franz, Brazil
The best boss is that one who knows more than you (about the service).

Abhishek, India
I would like to have a Boss, who is approachable and knows how to fill his employees with work ethics.

Alberth, Venezuela
i definitely agree with Choi! if i had the opportunity i'd choose an easy one!!! i need a reasonable boss, someone who can understand his/her employees' necessities!

Renata, Brazil
A boss can be at the same time opened and repected. I prefer an approachable boss, because it's important to share ideas in order come to a solution. The kind of boss that is opened and respected is in my opinion the most admired.

Agnieszka, Poland
I like the most my boss -here in UK. He is expecting a lot but he is friendly as well. I really like to joke with him. Of course sometimes I hate him :)

Josephine, South Korea
I wanted to have open, approachable boss. But never happen to me.

Yes? actually I worked under a very strict boss. He was very bossy in all his ways.He never eccepts any errors and i think if u are working under presure of someone like very strick you do more mistakes.

Faranak, Iran
In my idea the bosses that have strict way can teach to employee better than easy one but they should encourge the employee as well that they can learn better and likes their duty.

Tahira Yasmin, Pakistan
I like a boss who should be craetive and has good communication and decision making skills otherwise it is daunting to accept such boss who can't convince his subordinates

Istiaque, Bangladesh
I like a boss who keeps trust on me. He must not keep me busy with office works all the time. & time to time he will like to have social chat wd me.Mr S.S. - he was just superb, smart & with cool personality; on the otherhand Mr T. was crazy who used to work 16/17 hours a day & wanted me to do the same.

Edwin Yong, Singapore
I prefer the laisser-faire style of manager who gives you more freedoom to manage your own work with your creativity. However, my current boss is not so capable that everyone under his supervision does not really respect him. Even if you are the manager, you have to show your competitiveness to others.

Delia Spain
I retired at that moment. but if I have to choose a kind of boss,I will choose an strict one becaouse I think you can learnt discipline and in some different ways is better for doing work weel.

Lara, Italy
My boss spends most of his time thinking about who can do his work for him and never gives any feedback...I'd rather prefer someone more strict but to look up to!!

Choi, Korea
Actually, it depend on the job and the view of each position. If I should choose one boss, I will pick the boss up who is easier and more friendly.

Monia, Italy
I would not like to be manage! I would like to be the boss!

Latifa, UAE
I would like to have a boss how teach me a new way for work some one who is not strict and not so easy.

Noel, Hong Kong
I don't like to be manager because of no leadership capacity. I think the boss has a vision on the development of the company ,collect the opinion from the colleauge and share their difficulties. The bottom can understand their determination. The top management can top down their decision.

Alaa, Saudi Arabia
My boss at work is very kindhearted, helpful,appreciate hard working, honest and well respected.But what i dont like about him that he allows himself to get late but doesnt allow they other to do so. When there are times he comes early the first thing to do is to mark the names of late comers with red lines.

Mariam Saif , UAE
As for me I want to be a boss but if that will happen i will choose easy one and friendly boss :)

Guthemberg, Brazil
I really appreciate a management style either approachable or bottom-up. He should be easy one. I don't image someone who might desire differently. Nonetheless, people with this kind of personality is not normally chosen as manager. In general, essential leadership qualities such as drive, dynamism and vision are likely unpredictable on manager cadidates.

Manal, Sudan
Someone you respect

Muna Ali , UAE
I know I am lazy so I need a strict manager .I think he or she will help me to be more serious,respect my time and not waste it on silly things .

Joan, China
As my points,we could not say the boss is a strict one or an easy one narrowly. It depends. Boss's management style should be flexible one.The best boss is the guider to his/her underlings and praise good performance at once and point bad performance strictly.The worst boss is the one who can do nothing is rude to all staff and to be angry to everything easily.

Jessica Soo
I like those who has leadership spirit, no bias, friendly and justice. I believe respect is earned and not by forced.

I prefer an easy/approachable boss, someone who you can talk to and suggest your opinions, but I believe too that this kind of boss doesn't run in the best way if you don´t have a responsible and mature team, because many people believe that an approachable boss is a weak boss, and try to abuse.

Nana Doha
I think manager should be strict,but not all the time. he must have the carisma of making people like him and respect him at the same time.For me I like to be managed,I do not have the ability to control.

Evelyne, France
I'd prefer an approchable manager, and my general manager is like that. it's very easy to work with her. I try to be an open manger, listen to people in my departement and have an bottom up approach. Few years ago when I was youngest I have to work with remote manager and it's very difficult for me .

Mesut Ulae
I think a strict one or an easy one is the same. A boss should be both like a friend and like a boss.

Marco, Italy
I have started to work from a few time. I'm happy for this new job, the collegues are really available and my boss follows me every time, giving me tips to grow successfully.

jean Marie, France
A boss who would have taught me new ways of working would have been the best. I do not think that a too easy or too strict one could be a good boss because an efficient manager should show nuances in his attitude, listen to his team and then, if necessary, impose his decision. The worst chief I ever had, was in military training, an officer who ordered me to take over an unprepared and out of my competence charge. I had to obey, and lead the task to bad consequences I had to take the entire responsibility of. Fortunately in the civil life I never met incompetent manager. They had a good judgement about the capacities of their staff and never launched unconsidered actions without bottom-up ideas.

Maurillo Rosa, Brazil
My best boss was a proven executive with more than 25 years of experience whose managed the whole aluminum distribution businees in South America.He was a result-oriented professional, visionary and had an incredible ability to build up team-works.

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