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Episode 186: Language Point

Tim in the cafe


Sally said to Tim "there are two very different management styles here." She means that she and Jack manage the cafe in different ways.Here is some more business vocabulary about management styles and leadership qualities.

Leadership qualities

a special power which some people have naturally which makes them able to influence other people and attract other people's attention, admiration and love
I heard the new president speak and she really does have a lot of charisma. People couldn't take their eyes off her.

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change
She is a woman of great integrity. When she was offered a deal that would have brought huge profits to the firm but that was very bad for the environment, she didn't hesitate to turn it down.

energy and determination to achieve things and make things happen He's got real drive. He's great at making sure projects get up and running and that they're completed.

the ability to continue trying to do something, even if it is difficult Without her determination I don't think the campaign will succeed.

the quality of having a lot of ideas and enthusiasm, of being energetic and forceful
She's a young manager with lots of dynamism. She's ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work!

the ability to imagine how a country, society, business etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way
We need someone who has vision and can help us find creative solutions to our problems.

being able to imagine, create or find original and unusual ideas
Her creativity is amazing. At meetings she always comes up with original and fresh ways of looking at things.

Management styles

when decisions are made by a few people in authority (at the top of the organisation) rather than by the people who are affected by the decisions
It's all very well asking everyone their opinions but sometimes you just need to take a top-down approach or nothing will get done.

when decisions are made by consulting and asking people who aren't managers or in charge of an organisation, and their ideas and thoughts influence decisions made at the top of the organisation
The firm is committed to an egalitarian way of working. We think that bottom-up ideas are much more likely to succeed.

distant / remote
a manager who makes decisions alone or with other managers only and who communicates with employees in a one-way fashion
She's a very distant manager. I don't think I've ever seen her eating in the canteen with the rest of us. She doesn't think that managers and workers should mix.

open / approachable
a manager who makes is easy to talk to and who communicates with employees in a two-way fashion (i.e. s/he talks as well as listens)
I like to think that I'm a very approachable manager. If you've got any problems, remember my door is always open.


stranger (humorous)

said to someone you know but haven't seen for a long time

management styles
ways that managers manage people and projects in a working environment
the likes of us
people like us

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