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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Is it really?

Is it really New Year's Eve again? Yes it is! I'm sure it didn't use to happen as often as this, did it? It won't be long before the clock strikes twelve and we embark on another new year.

It's been a great pleasure to take part in this blog again, and to read contributions from fellow-bloggers old and new. The experience has reminded me just what a marvellous resource this is - I really wish I was learning English, so that I could make full use of it!

Anyway, very best wishes to all of you - for your English, and for all your other ventures in the coming year.



i wish a happy new year for all people where ever they are

Hello Jonathan! I wish the same for you. You are absolutely right, it's a wonderful learning resource. If we were looking for some institutions to learn English we would still not be that fortunate as we are here. On this website we have not only been able communicate and learn but we have been able to meet such experienced teachers who are eager to teach us like our friends. Best wishes, Naheed

Hi Jonathan Happy new year 2010 !It was all too nice to hear from you . HOPE TO CATCH UP WITH YOU IN NEXT OPEN BLOG . Have fun and enjoy your life . bye

Hi Jonathan, It has been a great and interesting month for me to follow you and the teachers' posts. Thank you very much for having shared your intriquing and very informative train joneys with us. I whis you and your wife all the best.

Yes Jonathan, it's really...been the very Eve, which was the last of the 'naughty' decade. There's been really a quantitative teasing at the end of it, due to the recession. On looking back, this decade, however, gave us very interesting terms throughtout its run, for instance the normal mail might be introduced as the term 'Snail'. To google seems more heavier than to look up, 'Cyber' as an almighty adjective... Reading your blog i enjoyed how you're still open to say, “Yes i like to be an English-Learner'', whereas you as an English teacher rests certainly far beyond the line that a learner like me could always be striving to be at. To be serious, i think a commitment to life-long-learning is like to be in a contest, which one would rather like to take part in than to win it. There are really very good tips and tools on the BBC LE Website, which, using usually, could let one feel becoming no-nonsense pupil alike.

Hello, Jonathan. On the 7 December you wrote: « The highest section of the route runs in a LONG, LONG, LONG tunnel. » On the 14 December there was « it's really easy to get HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. »  On 21 December it was the turn of BECAUSE, on 26 « I WANT TO TELL YOU » and on 31 « IT WON'T BE LONG ». I think your Beatles song titles were well hidden. Have a good New Year.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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