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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Fortune telling fish

Hello everyone!

It’s just turned Christmas Eve, it’s snowing heavily in York and the temperature outside is about minus six degrees centigrade – I’m so excited!

Earlier today I went into York to buy stocking fillers for Rian (15) and Clara (12). Some of you might remember Clara from the videos she made for the BBC LE blog earlier this year. On Christmas Eve, they put a stocking (it’s actually just an ordinary knee-high sock) out at the end of their bed. When they wake up, the sock has magically been filled by Father Christmas. ‘Stocking filler’ presents are usually small, fairly cheap (and often silly).

My favourite stocking filler present is a ‘fortune teller fish’ (cost: 20 pence); a piece of thin red plastic in the shape of a fish that curls up when you put it in the palm of your hand. Depending on which part of the fish’s body curls, you are predicted to be either: jealous, indifferent, in love, fickle, false or passionate. I have bought a fortune teller fish each for Rian and Clara (don’t tell them!).

Before I left to buy the stocking fillers, I asked Rian and Clara to make a short video of the snow, so that I could use it for this blog. When I got back, they’d both forgotten to do it, but Clara rushed outside with a torch and made this very boring (sorry Clara!) film of the snow on our rubbish bins:

Clara talking about the snow

If you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope you enjoy it! I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your blogs and comments, and seeing your photos. Thank you!

Happy Christmas!

Rachel W.

jealous (adj) = (in the context of feelings for another person) worried that the person you like might like someone else more than they like you

indifferent (adj) = not caring, not interested (in another person)

fickle (adj) = likely to change, not stable

passionate (adj) = having strong (usually positive) feelings or intense emotions


Rachel, I was pleased to read that you have a white Christmas!

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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