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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Picture Gallery

I promised you a few more photos. Here they are:

My fantasy day driving an Aston Martin at Silverstone, in November.

We bought these dolls in Prague, in 1978. They're made of dried grasses. We place them at the base of our Christmas tree every year.

Lucy and I found this lovely carved figure in a street market in Moscow at Christmas, 2003.

Me and my 21 year-old daughter on her birthday, at Pittenweem, near St Andrews, in Scotland, where Lucy is now a third year undergraduate.

Lucy and her friends call this 'Extreme Gowning'. St Andrews's academic gown is, as you can see, bright scarlet (with a dark purple velvet yoke). Extreme Gowning involves being photographed in an 'extreme' location, wearing your gown. I think it's supposed to be fun!


Hi stephen, correct me if I wrongly call your name, there is no name of the blogger. About the gown, to be a tradition of wearing a academic gown and standing on such extreme location would be unique and unforgettable. Best wishes, James.

Hi Stephan, Happy Christmas and New year 2010 to you and Lucy. Thank you for honoring your promise for post of Christmas related pictures. I liked very much the wood carved figure. Alas ! Had you purchased 2 pieces, I would have put my hat before you. I am astonished to see the grass dolls preserved since 30 years for placement in the base of Christmas Tree every year. My 8 year daughter always waits Christmas impatiently as it provides her an opportunity to dance with Santa Clauze and get lot of suger-candies, cold drinks, chocolates. Lamination of bazaar attracts everyone. I alongwith my family always spare time to visit Church to remember and pay obeisance to Christ Jesus. Have a nice day. Thanks

Hello Stephen! Wow! Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos with us. Driving an Aston Martin at Silverstone this is, without a shadow of a doubt, an unforgettable experience. Would you mind if I correct the description of your second picture? Those dolls are not made from dried grasses, they are made from dried maize leaves. I can make them myself, too. Wishing you and your lovely daughter a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The carved figure is lovely. I think it reminds of you on the photo just under. You don't have a beard, but the general expression of good-will is the same. Lucy has grown since we last saw her, she looks lady-like now. Thank you for the photos.

OK, Anita. Thank you so much for the correction. I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether it was grass, leaves or some other 'stuff'. I even wondered whether it might be palm leaves but as soon as I read your comment I realised that of course they are maize leaves. Much obliged! Many thanks!

Hi Stephen! Here I am armed with my dictionary! You've guessed I'm not confident about my ability. First of all I give Lucy a very warm welcome home (Sorry I'm late! Happy Lucia and happy birthday! What about St Andrews? We all entered "A"-level hell in 2007!). Then, Stephen, thank you very much for posting your nice photo-gallery. I actually don't like driving, but a half-day at Silverston driving an Aston Martin looks to be a really exciting experience. The dolls from Prague bring back memories of a lot of happy moments. The carved figure from Moscow smiles peaceful and sweetly at us and Lucy shows a lot of promise as a successful girl with her fantastic 21 years and her St Andrews's academic gown. My nephew Renzo and my niece Giulia are now living in the UK. Renzo is 26 years old and got involved in a PhD program at University of Surrey; he'd been working hard with the Silicon Photonics Group. If you like to see him, you can find a photo on University website. Giulia is 22 years old and studies English and German at University of Milano. Last September she started a study's period of nine months at University of Birmingham. She is really enthusiastic about it. I'm so glad they're having experience of living abroad and meeting people from all over the world. I will stop now. I want to wish you, Lucy and all your friends a Merry Christmas. With very best wishes Giuseppina

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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