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Friday, 11 December 2009

Busy busy busy

Hello again,

Phewf I am exhausted. I've had such a busy week with deadlines flying all over the place, Oslo's birthday, a party to plan, Christmas presents to organise, cakes to decorate and forty four balloons to blow up! But it's all fine. I've met my deadlines, we had a lovely day on Oslo's birthday, the party is planned, the Christmas presents are (mostly) organised, the cakes look fab and the balloons are hanging up in our kitchen ready for the party tomorrow. And here I am :-)

In the middle of all this madness I managed to fit in a quick trip to the cinema last night to see the film Bright Star. Have any of you seen it or heard of it? I had been wanting to see it for ages and finally it came to the cinema in Frome, where I live. It's a very small cinema so it doesn't always show every film I want to see but it's pretty good. It's one of the last cinemas in England to have a licensed bar so you can enjoy a glass of wine while you watch a film. Very nice. It's family run and it has quite a retro feeling about it. After the advertisements the curtains on the screen close and a lady comes out selling ice creams before the main film begins. Frome is quite an odd town in some ways because it has a real mix of people and my neighbour and I were discussing how the cinema somehow manages to cater for everyone. For example, the other day they were showing an old classic film in the morning, a kids cartoon in the afternoon and one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the evening. Not bad.

Anyway. Back to Bright Star. It's by the same director who made The Piano many years ago, a beautiful film set in the gorgeous New Zealand. The actress who played the little girl won an Oscar (the biggest American film awards). I think she was only nine when she won it. Anyway, Bright Star is about the poet John Keats and his love affair with a girl called Fanny Brawne. I absolutely loved it, I loved the gorgeous period costumes and the fantastic cinematography. However, my two friends who I went to see it with didn't like it at all! One of them said she thought it was very boring. I was so surprised as I had been so absorbed in the whole thing it didn't even occur to me that anyone could possibly not like it! Anyway… I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has seen it and whether they liked it or not.

Have a look at John Keats' poem The Human Seasons… you'll be able to find it on Google I expect. What do you think it's about? I'll tell you what I think it's about in my next post.

Thanks for your comments, Monica (love the shoe game!), Adri, James, Leila, Filippo, Oscar and Pary. It's lovely to hear from you all. I'll write to you properly next time.

Okay, time to check everything's ready for the party!

More soon,



family run: owned and operated by the members of one family, a family business
retro: from the past, usually refers to the 1960s and 1970s
to cater for: to provide something for someone
period: usually referring to the 18th or 19th centuries
cinematography: the way a film is shot by the camera
to be absorbed in something: to be completely focused on something


Amy your local cinema sounded to be a great one! You mentioned the movie Piano, I also loved it, but I have not seen the Bright Star. As I liked the Piano and Jane Campions directing, I will make a point of the seeing the movie. However I find Keats difficult to read, as I do James Joyce and Dylan Thomas as well. Have a happy Christmas!

Hi Amy,what a pleasure to hear from you!You are very lucky to have such a cinema in your town. Do many people go to it? In my town,about 30,000 inhabitants, last cinema closed eight months ago for lack of watchers although the films on were just released. In my opinion it's a big loss. I think the poem you posted is about the human life, isnt'it? Have you a good evening, bye.

Hi Amy! We no longer have this kind of cinema over here. Now there are only multiplex cinema. It is not that bad, but they are on the outskirts of the city. Anyway, the film you mention has not been released over here yet. I will make a point to see it when it comes out. Hope the party went well. Have an awesome week ahead!!

Hi Amy, How wonderful to hear from you again! I am pleased that you and your family are well. There is a small theatre where is my neighbouring town called in Lough. We went there with a friend and her daughter when my son was about 4 years old. Uniformed people sell ice cream, chocolate and some simple snacks to cinemagoers during the interval. I felt that is novelty. The time is leading to Christmas. Are you fully in Christmas mood? . We went to a big garden centre to buy some Christmas decorations for the house. The garden centre has a big space where is heaped with Christmas stuff, and there is another space where a child- sized dolls' Santa Claus band pretends to sing along Christmas carols, and a road corn stands in front of the band bursting upon bubbles. My son and me were standing to wait the bubbles to rise the surface. In the end, my son and my hair were covered with thorny bubbles. We looked at each other and had a good laugh. It’s a bit parky here. What’s the weather like with you? Have a wonderful day!X

Hi Amy, Happy to see you again. I love your writings. John Keat,a great poet died in his young age is quite popular here. Join Keats poems are found in our text books prescribed to Higher Secondary School and University students. John Keats is usually compared with Shiv Kumar Batalavi, a great great Punjabi Language poet, a magic master of words (words seems slave of him). My favourite poet could not bear the pangs of separation of his beloved and could not live long like John Keat and died at young age of 33 around 1970. Till date we could produce the poet of his statue. Have a nice day, Bye

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