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Saturday, 05 December 2009

G’day possums!!

Guess who? That’s right – it’s the Pom in Sydney! So how are you all? I’m really looking forward to catching up with you and hearing your news.

Well, seeing as it’s been 2 years since I last wrote to you, you might expect that I would have some news too. And I do! I now have not just one cheeky monkey to keep me busy, but two! Monkey number two is called Daniel, he’s 18 months old and very cute (and also very cheeky!). He’s just starting to work out what words are for, and as a result has a vocabulary that’s growing by the day. His first word (much to my disappointment) was “stairs” and his second was “car”; in fact I think he had about 20 words before he said “Mum”!! He and Owen generally get on very well together, which is super good (as Owen would say).

What else? We’re moving out of our beloved Hurlstone Park in January to Belmore, which is just a bit further out of the main CBD (it’ll take Chris 40 minutes to get to work instead of 30 - not much at all, really). I have to admit to a few mixed feelings; it’ll be sad to leave here but it’ll be nice to be somewhere with a bit of a garden (Owen keeps trying to play footy in the living room and it just doesn’t work!). Belmore is much busier than where we are now; more cafes, shops and a couple of restaurants, so it should be good.

It’s all gearing up for Christmas over here; I still can’t get used to Christmas in the heat, even after 10 years!! Chris is under instructions to put the tree up tonight so we can decorate it in the morning – we’ve actually had the tree for 2 years and it’s been living in a friend’s garage all that time, so it’s really quite exciting to finally open the box! The boys helped me choose some decorations at the shops and they’ll be very keyed up tomorrow about hanging them up - I’ll attach some pictures in my next post if we get any good ones. I’m also busy planning my Christmas menu (I’m sure you remember my deep affinity with all things food-related); I’ll keep you posted on that one and if I find any good recipes I’ll definitely share them with you. (And feel free to reciprocate – I’m always on the lookout for nice food!)

OK, it’s time for this Pom to make a cup of tea so I’ll say bye for now!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

Rachel H

By the way, guys, my Beatles knowledge is also rubbish, so perhaps you can help both the Rachels out? It must be the name!! I have, however, been to Liverpool; I even took the ferry across the Mersey (you kind of have to do this when you’re a tourist in Liverpool – there was a film about Liverpool called “Ferry Cross the Mersey” in the 1960s and the soundtrack included a song also called “Ferry Cross the Mersey”, which was a huge hit. Can you guess what song is played as you embark and disembark from the ferry? I bet you can’t!)


To catch up with sb (phr. vb.) to meet someone you know after you haven’t seen or spoken to them for a while

To work sth out (phr.vb.) to think about something in order to find the answer to it.

CBD (n) – The Central Business District of a city (usually the city centre)

To have mixed feelings ( To feel both pleased and not pleased about something at the same time

Footy (n) – In Australia, this means “Rugby League”. Football is known as “Soccer”

To gear up for sth (phr. vb.) - to prepare / get ready for something

To be/get used to sth (adj) to be familiar with something or someone

To be/get keyed up (adj) to be very excited or nervous, usually before something important is due to happen

To have an affinity with sth (n) - to have a liking for something or someone

To reciprocate (vb) to behave in the same way as someone else

To embark (vb) to get onto a ship

To disembark (vb) to get off a ship after a journey


Hello, Rachel. Nice to have news from you and your family. Wow, two monkeys! I bet you are very busy. Is that what could be called monkey business? Just kidding. As for the Beatles songs, I looked up a list of them and I think there are some quite ordinary words that also are titles. Because in my life I've always loved riddles, I will put four titles in this very sentence. Got it? (Because, in my life, I will, something.)

G'day Rachel, it's so good to hear from you again and the memories of Oz are back again. It's so wonderful to hear that now you are looking after two cheeky monkeys. Give my best love to Owen and Daniel. Looking forward to hearing from you more. Naheed

Hi Rachel H. It happened to me. I mean the disappointment at my son's first word, especially because I was criteriously teaching him how to pronunciate it. It took me time and so much effort so that I was also expecting "mum" and he said "Dad". I still think this is not fair.

Hello one of Rachel,I never have noticed that there are two teachers whose first name are all the same Rachel. I got to reread your blog of Oct. and Nov. of 2007. Anyway, I have an affinity with reading your blogs and will be very keyed up though. Nice to meet you again, take care, James.

Rachel you still seem to be a fan of Dame Edna? Hi to you possum also and lots of warm wishes to your new family member as well as yourself naturally.

G'day Rachel! Very very congratulations to you and Chris!! Good to hear that the kids get along. As for moving out, I do not envy you at all. I remember when we moved to the new house...all those things to unpack . We have not decided our Xmas lunch yet. We plan on decorating the tree on Tuesday. Great to hear from you again. Have an awesome week ahead!!

Hi dear Rachel Congratulation ! What a big news and big changes . And what a coincident , I have a similar news for you , my cheeky is two now , too. Mine is 14 monthes and from his birth my life has changed a lot . Owen is a lucky boy to have a younger brother . It is so nice to hear about you , again . I wish the best for your moving project . I can't wait for your next posts and photos . hugs and kisses for you and your cheeky monkeis . Pary

I´m so happy that Stephen is back. I´m now inspired again to learn english :)

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