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Saturday, 05 December 2009


Hello everyone!

It's so nice to see and hear from so many familiar voices / faces / bloggers! I'm looking forward to meeting new ones as well.

Hmm… so what have I been doing since last year?!! Well first of all, I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. Does anyone else think it has? It seems like only yesterday that we had New Year's Eve and it feels like I've only just stopped writing '2008' by mistake! Oh dear. Actually, the other day I wrote 2010 on a cheque and had to tear it up. There must be something wrong with my internal clock ☺

Anyway… back to looking back on the year. The best thing we did this year was, without a shadow of a doubt, buying a caravan. Those of you with photographic memories may remember me mentioning that we planned to buy one when I blogged in August 2008 – and we did! As far as I know caravanning is a very European phenomenon. I wonder whether any of you living outside of Europe have ever seen one in your countries? I'd be interested to hear. Basically, a caravan is a little house that gets pulled along by a car. You can stay in it on a campsite and it's just like a little home away from home.

We bought a 1970s one called a 'Safari'. Here is a picture of it:

Inside we have a little kitchen and a double bed and two single beds (bunk beds) at the other end for the boys. We've been to some absolutely beautiful places in it, including a couple of lovely trips to Wales. Here is a photo of one of the beaches we have visited:

Amazing, isn't it! Sometimes I think I should work for the Welsh tourism board ☺

My two little boys are growing up fast. It's going to be Oslo's 2nd birthday on Monday. At the moment he is obsessed with horses so most of his presents are horse-related. He does have a certain penchant for diggers and tractors as well. Louie is going to be four at the beginning of January. He's been enjoying going to nursery and loves bossing Oslo around. We're going to have a party to celebrate both of their birthdays on the 12th of December. We're doing a joint party with our neighbours' daughter and between us we've invited fifteen children… wish me luck! If you can think of any good party games for us to play let me know! I'll try and post some photos afterwards so you can see the chaos.

All right, better not give away all my news now or I'll have nothing to write in later posts ☺

Hope everyone is well and happy.

More soon,



to tear something up: to rip something into small(er) pieces, usually paper

without a shadow of a doubt: definitely

a photographic memory: the ability to remember things very clearly and precisely

bunk beds: two beds that are one on top of another. Usually slept in by children.

to be obsessed with something: to think or talk about something all the time

to have a penchant for something: to like something a lot, to be attracted to something

to boss someone around: to tell someone what to do without giving them a choice


Hi, Amy. Nice to hear from you! Do you remember me???It seemed it was yesterday but I guess it was almost two years ago!!! Well, I can´t believe that I´m 49, how frightening!!! Well the good thing is that my soul is forever young!!! As for, Caravans, they are not alien to me cause I had an English friend,Tony, who lived in Brazil for a while and decided to go back to England to purchase his CARAVAN in England!He wanted to have his caravan for investment, fun and as a house. He said during peak season he you´d rent it and would come to Brazil.He also mentioned that during winter the caravan camps close, is it true? Well, as for the kids party, I wish you good luck with the little brats and as a tip I suggest you play the shoe race. You take out kids shoes and mix them up and place them all on one side of the field. They have to run towrds the shoes, find the right pair, put them on and turn back to the starting point, The winner is the one who arrives first. You can also have a spoon race. Place a boilde egg on the spoon and kids have to race without dropping the egg the first to arrive is the winner. I have loads of ideas but not enough space to write them all. So let the ohters contribute as well. Love, Monica

Hi Amy. I'm one of your student bloggers. It's hard to imagine a double and bunk beds inside the caravan but it seems to be just perfect to take a trip with the family. Take care

Hi Amy, We don't have or see a caravanning, because Taiwan is a crowded place. If I were you, I would be very happy to have the caravanning that was showed on your pictures. It's so fantastic. I always enjoy hearing that my friends own a good stuff which they do love. Thanks for sharing the photo of your caravanning with us, happy birthday to Oslo see you around, James.

Amy, I wish you best for the 12th of December, it sounds as you are going to need it. As far as good party games go, I think the best thing is to take shelter! Wonderful years you are living, open a special place in your heart to preserve them.

Hello Amy! Yes, time goes by so fast. Oslo is already two and Louie goes to nursery. Is this kind of school compulsory in England? Anyway, I am well and I am currently attending a crash course in English near where I live. It mainly focuses on business English. It is very interesting. The pics are wonderful!! Are those beaches swimmable? Do your kids love water? Great to hear from you again. I cannot wait to read the other news!! Peace out.

Caravans are also widely used by "american" tourists who enter my country, looking for scenic places (I mean, natural parks or fishing areas near the border). Some of them are enormous.

Hi dear Amy nice to see you here in BBC Blog ,again . And congratulation for buying safari . It sound cozy and nice . I wish the best for your lovley kids birthday party . I can't wait for your new posts and stoires . hugs and kisses for you and your lovlely kids . Pary

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