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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hurricane Bill/British Climate

This is the scene I'm looking out on. It's a wet, windy afternoon, not unfamiliar to those who have experienced an English summer. I'm going out soon so it's mildly annoying - even more so for those who have packed the English seaside this summer. Yet in a way this shows just how lucky we are in (most) of the UK when it comes to climate.

Now some of you enjoying traditional images of summer might find this a little strange. So do many people here longing to be in the world's sunspots. But having a mild climate has a major upside. In return for dull skies (most of the year) and over-use of raincoats we avoid most of the extreme weather that really does damage.

This rain is comes from Hurricane Bill, which has limped across the Atlantic. Obviously we'd be happy if it avoided us completely but our inconvenience can't compare with the terrible destruction it has caused elsewhere.

So does England have the ideal climate? I'm not sure that many of you would agree. And there are plenty of places I'd prefer to be right now. But, in the broader scheme of things, there's no real justification for what we British love to do when it comes to our weather - complain!


upside - advantage, benefit
limp - move slowly and with difficulty
broader scheme of things - in terms of the overall situation


When I looked at the pic I just realized how fortunate I am to live in a tropical country, where the weather is variable and not extreme. However, it's a bit funny when people think that in Brazil it's always hot and sunny, as an aussie friend of mine used to think. She came here to live for a while, while doing her postdoc research and was very surprised to come across freezing days, once she came to Rio Grande do Sul, the state where I live and which is in the southernest part of the country.

Hi Kieran! Obviously I prefer the spanish weather, in summer and in winter, because I have a lot of hot and cold too. But when I was in Great Britain, the best was that I didn't have to think what kind of clothes I had to wear. Yeah really! At it was in summer,so I had to be prepare for rain and/or sun all days. On the other hand I know that some people don't like "weather talks" but I like it. Kindest regards.

Hello Kieran! You pointed something interesting about weather. Those who live in regions with mild climate are fortunate. I live in a place without extreme weather (easternmost city of America, in the north-east of Brazil). It's mostly sunny and temperatures below 20ÂșC are very rare. Rains are not so strong. Sometimes they cause damages, but it's partially because some neighbourhoods were misconceived. Anyway, this is tragic. And the sun shines strongly here. Ultraviolet levels are higher than the average in Brazil, so we should be careful (use sunblock and drink lots of water), although we aren't for most of the time. The weather is often stuffy here, and it's sometimes annoying. But this is a very agreeable place to live. Regards.

Hello, Kieran. Yeh, the pic is quite frightening. Here in Ukraine we had the stormy July; it was a lot of rains, the cold strong wind broke many poplars and threw them on the road. But now August is very warm and pleasant, weather forecasters promise the same good weather for September. Kieran, I have a question concerning reading. Now I’m reading Virginia Woolf “The waves”. The book is very interesting and unusual for me. But I have a lot of troubles while reading. Both unknown words and difficult metaphors don’t make my life easier. And I wonder whether this book and the author are considered as difficult in the UK or not? Have you personally read the book? Maybe you have your own thoughts about it; it will be very interesting for me to hear them.

Your wet climate is fit for female population.Wet climate enable them an excelent face,without wrinklers.

Hello Kieran, were i live Murree Hill station of Punjab, in month of july and august it rain mostly on every day often in early morning or late night.That makes day weather very charming and pleasant.The tourist come from all over the Pakistan to spend few days in Queen of Mountains to avoid the heat of summer.Any way this is built by British in 1851 to spend summer.

Hi Kieran! your post reminded me of something. When I started learning to speak English, every book seemed to have a large part about this weather small talks. I was furious! :) By the way, we had a hurricane here last week too, with many damages and destruction in Ontario. But it has resolved now and the coast is clear as I hear from weather forecast, at least for a couple of days :) have a good time.

Hello Kieran, I hope you enjoy the climate. It is really hot in our place. Most of the time, the climate is like this in many places in India. The monsoon failed in most places. There are many Northern States reeling under severe drought. OK. The annual book fair is going to be held in our place next week. Usually I like to buy some books to read. In fact I bought some of the books which meant for intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced level of Cambridge university press two years back. I completed it successfully. Ms.Helen, blog teacher of November 2008 suggested some of the books. These are the followings.1. Veronica Decides to Die, Paulo Coelho 2. Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger 3. The Impressionist, Hari Kunzru 4. Fasting Feasting, Anita Desai 5. Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe 6. Disgrace, JM Coetze 7. The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga 8. Misery, Stephen King 9. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Alan Silitoe 10. Animal Farm, George Orwell. I managed to get 1,4,6,7,8 and 10. Except Misery I have successfully finished all the books. I really enjoyed reading the books of the white tiger, Veronica decides to die and Disgrace. I found it difficult to read Misery. I hope you understand my level of reading. Could you suggest some of the books which I could manage to finish? Why I ask this because you are the editor of ESL. I can get some books in the book fair if you suggested according to my level. Have a good weekend

Hi Kieran, as I love autumn, the view from your window to me looked very pleasing. Here in Finland we also notice how the autumn is closing in. Although I am very fond of summer and sunlight, I do love seasonal changes, four seasons suits me very well. Best to you all!

Hi Kieran, Honestly,sometimes it can be annoying.But everyone knows that Britain have notoriously unpredictable weather. It is good for those people who love autumn,and i can say that i am one of them. Maybe England doesn't have ideal climate,but it can be fresh after rain.And people shouldn't complain about it,there is something good about it,i think. Warmly, Ena

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