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Monday, 17 August 2009

Verb Answer/Joke/Comments

Did you guess any of the top ten most used verbs in English? Here they are: be, have, do, say, make, go, take, come, see, get.

And the thing they have in common? They are all irregular verbs. There are only 180 irregular verbs amongst the thousands of regular ones in English – yet they make up over 70% of the verbs we use.

So that’s why children and language students are forced to learn their illogical endings!

Does the thought of irregular verbs depress you? Sorry about that! Here's a joke to cheer up you up.

A man is driving with a car full of penguins. The penguins are hanging out of all the windows and making a lot of noise.
A policeman stops the car. ‘What’s going on?’
‘Sorry officer,’ says the man. ‘I’m taking them to the Zoo.’
The policeman lets the car go. But the next day the same car appears on the same road. Again the penguins are hanging out of the windows. This time they are all wearing sunglasses.
The policeman stops the car again. "I thought you were taking these penguins to the zoo!"
"I was,” says the man. "Today I'm taking them to the beach!"


Paulraj - children’s birthdays are big events here – much bigger than when I was a child. My daughter prefers things on a smaller scale so it was our family and that of her best friend. We had a great time
Kuldeep – there’s an excellent sea world at Bristol Zoo. My daughter particularly enjoyed the penguins – your little girl might like a slideshow I did about Macaroni penguins here:
Boska – yes, the cake was excellent. None left now though, sadly.


Hi Kieran! That was a nice trivia quiz. It is interesting that all of them are irregular. By the way, the Portuguese correspondents for these verbs are also irregular (or they have at least one irregular correspondent). So, I can say I'm acquainted with verb irregularities. That was a funny joke. That ending made me laugh. Regards.

Hello Kieran, You know that policeman was waiting in the same spot in the next day almost the same time expecting the owner of the penguins to come. It was a different day today. The policeman was ready to go with them where ever they go. whether it will be a beach or zoo just he wanted to relax.Don't ask me with whom. In fact he was wearing sun glass which was worn by one of the penguins.

Good morning Kieran, Here is my contribution. Housband asked wife:"Where do you want to go for our anniversary?" "Somewhere I haven't been in a long time" So he suggested:"How about the kitchen" -Why does turtle eat rabbit meat? To win Marathon. All the best

Hi Kieran! The joke is great! Made this rainy afternoon more cheerful :-). See you, Ana Paula.

Hi Kieran, I can see you have played a one-man show at this moment, we all need to cheer up, and perhaps commentators can sit in the student blogger and have a dialogue with you. The joke that you wrote is, absolutely not "was", a concise and strong one, very impressed. Best regards, James.

Hi Kieran! What a great post! It encourages us to learn more and more irregular verbs since, as you said, they make up over 70% of the verbs we use in everyday language. On the other hand, I wonder if there's a connection between the post and the joke, by the way, it's a great one. Cheers!

This message is for the master of one-man show… Hi Kieran, I am a regular blogger, but lately I have been busy elsewhere and have neglected BBC LE. However, I have been fortunate enough and have taken time to read your posts. Please let them continue!

Hello Kieran, it's indeed very informative to learn about irregular verbs. Thank you for the joke I really had a laugh reading it:-). All the best, Naheed

Hi Kieran, Surprised to have information that irregular verbs make up over 80% of the verbs we use. Hence it is necessary to establish control over these words. Wish to have more this type of facts. I feel that one must try to understand the nuiances of English language. As far as vocabulary is concerned, it can be learned by self study. I seek your advice on which aspects of English may be mastered by self study and which aspects needs training. Happy weekend.

I am sad ... because my last comment was not approved. I would also tell a joke I love very much, but I am afraid I have translated it in a horrible, unknowable style. Sorry. Kieran, thank you for your quiz and your joke!

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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