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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My name is Mudd!

Many of you managed to find the source I had for the 'name is mud' phrase - Dr Samuel Mudd. Naheed (see comments) has cleverly discovered that we may all be mistaken but it's a good story so I'll tell it anyway.

In making his escape from the Ford Theatre after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth broke his leg. Later that night he called at the home of a local doctor, Samuel Mudd. Dr Mudd treated his injury.

Mudd was later arrested and brought to trial. His first words to the court were 'My name is Mudd'. He then claimed that his role in the affair was entirely innocent. The court didn't believe him and sentenced Mudd to life in prison - with hard labour.

More than a hundred years later historians still dispute Mudd's role in the Lincoln assassination. The evidence suggests that he probably was a conspirator. We now use the phrase 'his/my name is mud' about someone who is blamed for something bad happening.

Anyway, that's the story and enough for now - it's my daughter's 7th birthday today and we're off to the Zoo.

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hard labour with extra heavy manual work.
evidence - information presented in court
conspirator - someone who is part of a plot


Hi Kieran, How was your daughter’s birth day party? Convey my belated birthday wishes to her. What’s her name? Where did you organize her birth day party? Did she invite her friends? Did you invite your relatives and friends? It is surely a different celebrating child birth day and adult birth day in a family. What signifies while celebrating child birthday in the family in your place.

Hi Kieran, Wish you a Happy Birthday of your Child. Last year, on 7th birthday of my daughter, I was off to Aquarium. Child enjoyed seeing hundreds varieties of sea species. This year, I would like to take child to picnic spot. Thanks

Congratulation.Good luck.My best wishes for your daughter's birthday.Hope,the cake was tasty.

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