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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Roses are red, onions are brown

Happy Valentines Day everyone! What are symbols of love in your country? Red roses, diamond rings, red satin hearts, a box of chocolates? Do you have the tradition of sending Valentines cards (or originally letters) to the one you love on February 14th? I suppose you know that you should never sign your name on the card and the recipient should be left wondering who has a crush on them!
In the UK, Valentine’s Day is often criticised for being too commercial. It’s all about what you buy for someone nowadays, not the real sentiments; that is to say the love has gone and people only care about receiving gifts!! Maybe that’s true but it’s always nice to get a present and a card from your loved one isn’t it? :-) I noticed on Yahoo! yesterday that not only can people send Valentines e –cards but also ‘anti-Valentines’ can be sent? I found that strange!

I thought I would send you a poem in celebration of this day, Anastasia. Let me know what you think of it and what message you think the poet is trying to get across. What do you think of the poet’s use of love symbols and imagery, what do you think her attitude towards her lover is? What gift is she giving and what do you think the reasons are for this choice of gift?

Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

Before I sign off for today, I’m going to leave you with a few ‘lurve’ (love) related expressions which I hope you can write into another short story. You did the rat tale so well, I’m asking for more as its fun for us all to read. Have a bash at it!
Here goes:
lovey-dovey (adj)
Just of the love of something
A labour of love
Not for love or money
Love-hate relationship
All fair in love and war
Lovesick (adj)
There’s no love lost between A and B
Puppy love
To be loved up

I hope you get a nice surprise from your boyfriend today Anastasia and I'm sending lots of virtual flowers and chocolates and red hearts to everyone just to make sure you all have a happy day.



recipient(n) someone who receives something
to have a crush on someone strong liking for someone (usually brief)
commercial (adj) concerned with business and making a profit
wobbling(adj) shaking
grief (n) deep sadness or sorrow
kissogram (n) booking the service of a person(usually a woman) delivering a kiss to a person of your choice
platinum (n) greyish white metal used to make jewellery
lethal (adj) deadly
scent (n) smell
to have a bash at something to have an attempt, to try


this year i will be 24 but i still can't find a bf:)anyaway i wanna say happy Valentines Day to everyone:)in fact sometimes i just think maybe this festival can not only belong to who gets bf or gf or married ones but peolple like me can spent the festival with my loved ones such like my dear friends and dear parents, am i right? i like the poem above, i thikn the woman loved the man very deeply, i just feel that!but i also feel sth hard to tell in the woman's heart! i don't feel the man love the woman the way she did!!!

Trudi and everyone, happy Valentines Day from me also! My morning has been so joyful; first my husband acted very lovey-dovey in the morning, then I had a SMS-message from my daughter and at work colleagues were wishing each other a good day. My husband had organized a nice treat for Valentines Day surprise. We are going to enjoy music tonight, we have tickets for a concert. The programme sounds very agreeable; soprano Monica Ferracan, tenor Carlos Vittoria and baritone Leonardo Lopez Linares, I think all of them are Argentinean opera singers. I am really looking forward to this evening.

Hi, Trudi. What a love poem! There's no romanticism, no sweetening in it. To me the writer seems to offer 'raw' love, everyday love but love that touches the loved one in his/her flesh. The author accepts no substitute for real feelings between real people. Of course she can't stand a kissogram. I didn't know that word, kissogram! The concept of a kissogram is really ridiculous. LOL.

Dear Trudi, Thank you for comments on rat story. I know the meaning of ‘drowned rat' means soaking wet usually used after someone gets caught in heavy rain” but in my writing I used it as simile and I used the as “like a drown rat”. Certainly I was unable to use it as simile that is why I get comment from you. Please can you guide me how to use phrasal verb as simile. For your expression “Less haste, more speed”, I can write “slow and steady wins the race” as story of rabbit and tortoise. Certainly it will take more time an effort if someone has to complete work in a great hurry. Typing in great hurry causes more typos and it will take longer time for correction and editing and it takes more time than usual.

Hello Trudi ¡¡¡ I think that China is an amazing country. Iread a book : "the good star club" this is translation from Spanish: "El Club de la buena estrella" by Amy Tang. When I read I like it very much. Because is very interesting the diferent life chinesse mother with chiness/american doughther.Is the day front nitght. I don´t know if is a good word. In Spain say: Es tan diferente como el dia de la noche". For you note a big difference. The book by Ray Bradbury is very interesting. I love Science Fiction in general. "A happy world " by Aldous Huxley is a good book. Only that I had read in Spanish. It have a long time. See you soon.

Hi Trrdi, It is true that there are more chances to commit mistakes when we do our day to day activities in a hurried manner. For example, I had a lot of work to finish on particular day. I was running around like a headless chicken As Trudi column was intriguing me to give a few comments on teachers’ blog. Somehow I finished my comment. I knew that it was a complete hash of it. I was aware of that the structure of the sentences of my comment wasn’t correct with some grammar mistakes. There was no coordination between the sentences. But I want to communicate something and learn it. The next day was completely different one. I got more free time. I went through the blog many times. I wanted to pay heed to the new words I learnt on that day. At the end, I have written a good comment. My aim of writing this column is an acquired task of writing correct English. Not overly enamored with stylish one. I believe I can win me over by doing this regularly. I heard everything is to cost arm and a leg in Britain. So I don’t gob smacked about the football match ticket.

I can tell you that my wife and I are but the opposite of lovey-dovey people. When we got married, after the ceremony the photographer said that we kissed each other and she didn't want to kiss me on my lips, instead she kissed me on the cheek. I'm a bit jealous of my wife. She has a job that she really likes. She nurses old people and makes the last years of their life more easy, and just for the love of it she trains other people on the practical job. The activity of learnig English for me has become a labour of love and despite it's difficult I very like doing it. I wouldn't do parachute jump not for love or money. I have a love-hate relationship with my job. I don't like it very much, but on the other hand, it gives me a lot of free time and then I can do what I really like "learning English for example". The love I feel for my wife has increased over the years. I'm totally loved up with her after twenty three years of marriage. And that's all I have to say for today. See you soon.

Hi, Trudi,I realy like your blog.I have been learning from it. Would you take look at my story in which I have incorporate those love-related idioms and pick my errors?It's a little long. Frank is a man of pragmatist,and in other words he is not lovey-dovey. He is willing to help the under-previleged. He raises a fund for them, lobbies the memebers of the parliament, and etc. What he does and makes a bash at is actually a labor of love. There is no reciprocal gifts for Frank. He just want to see the poor loved up by others. One day he went to an asylum to talk with those homelsss people. He wanted to make them feel loved instead of lonely. There he met a charming girl who resembles his first lover in elementary school. He recalled his puppy love,which is so sweet. Coming back to earth, he told himeself that the girl must be his Mrs. right. He's determined to woo the girl as his lover by hook or crook, for he think all's fair in love and war. He approached the sympathetic girl and had a small talk with her. He cracked the girl up, and then he invited her to dinner.However, the girl said "Sorry,I think there's no love loss between you and me, I am the lover of yours before,but not now,I am already married."On hearing that, Frank ran out of the asylum,crying out loud. At home,he is lovesick although being turned down the invitation.Is this a love-hate relation ship?he wondered.Just of the love of something?

Dear Trudi, This was really surprised that my five year daughter came to our room saying happy valentine day this morning. I am sure that she is not aware of it but she heard it several time in local FM stations and she realised that today is proper day to say it. Traditional Nepalese were unaware of Valentine day but FM culture made it so popular that if you ask teenager about national day, I bet they will not be able to answer instantly but for valentine day the answer instantly. Your virtual gifts are so nice and in return I am sending good wishes and your dream come true in near future. I am going to write a short love story using most of the words you have given as follows: In a village, there was a lovely girl named Ritu who was about fifteen, three years ago. She was extremely beautiful and a single word beautiful can not describe her. In the same village there were two young boys who were very eager to fall in love with her. Ramesh was her ultimate choice and their puppy love started to be seen in every part of village. Ritu and Ramesh are so loved up; they are always holding hands and just looking to each other. Their love gets lovey-dovey at their village. Everyone started to talk about them and used to say that this puppy love ends very soon. On the other hand Mr. Rakesh was moping around like a lovesick. He tried several time to show his love towards her very gently but he was fail to get a nice word from her. Every time, when he saw them loving each other, his conditions became more terrible. He was completely lost when Rita get married with Ramesh. He thought that he was not able to get her love because he was an orphan and with little money and had to work very hard to get hand to mouth. One day, Rakesh decided to leave his village for a change and in the mean time he could earn some wealth. Before living, he painted his house himself- it was a labour of love. When Rakesh left their village, Rita realised that their relationship may come to end soon. Rakesh put the bite on Rita for his expenses everyday because she was daughter of well rich person. Apart from that, he started put the moves on another girl of same village. These entire situations made her to think about Ramesh’s behaviour and their relationship. She wanted prove that her love towards Ramesh was not puppy love though their relationships turned into love-hate relationship. After one year, Rakesh returned to village with a lot of wealth and decided to settle permanently there. After his return, Ramesh wanted to find out either Rakesh’s affection towards her was still alive or there is no lost of love between them. Rakesh found out that Rita can not get Rakesh’s sympathy for love nor money and he started putting screws on Rita to get more wealth from her parents. He used say proudly that he loved her because of her beauty and wealth of her family and do not hesitate to claim that everything is fair in love and war.

Hello Trudi! I hope you´re enjoying the Valentine´s Day. Here in Brazil we celebrate this day on June 12th, a day before St. Anthony´s day. It´s said that he is the wedding saint, therefore many girls pray for him help them to find their better halves. In addiction, there´s some traditions involving the Valentine´s Day and this saint, but I think one of the most famous and funiest is the one which one has to deep a St. Anthony´s image upside down in holly water and leave him there till one finds the so dreamt love( poor st. Anthony :-)). Apart from that, the Valentine´s Day is a very commercial celebration here too. Well, sadly nowadays every single occasion is commercial. Enjoy your evening Trudi, Ana Paula.

i want to learn english' becouse english is one languege to work on the world' just iam lawyer or speaking italian' if i want the job' frist queston you speak english 'if you say no ; no job ' so that just i want to help for the BBC to give advice and way easy to learn english'; you take my writting what am i leval tank you abdirashid somalia

nice topic I think love isnt exist nowaday except some true cases. I dont have boyfriend, but I can say Happy Valentines Day to my family and to everyone. love is beautiful we can love each other and love our self and all the world around us. lovely poem trudi and thank you for flowers and chocolates .

All the stuff written above is very helpful and interesting to read. In this way we are learning english and getting more vocabulary for using in our routine life. I love BBC learning English.

Its been quite many years since i had a gf, but guess what i am comfortable living without gf, its like "living life without strife" guys gf's are headache..

It is so funny reading about the Valentines Day Articles.Anyhow, I bought myself a box of chocolate and a pair of ear-ring in order to make myself happy as my husband is not a romatic person and he thinks it is wasting money.

Dear, I want to say something about valentine's day. I think the day is to show my love with anyone in the world I have for example my mother, father or friends but not my boyfriend. I can give them a wish, a card without a gift. ...ok thank you for your reading. Thuy

if i can choice between real sentiment and the gift.i will confuse the both.i will say that"let use a small gift to show your sentiment.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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