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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Being vegetarian

Oh dear! It’s a shame all of our readers’ comments are mixed up with hundreds of spam messages… imagine turning on your computer and finding you have 1000 messages to go through – I get frustrated when I have four or five spam messages in my inbox! Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon. Keep writing in though!

As always I’ve enjoyed reading through your posts Yumi. The story about your (almost) English name is very funny. For a few summers I worked at a summer school in England and we had lots of students from Hong Kong. Two of the girls had chosen the English names Apple and Purple! I thought the names were quite cute but there’s no denying they are quite unusual, especially Purple! I’ll always remember them.

My name, Amy, is actually taken from the French verb ‘aimer’ which means ‘to love’. If you look up Amy in a name dictionary (do you have those in other countries?) it says the meaning is ‘beloved’, so that’s quite nice, isn’t it? It’s not such a common name. I’ve only met about three or four other Amys, although of course there are some famous ones like the singer Amy Winehouse.

I am also surprised to hear that it’s hotter in Tokyo than it is in Delhi. I’m sure it’s hotter than 28C at the moment. Maybe it feels hotter because it’s so muggy. I wish it would rain!

I’ve often heard that English language education in Japan focuses more on reading and writing than on speaking and listening. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to improve in those areas, though. I’m sure students in Japan work harder than in England… how many alphabet characters do you have to learn all together?

Quite a lot of our readers have asked me questions about being vegetarian so I thought I’d talk about that a little bit today. I’ve been vegetarian since I was about 16. To tell you the truth, the main reason why I became vegetarian was because my best friend Jessica was and it seemed like a good idea at the time! These days the main reason I am vegetarian is that I don’t like the way animals are treated when they are raised for meat most of the time. However, some farms do treat their animals very well and sometimes I think about starting to eat meat again but only choosing to buy it from farms where the animals are free-range and organic. I don’t know if I ever will or not. I occasionally eat fish but try to buy fish which is locally caught and not endangered in any way. Other than fish, I try not to eat any animal products where the animal has died but this is quite difficult – I’ve read that in England postage stamps are made with gelatin on the back to make them sticky when you lick them. Gelatin is made from crushed up bones – eww!

Thomas asked me what happens when I go to someone’s house for dinner. This can be a bit awkward sometimes and I always try to remember to warn them before I go! Luckily in India being vegetarian is very normal so nobody thinks you are strange when you tell them. In fact, India is a vegetarian’s paradise! It’s one of the reasons I like living here so much. I was surprised when I moved here, though, because originally I thought there were more vegetarians than non-vegetarians in India. Like Paulraj says, this isn’t the case. Lots of people, especially the younger generations, are non-veg these days, although generally Hindus avoid eating beef and Muslims avoid pork.

More and more people are becoming vegetarian in the UK – it used to be quite difficult to find something to eat (other than a cheese sandwich!) if you were out and about for the day. Ed is also vegetarian and so is my mother which makes things a lot easier when we go and stay there! We are planning to raise Louie as a vegetarian as well although we do give him fish occasionally. Here he is enjoying a scrumptious vegetarian meal!

Before I go I just wanted to highlight a few things that you said in your last couple of blogs, Yumi, and see if you can find the small errors you have made for homework.

1*I asked friends how you think if my name were 'Yummy'.
2*I did not want to have the potato's name for myself!!!!!!!!
3*Have a nice day for everyone!:)
4*When I was 12 years
5*We learn much of grammar, reading and writing skills
6*Though I learnt alphabet in elementary school
7*I am very impressed to the comment from Yosuke san, who is the teacher in Junior high. (2 mistakes)
8*Usually I check some English websites, listen to English songs, sing them in Karaoke(:P), and writing Emails to my friends.
9*How do you use BBC website to learn English?

Now I’ll try and answer your (difficult!) questions…

From your ‘Fireworks, I finally made it!’ post:

1: Would anyone please let me know of the difference between 'think' and 'think of'? I thought 'think of' meant 'think deeper'. Not really sure though..

This is a tricky one! If you ‘think of’ something it really suggests the process of thinking. You can use it to mean ‘to remember’ (e.g. I was trying to think of your name’), or to show that you have been thinking about someone (e.g. ‘I’ll be thinking of you on your special day’).

2: Is 'lay' correct in this situation? ‘I lay down and slept in’ It is VERY popular again in Japanese school to answer the difference between 'lie', 'lay' and 'lain'.

Technically these are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd forms of the verb ‘to lie’ and yes, you have used it correctly here. I’ve got a feeling that there’s a difference in the usage of ‘lay’ between US and UK English but I can’t quite put my finger on it. ‘To lay’ is also a verb by itself, with the past tense ‘laid’. This is commonly used in the phrase ‘to lay the table’ meaning to put out all the plates, cutlery, etc (e.g. Please can you lay the table, dinner is nearly ready/I’ve already laid it!)

From your ‘English Education’ post;

1: Could you please teach me the difference of 'begin' and 'start'? I looked up the dictionary but they seem to have the same meanings. I would like to ask if these words have the formal or informal meanings.

Another difficult one! I think there is only a slight difference, which is that if you begin doing something it can suggest that the same thing happens quite often. E.g. I begin writing my blogs at 7pm every day. On the other hand, ‘start’ is more often used the first ever time you do something. For example, ‘I started playing piano when I was 6’. Oooh it’s a very small difference and I think you can use them fairly interchangeably. Do our readers have any other ideas?

Okay better go as I can hear Louie wanting some attention next door.

All the best,


Vocabulary from this blog (definitions, as usual, next time!)

To be sorted
There’s no denying
Free range
To not be the case
Out and about
To put your finger on something


hi AMY can you learn me useing To, and with. (Example may i speak to mr X) Why should i say speak to and not with. thanks a lot

Hi Amy, I have met some Amy from England. She is very nice and a communicative girl. Hope I will see more of her. Your son is a gorgeous boy. Recently, we have got a new baby boy in our family. Sister of my mother gave a birth (is this okay?)His name is Marko. Anyway, could you tell me something about the difference between 'some and any'? Sanja

I have done 9 sentences. Look: 1.I asked my friends what they would think if my name was 'Yummy'. 2.I don't want to be named after potato (I used here the present simple tense, beacuse I still do not want that name) 3.Have a nice day all! 4.When I was 12 years old 5.We have been learning (if they still learn. I didn't read Yummy's blog) too many grammar, reading and writing skills. (many, beacuse of uncountable nouns like grammar is) 6.I had been learning (was learning) the alphabet in elementary school. 7.I am very impressed by/with a comment from Yosuke san, who is a teacher in Junior high school. 8.I usually visit some English websites, listen to Englsih songs, sing them at a karaoke show and write emails to my friends. 9.How do you use the BBC website for learning English language?

Hi, Amy thanks so much for replay my message, I´ll try to be more active writting comments;) by the way what a beautiful boy you have,I was trying to see what he´s eating,you have mentioned in Delhi it´s the paradise on vegetarian food, what dish did you like most??? Take care!!!

I think now days more people are aware of suffering of animals. Sometimes the way they are transported is simply very cruel. That's one of the reason people started to protest by stoping eating meat. In Poland, though traditionally meat is very important ingredient of our diet, more nad more people become wegetarian. I myself have reduced eating meat and I believe it's halthier and my conscience don't pain so much.

Hi Amy! Oh my goodness! Louie is very cute indeed Amy! God bless him:-)! (It´s really common in Brazil we say this when we see a child at first time). Amy I have a question for you. Could you tell me what the 'XXX' after a person sign his/her name in a letter means, please? I´ve noticed that Yumy has used this 'XXX' in her blogs. I´ve never seen this before. Best wihes, Ana Paula.

Hi Amy, I'm having problems with spams too, a lot. It's frustrating when I am reading the messages and I don't know if they are really from my friends or spams using their names. I think I'll follow you and have a check tomorrow. You reminded me about a vegetarian friend I had some years ago. I remember him talking about the reasons why he had become a vegetarian while I was trying to eat the meal. He had explained to me that if the animals die in a stressful way, some chemical substances are released and impregnated into the meat and they are not good for our health. Not only this, he used to say something about the evolution and the sentivity level of the animals. Summarizing, as I was eating the meat with those substances, my face gradually became green, blue, purple... At that time I almost became a vegetarian. He was convincing. Even today I can't eat meat as before. I prefer vegetables and fish (if it has not been caught by me). Better not to think about this as your baby in the picture. He seems to be having fun at lunch. Good night.

Hi Amy, I have some question of below sentence. Would you pls.explain? The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. My question is : 1). This is right Grammar? 2). "economic forecasting" can I use "economic forecast" 3). How to explain this meaning? Thank you very much.

Hi Amy, I have some question above this sentence. Would you pls. explain? The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. 1). Is the grammar of this sentence correct? 2). "Economic forecasting" Can I not use "ing" in forecast. 3). Pls. explain the meaning of this sentence? 4). Is the meaning of this sentence have sarcastic implication? Thank you so much.

Hi, Amy. I’m honoured that you have written this blog as a new topic to answer my questions about being vegetarian. Thanks a lot. In addition, I want to discuss some more with you. First, would you mind telling us what’s your favourite dishes? Although I’m not vegetarian(I’d like to be vegetarian sometimes, but you know, it’s difficult in China, particularly when you are surrounded by a lot of meat-eaters), I like vegetables with lots of green leaves or skins best, e.g. lettuce, cabbage, cucumber etc. I think they are real superfood! Oh, by the way, could you please talk something more about superfood in the UK next time, say, as another new topic of blog? The other day, I heard a BBC programme about superfood, from which I learned that it’s very popular nowadays in the UK. And my second question is, do you think Louie will grow up a very strong young man if he is to be raised as a vegetarian? Many Chinese people think that Europeans are generally taller and stronger than Chinese (especially those born before the 1970s, when China’s economy wasn’t prosperous) because they drink more milk and eat more beef since childhood. Do you agree? Last but not the least, if you find any major mistakes or unnatural wording in my writing, would you please pick them out? Thank you. Many Chinese students’ words in English, both written and spoken, are often considered unnatural in the eyes of native speakers. Maybe the root cause is the fact that our ways of thinking are different. I guess the best way for us to improve our English is to communicate more with native speakers so as to appreciate the English culture and way of thinking more accurately. In that way, we can also promote mutual understanding and friendship between different countries and cultures. Best wishes.

Hello, Amy. This is the first time i have done your exercise,and I don't know whether it is necessary to send my answer or I do it by myself and wait the next your blogging,so I don't send it. it 's quite hard to me. can you explain for me what " crushed up bone" means? Is " crushed up " used as an adj? does it need a hyphen in the middle ? thanks in advance. Your story is very interesting, I also want to be vegetarian as I'm practicing Yoga, but I'm not determined enough to give up eating meat. hi

Hey! I hope BBC staff won't find my message spam =). I wanted to know what your attitude is like when you see someone eating meet. Don't you feel awkward and don't people arround feel embarassed? As for me, i hated meet when i was a child. My Mom was even worried about this. the thing is that people in my country are very keen on meet =) take care.

What a lovely baby! Amy, Louie is so cute! Look at his arms! Kawayi (Is that right to say ‘cute’ in Japanese?)! Amy, I want to tell you the reason why I chose ‘Jill’ as my English name. My boyfriend firstly pick ‘Jack’ as his English name, because his Chinese name ‘Jie’ sounds like ‘Jack’. One day, I read a sentence occasionally: ‘All should be well and Jack should have Jill’. So, I decided to choose ‘Jill’ as my English name. When I told him the reason, he was very happy. He thought I’m a little bit romantic. Am I? Oh, by the way, my Chinese name is ‘Jingjing’. You can call me any one of them as you like. See you tomorrow. I really hope there wouldn’t be any spam messages any more and we can see our comments. All the best. Jill / Jingjing.

I surprised to know that the brits have become vegetarians. Why? It’s true that their animal lovers. Is there any other reason for becoming vegetarians? It’s vice versa in India. I have some of good brahmin friends. Their parents are very orthodox. They never eat meat in home. When we go for outing or drinks, they are very fond of eating non veg. I don’t want to blame them. Some of them want to taste it. That’s all. Some of them are strictly following their practice. But this isn’t the case of foreigners here. One of my relative came to town for delivering seminar for school teachers. I have known him and his family members for several years. I invited him for dinner at my house. My wife prepared variety of chickens. I came to know that he has given up non veg for long time, when I went to lay the table. I felt awkward. My wife asked me to enquire about what he prefers to have the day before he actually came. I told her he will adjust with any kind of food. How could he adjust with his practice? In the last minute my wife sorted out the problem and managed to give him a vegetarian food.

hi i am farzan a guy from persian i really enjoy your blogging thanks for every thing that i learn from you i started reading this blog a month ago but the bbc is my favorate site that i check it ever day and now read and repeat reading this blog become my roatine job in the day if i want to be honest at first i only want to take part in the competition but i lost it to the youmi but gradually find that it very useful to brush up my english thats is vital issue for me (i must pass ielts exam some month later in a farein country couse it is very hard to enroll in this exam in iran )thanks thanks thanks. your son really cute and sond funny,i save his pic and really like him .its very surprising to be a househusband i never hear it before ,thats sonds intresting .i congratulate your husband he is very lucky to find you.pardon me i try to write in a manner that dont seem you like to come iran?i know according my poor country's condition it is amazing you say "yes". it looks being very long but i have queation Catherine have wrote in her secend's blog "sall we got started"i really have very thought about that sentence but i never hear this structure before shall+got+p.p i wandering if you could explain it concerning its the end thanks but i be owed a million if you write your opinion about my writing and recommend me to improve my english.have good time

Hello, Amy! I have just been reading your blog. It ist written very clear, and I´ve had hardly problems to understand. Thank you for the vocabulary under the text, I have put the words in my list. What´s to say? Oh, Amy, the reasons you give because of being vegetarian are good! I am not vegetarian, but sometimes I think of becoming one... sunnylike

Hello Amy, in general a couple of Thai foods are mostly made me to be mount-watering especially when I feel a bit like hungry. Vegetable,pork,beef,fish are all the ingredient of Thai menu like Pad-Thai,Tom-yum-kung etc. I am not veggi.But I prefer eating vegetarian food when the festive time will come like China festival . In my view,the vegetarian food is suitable for every period of ages. A great deal of components in vegetarian food such as protein,fiber,vitamin are vital factors in easy degradation and absorption in our body. But the quality of food like protein in plant isn't good in compareable with the protein from animal. So in my every menu I eat meat ,vegetable in appropriate portion despite getting bored with those food. If you have strange vegetarian menu in your country,please let me know in advance. Better luck next time.

Hi Amy!There has been an increase in number of vegetarians in Italy as well.Your son is cute and lively. :)Have you ever been to any other Indian city? If so, how about Benares? Cheers, Filippo

Hello, Amy! I think these may be the definitions of the vocabulary items: to be sorted- to be taken care of, to be put in order; there's no denying- nobody can say anything contrary to that statement; muggy(adj.)- the air is so humid, stuffy, heavy that you are having difficulties breathing; I think that animals which are free-range(adj.) are allowed to go out from their stables and roam freely on the pastures that are the source of their food which is the grass and the animals that produce organic meat are fed this way, they are not fed on the man-made food which is manufactured in factories. Would you please, tell us the right word for this type of animal food, because I don't even know where to start looking for it?! Endangered species of animals or plants are those which are in danger of extinction. This isn't the case- this is not so, the situation in which we found ourselves differs from what we previously believed to be the truth; out and about(adv.) - being out of your house in pursue of something important to you; scrumptious- Louie is smiling while eating. Obviously, this vegetarian meal agrees with him so I would say that scrumptious means good, delicious. I can't put my finger on it- I can't say it for sure, I would not bet on it, I can't vouch for it. Why don't you use an indefinite article with 'vegetarian'? "People are becoming vegetarian in the UK"- you didn't use an article here because 'vegetarian' here is an adjective, or am I wrong? I like your post 'Polperro" a lot. I always remember hearing seagulls crying while fishing on the boat on the sea with my friend. From looking at the picture I would say that you lived in a picturesque village. I don't know why you should leave it for India?! A pine tree forest surroundes the seaside town where I was born . What is this kind of a forest in the picture above the village called? The villagers have a breath-taking view at the harbour. Behind the seagulls is the wall in front of which is the harbour but what is this on the other side of the wall? What is this water behind the seagulls? Is it a lake? Until the next post of yours, the best from me to you and your family.

How beautiful Polperro looks!That´s also an interesting name, and it doesn´t sound British. Where does it come from?You said it is in Cornwall. I know a lot about this region by reading Rosamund Pilcher novels and short stories such Coming Home,The Shell Seekers, September. Most of her novels are set in this region.So that photo made me remember some of her descriptions . I love England and the sound of seagulls. In fact, my dad´s dad was British from the North of the country, Mersyside quite close to Liverpool, they came to South America during the second world war. And my first visit to my granpa home was at the age of 9. Since then England has become part of body system!! I love its countryside and its picturesque tiny villages( they look so medieval), its people and culture!! I also fancy the language, although it is not easy for me to keep up with my English cause here, in the Midlands of Brazil, there are not many English blokes for me to practice my English. That´s when this site plays a great role!When I was a teenager the only option we had was attending a language school but now the opportunities are so varied and much more fun and genuine! Well, before I finish, I could not mention how gorgeous your little cheeky monkey looks!He must be really anxious waiting for his new sibling! I remember when I was pregnant of my last baby, Freddy, at night, I used to invite the girls, Bruna and Roberta, to have a chat with their "womb brother". It was good fun cause they really took it seriously and had some long chats! I used to love being pregnant, it was a real bless for me! And in your case it will be like Xtms gift as it´s due at the end of December. How nice! Love, Monica PS the author of Third Class Ticket is Heather Wood. There is another great book about India called The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, it´s absolutely poignant, it tackles the issue of the "untouchables".I cried a lot when I read it!

Here follows my explanation of the bold words To be sorted: properly solved.Whenever I have problems I say "Hopefully, they´ll be sorted soon." There’s no denying:it´s very clear that something is true. There´s no denying that being a vegetarian is much healthier. In fact, I once managed to stop eating meat for 2 years. It was a great period, however here in Brazil,one of the cattle countries, it´s not easy to be a vegetarian. You feel as if you were an alien! Muggy :humid and hot Here in the Midlands of Brazil,the seasons are not well-defined.We say that there are just two seasons: the dry (from April till September) and the wet ( from March till October). The latter one is usually quite muggy cause it rains almost every single day and with a temperature of 40 degrees. It is really unbelieveable. It´s like living in a vapor sauna! Free range : realting to a type of farming which allows its animals to move around, to exercise. They are not confined. Due to the huge size of our country most of our animals, especially our cattle, are free-range.The meat in England tates totally different from ours and they say it´s because our is free-range meat. Organic food without artificial chemics. I was brought up on a farm and my mum had her own vegetable garden. Everything there was organic.I miss those days! Endangered:being in danger Many are the species which are endangered and if we don´t watch out pretty soon it will be our turn! To not be the case: this is not true. I practice the YOGA nad I had the impression that in India it was a very popular practice, however someone told me this isn´t the case. Out and about:to go to places When my kids were young they loved our company, nowadays they would rather be out and about with their peers. I don´t blame them, once I had this phase! Scrumptious; tasty, delicious food. Your son´s baby food look really scrumptious! I loved preparing my kids food and make them look really nice! To put your finger on something:an expression you use when you want to say you cannot really explain about something. Many are the things related to English grammar wich I can´t put my finger on! I like doing this exercise. It makes me reflect on the meaning of the words and I also have the chance of using them which makes them memorable, and hopefully they will stay in my mind. Love, Monica ( meaning species of potato)

Hello Amy! Thank you so much for your reply last time. It is interesting to know what 'your name' means. A nice name! short and sweet! Also, nice to see Louie. He is smart and cute. Amy, can I say 'He is as cute as a button'? (Is it OK?) Yeah, He looks like enjoying the scrumptious vegetarian meal. I am not a veggie, but I don't always eat meat or fish four days a month. In Vietnam, people who are Buddhists usually spend four or eight or more days eating vegetarian a month. Maybe I will be a veggie one day because vegetarian and fruits are good for the health. Best wishes to you and Louie. See you next time. Myen

Dear Amy, I am writing answers to questions you raised to Yumi regarding sentence structure. 1. I asked friends what he/she/they thought if my name were 'Yummy'. 2. I do not want to have same name as potatoes for myself. 3. Have a nice day! 4 When I was 12 years old 5 We learnt grammar, reading and writing skills 6 I learnt alphabet in elementary school 7 I am very much impressed by the comment from Yosuke san, who is Junior high school teacher. 8 I usually check some English websites, listen to English songs, sing them in Karaoke(:P), and write Emails to my friends. 9 How are you using BBC website to learn English?

Hi, Louie looks very cute. Can you tell me how to use the phrase 'my pleasure' ? I have heard it used a lot of times when responding to someone.

Hello Amy! Maybe there was something Pete Tong with my last comment. So I'll give it another go. It's interesting to know what your name means. A nice name! Also, I'm delighted to see Louie. He is smart and cute. Amy, can I say 'He is as cute as a button'? (Is it OK?). Yeah, He looks like enjoying the scrumptious vegetarian meal. I'm not a veggie but I don't always eat meat or fish four days every month. In Vietnam, people who are buddhists usually spend two or four or more days a month eating neither meat nor fish. Maybe I will be a vegetarian one day because things like veggie and fruits are good for our health. Thank you for your replying on your Sunday blog. I really like your homework as it helps to brush up my English. I'm waiting for the next ones. Best wishes to you and Louie. Myen

Hi Amy, what a cute baby! is he well- behaved child! you say; "We are planning to raise Louie as a vegetarian" this seems to be a little bit restrictive to me. children need to have a various of food to build up a healthy body and brain aren't they! and if we bound them, how will they build up their taste... these are my views of course. I only wanted to share with you. I will try to explain the phrases, if I manage to do; *To be sorted means here; spam messages will be soon cleared away i.e. you will achieve to get rid of spam messages * "There’s no denying" in your sentece here means; I need to admit or I have to admit that hey are quite unusual. * Muggy; most people do not like muggy weather. when it is boring and close we can call it muggy. muggy weather makes people feel damp. "*Free range" if animals are allowed to feed in the feeding ground where they can go around in grassland freely, naturally they will eat grass (green food) we may call their meat as organic. the meat of these animals is better than those are always kept in the closed places or stables and feed compound feed... * people have to take pain over Endangered things, don't they! in other ways, the things (animals, plants ext.) which may be died out have to be protected. "To not be the case" things are not as the same as before. "Out and about"; if anybody doesn't get healthful food as a vegetarian ( eat a well-balanced diet) they are't out and about for the day. "Scrumptious" means delicious, doesn't it! "To put your finger on something" ... but I can’t quite put my finger on it. in my opinion; you mean that; Oooh it’s a very small difference and I don't ponder it am I right? love sevinç

Hi, Amy! My girlfriend's name is Amanda, which means 'beloved' too. You wrote in your blog that you try to buy fish from local fishermen only. Is it the same with your vegetables? I mean, do you favour local farmers when you shop for vegetables? I am asking you this question because I was listening to a programme produced by BBC Radio 4 the other day (From Our Own Correspondent is its name) and the BBC Correspondent in Africa said that many farming areas in Africa which had recently experienced some improvement in their life quality were losing their means of subsistence because British people wouldn't buy products which had to be transported from other countries in order to reduce their 'carbon footprint' and because of that those African farmers were losing their market, as they mostly export to Britain. The Correspondent implied she found it hypocritical and that way some middle-class Britons were comdemning those farmers who'd finally found dignity and self-esteem in their work back to abject poverty. Don't you think there is a fair bit of hysteria going on about global warming and that people should inform themselves more about the consequences of what they do?

Ana xxxxxxx significa kisses..abreviado-Beijos

Good Evenening!! About this comment I have a doubt! 1: Could you please teach me the difference of 'begin' and 'start'? I looked up the dictionary but they seem to have the same meanings. I would like to ask if these words have the formal or informal meanings. Another difficult one! I think there is only a slight difference, which is that if you begin doing something it can suggest that the same thing happens quite often. E.g. I begin writing my blogs at 7pm every day. On the other hand, ‘start’ is more often used the first ever time you do something. For example, ‘I started playing piano when I was 6’. Oooh it’s a very small difference and I think you can use them fairly interchangeably. Do our readers have any other ideas? Okay better go as I can hear Louie wanting some attention next door. All the best, One friend said something about it, but she said I have to use Start (for a thing that I know when it'll finish and Begun for a thing that I don't know when it'll finish). It dosen't make any sense for me!

Hi Amy, can u pls help me to define and give some examples about non-standard english,.. hmm.. I need ur help, pls reply...tnx alot

Hello, my name is Ronaldo Montagnini Júnior from Ribeirão Preto city - Brazil. I would know why always we need to write the word " I " in capital ?

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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