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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Back in Delhi safe and sound

Hello again! We’re back in Delhi now and I was right – it is a furnace! It looks like it’s going to rain so hopefully it will soon and then it will be much cooler.

Yumi, the photos are much easier to see now that you have made them bigger. The yukata really looks lovely. I hope you had a nice time at karaoke with your sister :-)

Let’s have a look at your answers to the articles homework.

*The*(1) man I met is called Mr Warren. He told me that he is one of *the*(2) richest men in the world. At *the*(3) moment, he is living in *the*(4) Seagull Hotel in Polperro. Everyday, he goes downstairs to *the*(5) lobby, smiles at *the*(6) American tourists, and goes and sits on a bench near *the*(7) English Channel. He always sits on *the*(8) same bench and stares at *the*(9) sky. This is where I met him. We had an interesting conversation about all sorts of things including whether *the*(10) rich are happier than *the*(11) poor. It was an interesting chat.

The reason why definite articles are used :
*1 : This is the man who is specified as the name are given soon after the noun.
- yes, it matches reason #6 in the list I gave (see below)

*2 : This is the superlative degree so we have to use 'the'. However you can omit 'the' before 'best' and 'most'. (Is this true? I learnt it in school.) This matches reason #3, like you said. You can take out ‘the’ in certain cases before best and most, but generally we do use it with these words.

*3 : Moment is countable? I don't think so.... I think this is 'idiomatic'. you’re right, this is an idiomatic expression. If you want to match it with a reason from the list, it works best with #6

*4 : This mentioned the specified hotel and it has name. So we'd better use 'the'. yes, reason #2

*5 : This is the lobby in the Seagull Hotell. 'The' means 'the Seagull Hotel''s lobby. so we use ‘the’ because there is only one lobby – reason #6

*6 : In this sentence, I think we can omit 'the' as the word 'tourists' is the plural form. 'the' is used in order to specify 'American'. Here we can’t omit ‘the’ as we’re talking about a specific group of American tourists (the ones in the lobby). Reason #4

*7 : This is the name of the channel so we have to use the definite noun. Yep, reason #1

*8 : 'same' needs the definite noun when it is combined with nouns. i.g: 'it is the same clothes I bought!'. you’re right, but the general reason is #5, because we have already mentioned the bench

*9 : 'sky' is countable. (I did not know that.) But there is only one sky (although sometimes we might use it in the plural form – confusing, I know)! Reason number #6

*10 & *11 : Adjective can be used to show the people when it is used with the definite noun. i.g: The young should study hard. I learnt it in school!:) Yep, so it’s reason #4

The definite article is used:

1. With the names of most rivers, seas and oceans
2. With the names of hotels
3. With superlatives
4. With groups of people
5. When we are talking about something we have mentioned before
6. When there is only one of something
7. When both the reader and speaker know the thing being spoken about

And here are the definitions for the vocabulary from the last blog:

To treat: here, meaning to deal with something/to act towards something
Treats: something very nice (often food) which is enjoyed by someone alone or with friends as a reward or to celebrate something
Furnace: a very hot place
Househusband: the male version of a housewife, who takes responsibility for looking after the home and children
To bring home the bacon: to earn money for the family
Horrendous: horrible, terrible, very bad
Winding: not straight, with many curves. Usually used to refer to streets or roads. Careful with the pronunciation! The first ‘i’ sounds like ‘eye’, not ‘ih’
Overrun: ?to have too many people in one place, so that is it overcrowded
Traipse: to walk around leisurely without a particular destination
Pesky: annoying
Last minute: right at the latest time that it is possible to do something
Winter coat: the fur or hair that an animal grows during the winter or coldest part of the year. This usually falls off when it gets hotter
Bedraggled: dirty and/or untidy, often wet. Often used to talk about someone’s hair or clothes.

And now some replies to our readers’ comments from the bison blog… sorry if I have missed anyone out! As it’s the weekend the comments on the Polperro blog haven’t been published yet so I’ll respond to these another time.

Sanja – it’s funny how so many of us are vegetarian, isn’t it? Yep, ‘she is still over-weight’ sounds fine. It’s better to say ‘only a limited amount’ rather than ‘in the limited amount’ and there are two small mistakes in the questions you asked me at the end – can you find them? :-)

Rocio – I’m so pleased that you have joined us! Don’t be shy about writing comments or making mistakes, that’s the best way to learn! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

Antonio – you were almost right with the vocabulary but check the definitions I gave for a couple of definitions which need a bit of tweaking :-) Yes, I got a job here and Ed came with me, then he found a job too! Louie was born here and after that Ed stopped work to look after him.

Naheed – did you mean to write to Amy or Yumi? This is Amy! Your sentences are good but ‘this attracts people a great deal’ doesn’t sound quite right. It’s better to say ‘attracts a great deal of people’. Thank you for your kind wishes for my family :-)

Ana Paula – yes Louie is very cute! I will try and post a picture of him here soon. We have some ideas for names for the new baby but they are top secret! ‘Don’t ‘cha’ is just a short/slang way of saying ‘Don’t you’ – it’s used more in speaking than writing and is quite informal. Your sentence is okay but needs a bit of re-ordering: ‘I’m a lucky girl because I have met two teachers in this blog’.

Jlge – Welcome! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Please write comments whenever you like.

Myen – well done rewriting the sentences and thanks for your comments about Polperro. The seagulls make a very distinctive sound. You might be able to find an audio clip on the internet somewhere if you’re interested… Sorry to hear there have been floods in Vietnam too. Your answers to the articles homework look pretty good – double check with the answers above to see if they’re all right.

Sevinc – Thanks for all your kind comments! The bison farm is very beautiful, in fact my husband and I had the reception for our wedding there when we got married three years ago. It was lovely. Our new baby is due in December – don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl though!

Paulraj – not so good to hear about the floods but I’m looking forward to a bit of rain to cool things down in Delhi! Well done on your sentences using the vocabulary. Just double check how you have used the words interchangeably, ashamed, memorable, and insisted.

Filippo – yes we have one or two names that we like a lot but like I said to Ana Paula, my lips are sealed! In the UK it’s quite common for people to keep the names secret. Do people do that in Italy?

Adek – No! Don’t build cities in the countryside! Then we wouldn’t have any countryside left! :-) Your re-write of Yumi’s sentence sounds good, ell done. As for your grammar question, this is a common confusion. Your first sentence ‘I recommend he sees a lawyer’ is correct. You can also say ‘I recommend seeing a lawyer’ (notice that here there is no ‘he’). However, the only time we use recommend with ‘to’ is if you are recommending something (a noun) to someone. For example, ‘I’d like to recommend this dictionary to you’. Can you rewrite your second sentence so that it is correct?

Ahmed – feel free to ask me as many questions as you like! I’m going to write about being vegetarian in the next blog so I’ll try and answer all your questions then! Quite a few people seem interested in that topic! Your vocabulary definitions look good – did you use the context to help you find the meaning?

Ernesto– I do feel a bit sad but at least I know that these animals are well taken care of, much better than lots of farmed animals. I think my mother-in-law feels sad that I don’t want to eat him!

Vina – hello and welcome to the blog! Your writing is good so don’t worry about that. Writing comments will help you to improve, too. I’ll be talking about the differences in culture between India and the UK in the next few blogs. Is there anything in particular that you would like me to write about?

Sandra – I think when you first move somewhere new it can be a bit scary but also quite exciting. I was lucky to come here with my husband so I always had him to help me through any difficult times. I love India and we had travelled here a lot before we moved to Delhi so that made it easier. I do miss my family and friends in the UK though. Your vocabulary definitions look good – double check with the answers I gave though :-)

Monica – thanks for all your lovely comments! I’m glad you like this website and the blogs. I have also been very happy to see people from so many different countries contributing to the comments. For this blog there were comments from people from 15 countries! The book you described sounds very interesting, I will have a look for it. Our new baby will by British because both his parents are – s/he might be Capricorn like his/her brother if s/he is late! I’m a scorpio. The definitions and sentences you wrote for the vocabulary are great! Well done!

Kishor – your answers look pretty good. Have a look at the answers I posted below for the vocabulary and the sentences to compare :-)

Mellisa – no, no, Ed and Louie live in India with me! So that makes it much easier. I couldn’t live so far away without them, whenever I have to travel for work I really miss them. Resting after a baby sounds like a great idea. In India women usually don’t leave the house for 40 days after the baby is born. In the UK people tend to get back to their normal routine quite quickly.

Thomas – thanks for all your interesting questions about being vegetarian which have inspired me to write about this topic for my next blog! I hope you will find all the answers there! :-)

Serena – yes I agree, we can learn a lot from our kids. I think between 12 and 24 months is quite a difficult time because they’re not yet able to fully communicate and, like you say, want to explore everything – even if it is dangerous! They are great fun at that age too though.

Jill – well done rewriting the two sentences. I’m not sure about saying ‘a troublemaker to my parents – can you rewrite that one? Also check the meaning of the word ‘naïve’ – it’s a funny one and can be difficult to use. Instead of saying ‘Don’t be daunting’ it’s better to say ‘Don’t be daunted!’. You have a word missing in the ‘vouch’ sentence. Can you find it? I’m not sure that this sentence shows the real meaning of that phrase. Well done on all the others and I will say hello to Louie from you!

Pilar – the sentence you rewrite sounds good, well done! I’m not that courageous really, I still get homesick! I’ll be telling you about life in Delhi over the next few blogs. Is there anything in particular (other than my daily routine) that you’d like to hear about?

I’ll write again on Tuesday… best wishes everyone!



Hi,Amy.Could you explain some lines of Alexander Popo? Here we go:“In words, as fashions, the same rule will hold; Alike fantastic, if too new, or old: Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.”

Hello Amy!Today, I switched on my computer, as usual, and I had been surfing by the bbclearningenglish webpage. Suddenly, my heart started to beat more quickly, and I was plenty of a feeling of happiness. Yeah!!!!The teacher blogger have a comment, a special comment for me!!! :))Thanks a lot for your words. Everyday, I try very hard to improve my English, which I find very difficult. Your words have helped me to keep my spirits up. Well! I would like to know about your job and hobbies. Are they the same in India and UK? Best regards

Thanks Amy for usefull suggestion for using the articles in english. I used to get confused sometimes with the articles but now after reading your blog I can use it properly.

Hi Amy, Thanks for replying. I think I should have put my first question like this 'ARE THERE ANY GRAMMAR MISTAKES?' (because I used plural here-mistakes) but for the second one I am not sure,maybe-'Could you tell me SOME?' (like I said I am not sure, could you tell me) BTW-Could you explain a difference (most common) between 'SOME AND ANY', please. Thanks....

Good night Amy! I´m glad to know that you and your family have had a safe a safe return to Delhi :-). By the way, thank you very much for answering my question and for correcting my sentence. You are a very kind teacher. Besides, I´m looking forward to seeing Louie photo. I´ve made some mistakes in my articles homework, but I´m going to review my answers and redo the exercises. Ah Amy! What are your favourites places in Delhi? I mean, what do you like to do or go in Delhi on your weekends? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi Amy. Beautiful that place in the picture of the last blog. It seems a quiet place where you can hear clearly the sound of waters and the birds. It's interesting that you don't know if your baby is a boy or a girl and the time the women have to go back to work in India and UK. I remember when I had my son, I had 3 dreams advising me he would be a boy and I chose his name very early to speak to him even he was inside my body. When he was born, he used to move his head quickly towards me every time I called his name. Here, women stay at home for 4 months but in my case and most of the women manage to get the hollidays withing this period, so usually we have 5 months with the baby. Are you seeing the doctor to follow your pregnancy? Do you have health assistance in India? Oh sorry...many questions to you! I like children very much. Good night.

My place is always furnace in almost through out the year except December and January. I was a househusband for one year after my marriage. My wife brought home the bacon. In India people do not treat this practice as usual one. Mostly husband goes to work and wife maintains the household work. I gave a big treat when I got a job. It has been raining throughout north India last few days. Most of the villages have been submerged by the horrendous floods. The people who were living in low lying areas in winding streets could not move away from the place. It was auspicious day yesterday for the hindus in this part of India. Rameswaram has become overrun with pilgrims. They believe if they get a dip in the sea, their sin would be purified. Hundreds of devotees traipse all the river bed areas. Even though lots of people come for holy place, their behavior was very bedraggled. The united progressive alliance chairperson Mr. Sonia Gandhi, flagged off the broad gauge service from Rameswaram to Chennai yesterday. They shifted the venue of inauguration in the last minute. Because they don’t want disturb the devotees.

Hi Amy! No they don't. I think the majority of people say the name of the baby at once. As for the gender, things are slightly different. Some couples want to know it before their baby is born, others wait until after the birth. As for me, If I became father, I would not want to know the sex of my child beforehand. Thanks for you answer. Good day from Italy, Filippo

Hello Amy It is nice to hear that you are safe and sound in dehli. I am also househusband like Ad.I know now how difficult is to rear the children. My children are 12, 11,9 years old.It is eassier to rare them now.But in my experince it is difficult to rare when they are young(6-12 yearsold).Because we have to spend a lot of time in their character formation. best wishes

Me again . I want to ask you the meaning of"literally" in the sentence He literally broke down his health.

Hello, Amy. Thank you so much for picking out my mistakes in the previous comment. The first one, I think I should say: I was a troublemaker for my parents. Is that right? I checked the word ‘naïve’ again and found two common meanings: 1. lacking worldliness and sophistication, 2. simple and credulous as a child, ingenuous. Yes, it’s difficult to use. But I like this word. Amy, I know I’m lazy, but if you have time, can you give me a perfect example how to use this word? Thanks in advance. :-> Don’t be daunted! Don’t be daunted! I remember now. Amy, you said I had a word missing in the ‘vouch’ sentence. It’s ‘for’. Yes? I should say ‘vouch for anything’ regardless the meaning. I learned from your ‘Polperro’ blog that ‘to vouch for something’ means ‘to say that something is true’, it’s not suitable in that sentence I made using it. ‘Jack said reading English articles quietly is a good way to learn English. I can’t vouch for that. There are so many different ways to learn a new language. Just find a one that suits you.’ Did I use this phrase correctly this time? I do hope in Delhi, it’s not so hot now. I wish our comments could bring you some cool air. :-> Best regards, Jill.

Hello Amy. I'm very glad to tell you that I'm learning a great deal better thanks to your meaty blogs and particularly your teaching method. You give us the opportunity to use our loafs and look for answers ourselves. Concerning vocabulary definitions, I always try to find them from the context, but taking into account my little acquaintance with English, I finally resort to the dictionary for most of them. Amy, as I know a balanced diet is made of carbohydrates, vegetables and protein. Do vegetarians find protein in nutritients other than meat and its compounds? I'm very intrested in this topic and want to be a vegetarian too, but I don't really know from where to start.Would you mind giving me the recipe please?

Hello Amy :-) I admire you for your courage to go to Delhi in the Summer; as for me it's very hot in Europe now. What about Louie who is only 19 months old? Have you got him with you? I hope the weather in Delhi will change and it will be cooler soon. Best wishes

hello Amy, This is the first time I've joined this blog. I visited this many times but I'm not confident enough to write as I always feel my writing is so bad. However, i decided to make a milestone. I'm very happy to hear that you come back safely. i saw some your exercises and it's very useful to me. Look forward to your nest blogging.Thanks

Howdy teacher Amy !!! I am Okey with your suggestion in aspect of using article.Frankly I am confuse with your sentence when you posed the entry countting back 2 chapters. It is complex sentence and hard to understand. Could you please explain to me about gramma writing or sentence structure? Thank you in advance. Better luck next time.

Hello Amy, Thanks a lot for your great blogs. It's a real pleasure to read them all. I knew so many new and intresting words!!!I'd like to ask you about your work in Delhi as a teacher and teacher trainer.How many hours a day do you work? What are your students? Thanks once more.Waiting for your new entries.

Dear Amy! How are you? I hope enjoying with your little baby child. Hey tell us more abuot your experience of living in India and do you think that indian culture and this country is different from other countries in the world. and also tell us what is special in india which you cant found in any other part of the world. hey What do you do in India.Hey you will be happy to know that we having british library in my town and often visit there, It is very gr8 to find lots of rare book which we cant find in a normal library. Hey I hope you are enjoying raining here in delhi. Take care n waiting for your reply, warm regard, Manoj Bhopal,India

i would like to ask you that: For the word " black" i heard some people said [bleik]and some say [bla:k].which one is right?

Dear Amy! I'm very impressed by your explanation about the present perfect. I admitted that I've never thought that before. You have done it very well. However, Amy, I'd like to get recommendation from you about how to speak English with ease and relax. I meant what the related points that I need know about English. Thank you very much. Good luck & Health, especially to your baby.

Hi Amy, It really is interesting and a perfect place to learn and improve english.Thanks for everything and i got bit ideas about perfect tense.So, i will try to work on it everyday thanks again.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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