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March 2009

Monday, 02 March 2009

02/03/2009 Hi everyone !

Hi everyone !

My name is Ilze, I am 32, come from Latvia and I have chance to be a blogger in the March. This is my first time on BBC’s blog and my first blog at all. I find it quite interesting to start my first blog here and share my opinions and experience with all you.
About my English - I just learning…I am not good writer, but I will try, let’s look how you find that.

I was born and grow up in small country named Latvia, which is central country of the Baltic States ( Estonia, Latvia and Lithuenia). It has a wonderful nature - a lot of rivers, thousands of beautiful lakes and hundreds of kilometres of seashore lined by pine forests, dunes, and white sand beaches.

Latvia’s capital city is Riga, which is one of the most oldest medieval cities in Europe and has been listed by UNESCO as one of the world’s most important cultural and natural sites. Here comes some photos from Riga’s old town – have a look ! :-)

So far about place where I used to live for 30 years shortly…

Education in Latvia

The state of Latvia give free primary and secondary education, but for higher education most of students have to pay by themselves. And degrees from Latvian educational institutions have to be recognized internationally, it is guaranteed from the state. But unfortunately, it is just theoretically. In real live, the number of people (I would say - most of them) from Latvia with diploma from higher educational institution could not find the job abroad in their professional line… And if they have not a chance to earn enough money for living in own country they are forced to find job abroad and acquire a new profession, which, of course, is far from their real potential. Those peoples are teachers, mathematicians, economists, doctors, scientists and other excellent specialists.
What about me according this subject… I have finished University of Latvia and get diploma in economics, and I have had a good career in banking in Latvia.

So, but at present me and my husband are living in Channel Islands, Jersey, but about this part of my live I’ll tell you later… :)

That’s all I’ve got to say today.
Thank you for reading and good luck to you all.


Tuesday, 03 March 2009

With love from Jersey…….

Hi everyone !

First of all, thank you all for your comments. Your interest in my blog encourage me to write more about questions you are interested in, despite of my lack of self-confidence in writing and speaking in English. One of my main aims here is to learn more and improve my English.
When I left my country and came to Jersey I hope to find job, where I could learn more about English culture and learn English language more easier, but in life not everything always goes as you wish to…
So, now it is some months pass already, but I am still at the same place where I was – my English is at the same level and I still work at the same boring place. Nothing changes, but time is passing by. I decide - I have to do something different. Learn more. Read more. Write more. I believe that looking at things from another point of view – where obstacle could become opportunity - everything can change.

Let’s look at Jersey as place where to work

Jersey is very beautiful and lovely place where to live and of course - absolutely great place to visit and do business, but I think that not an easier place where to get a suitable job for foreigner, if you have not 5 years residency because of Jersey policy of over-population.
I suppose, that when you are thinking of Jersey, you try to mark this island as ‘tax haven’. It’s true – Jersey is an offshore jurisdiction and it offers a low-tax environment where many UK national and international banks choose to base their offshore operations. And as I read a lot about Jersey before move to, that there are lot of unfulfilled vacancies in finance sector, and professionals are very welcomed.

Needless to say, I thought, that I, as a good finance manager with 6 year banking experience will find here job in finance very quickly. I was naive. Soon I realized, that if you have not residency longer for 5 years, there is big difficulties to get good job.
And this is most important rule for those who want to work here. Of course with fluent English it could be more achieving aim. So, I have decided to learn as hard as I can, and I am ready to wait patiently, while my dream comes true...:)
That’s all I have for today friends. Next time I will tell you more about Jersey, population policy, living and working conditions.

See you tomorrow…

P.S. Here comes some photos from Jersey...


Friday, 06 March 2009


Hi everyone !

Most of you all, my friends, wanted to hear from me more about Latvia. Some of you already know this country, some not. I am interested too in any country which I could learn through you. So, I will try read yours blogs as much as I can, and therefore find out more about your countries and cultures drawn by your's experience.

Some years ago I was studying English in London, Wimbledon school of English, where I met a lot of students from different countries around the world. Most of them were from China, Corea, Japan and France - and I’d like to say, this situation is very similar. I was learning more and more every day about England and other countries as well as my own. I was very glad for that short period there.

Also, I would like to thank you all for yours comments according to my posting again. I really like to read them and I learn from them a lot as well. In my further blogs I will try to answer to your questions step by step via my regular issues. I do not know will I have time enough for everything. We will see. So, just keep reading.

Now, in such a nice and sunny Friday afternoon, I would like to write about Latvia, where now is cold winter yet. Latvia as a country is very beautiful, with fantastic nature and strong culture. I promise, about this beautiful side of Latvia I will talk in some another blog...

So, for today I have a little bit of facts about living and working in Latvia. I believe that my country is excellent place where to go for holidays enjoy the culture and wildlife, but less good place for permanent living and working.

-> In Latvia live 2.27 million people and various statistic resources shows us, that about 300 thousands of Latvian has left their country, and live in different countries (mostly, Ireland, UK, US).

-> Average week salary in Latvia is about 75 Latvian Lats, that's about £ 85. But prices in Latvia in most positions are very similar to UK. By the way, experiment made by me show that in England with such salary to live is even easier than in Latvia (in this case I do not include payments for living place: rent, bills etc.).

-> EU statistic shows that corruption in Latvia is one of highest level in EU.
I just like this corruption definition: an action is corrupt when an individual uses a public position for private, usually pecuniary gain in a manner deemed unacceptable in that particular country’s political culture…
It is usually thing in Latvia when a government and party figures used their privileged position to get some benefits for them. What is more – number of them are not shamed at all to spend government money for their personal matters also.

-> Do you know that it is not very hard to get some information from government institution if you are payable (here I made some experiment as well; I tested how easy it is to get confidential information)? And sometimes you do not need even money…

-> And it is not a big deal to pay policeman and get free, if you, for example, driving car exceed speed. But what can we expect, if they earn just about £ 85 in a week.

-> I would like to say that leading power in Latvia limit people’s freedom as well. And of course, there is no escaping from fact, that even most of Latvia’s journalists are unable to write about what they know, because they are scared from influences from aside…
I'd like to compare my country with a wonderland – where everything is possible…if… :)

Well that’s all for today. I hope I did not sound too sad, because, actually I am not. I am patriot of my country, but I like truth. I do not like lies. And I wrote just facts, nothing else.

Next time I will write something positive and nice, for instance, about my hobbies. And here are some photos from capital city of Latvia (Riga), seaside and others.

Have a nice weekend.
See you tomorrow….

Monday, 09 March 2009

Hobbies day…


So, as I promised before, today I am going to write a little bit about one of my hobbies. But first of all, I think, it will be good idea to listing all what in general I like to do in my spare time. One of my first and oldest hobby is dancing, which started at age 7, when I began attends folk-dancing lessons. Later I learned classic dancing, bellydancing and a little bit of show dancing too. As well I love travelling a lot, swimming, drawing, make mosaics, skating, biking, reading, music, ballet, yoga and oil painting, plus board games - like chess, domino and draughts.

Let me give you short description how I became interested in hobby which appears in very magical way, and in very important period of my life. It was in that time, when I met my boyfriend Edmund and fell in love.
So, it was 2 years ago - one day I just wanted to express myself so how in colours and I started to think about painting. At first I invest time in analysing some paintings, and then I found all necessary materials for paintings. After that I realized what I really want to paint. And that was something I already saw in my imagination. And that hypnotized me, and didn’t leave me other choice as to take a paint brush in my hand and paint…Here I am with my first painting.

So look what I get finally !

Someone found this painting very good and bought it from me. Here comes my next paintings:

...and finally one of my favourite mosaics...

And now I am working at...

Thats all for today...

See you.....

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Express interview

Hi friends,

About 5 years ago I tried to get into art of acting; I took course in this kind of art and learned basic rules of recitation and how to become an actor. That was a hobby for that period of my life. So, and today I would like to take opportunity and be like an actor and jump in journalist skin. What I am going to do is to take an interview…
Well, I took an article which is matter of current interest in my country (going abroad), think over some questions and started looking for a person who is willing to talk about that. After on mature consideration I decide to ask my boyfriend for an interview. I thought he is a very good example of such kind of tendency in Latvia and he already worked in Channel Island over 5 years. And more over if not him – I probably never would go abroad for living and working…

So, I asked and he agreed (thanks God). ..
As I mentioned before he have been worked in Channel Islands for long time already, more exact - about 4 and a half year he spent his time working in Guernsey and now it is almost 9 months passed already as we are fighting together here in Jersey. His full name is Edmund (or Eddie) Zeltins and now he is sitting in front of me and his body language says that he is open and ready for small chat…Edmund is strong personality, with high communication skills, calm but energetic, very talented and charismatic person with artist education in wood works and he is a sculptor as well.
We are sitting in a small but light room, nice and softly music is playing in background… I switch on my dictaphone and my first interview exclusively for BBC learning go on…

Hi Edmund, could you please tell me what you were doing in Latvia shortly before you come to Channel Islands, Guernsey ?

Hi Ilze, I am glad to give you my first interview. After serving in Russian Armed Forces for 2 years, I worked as Police officer for 10 long years. Than I left work in Police and establish my own company, where I worked very hard for 3 years. And shortly before I decided to leave my country I worked in wood work company and I designed various wood works models such as saunas and separate details of sauna, small houses etc. which later was exhibited in Finland and France. I was leading different projects of company as well.
Because of economics fall down in Latvia was dramatic I closed my company and jump in new adventures…

Why and how did you decide to leave your country?

How I said before I was ready for new experience. It was in early 2003, some of my friends already left Latvia and I took a chance to get abroad too. Like a lonely traveller I made a long journey to the most beautiful island I ever saw - Guernsey. I was going for new work experience; meet different people, to learn new things, new culture and language.
Firstly, I was going for new impressions, but, of course, I wanted to earn more money as well.

Where did you find a job in Guernsey?

First of all, you have to take into account that at first time of living in island I had small knowledge of English language but a job I found very quickly – after 2 weeks I started to work in Island’s leading wood carving company – Guernsey Wood Carvers. Company’s owner took me to the job as temporary employee for 1 week to find out what I can or can not do. After 3 hours of work owners congratulated me by getting permanent job in his company…Actually I was sure about such result, because I was convinced about my competence. I earned a half of local person salary, but anyway I was happy enough because despite of small salary, I earned 5 times more than in Latvia.
(with Edmund’s permission I give you some photos from his works)

How long did you work there ?

I worked the same job and I had 2 times lower salary as local worker, but costs of living in Guernsey was the same for everybody. One day I asked for extra money, because there was for me very important reason – suddenly I had to change my accommodation.
After my request was rejected I make my deciding in next 5 minutes. I left that job at once. In total, I worked for Guernsey Wood Carvers almost 6 months. I liked that job a lot, but money for me was more important. My first employer in Guernsey stays behind me with tears in his eyes, but life is cruel.
In one weekend I found a new job in one of Wood Flooring Company in Guernsey, and there I was much better paid and very soon I become the best skilled specialist in that company.

Why did you leave Guernsey and well paid job ?

Well not because I wanted so but because of Guernsey government rule about population regulation says that maximum stay for foreign workers in the Island is 5 years, and after that they must have the island for minimum term 1 year.
But I was not sad much, because I have done many of good jobs behind me and good reputation in the island. Overall I have to say that I enjoyed living and working in Guernsey.
Now it is 9 month already as I started my ‘new live’ in Jersey which is next Island to Guernsey. But about obstacles how I getting in Jersey – this story I will tell you in some another interview.

And my last question is: what do you see yourself doing, for example, five years from now ?

Perhaps I will continue looking for possibility to establish some trading company here and passion for art will leave like a hobby. Than will see…
I have to look just forward, I have no way back because Latvia is still in deep crisis.

Thank you Edmund very much for this interview ! And I wish you all the best !

I am sure...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

About your comments


Most of you are asking me several of questions regarding to my postings. So, please let me answer to all in one posting and in one day closer to the end of March. I’ll try to sum up, make resume and answer like kind of story...
Thank you.

Au revoir


Monday, 16 March 2009

Question of the day…

Question of the day…

I have been thinking some time about questions like this: How long it takes to balance world of woman and man ? Was it Adam from whom rib took to make a woman ? Perhaps it was Eve who gave her rib for Adam ?

I am sure that woman 'world' in my country definitely is limited. There is unbalance. My boyfriend believes that it because of that woman just do not take what their can and deserve. I do not think so. I am sure that it because there are so few places for woman in power.

When? When will come that day, when woman will enable to spread their wings more widely and become more influential ?

Are we afraid of changes which will follow ? In family system, values?
What will follow ?

Thursday, 19 March 2009

All my life like a game...

Hi mates

Today, I would like to answer to Mashin question (from Hobbies day) what domino game is like ? So far, let me begin with short history of this game.

Domino has been mentioned for the first time in China about 10 centuries ago. Further, thanks traders, from the East this game arrived to the Europe. Just about 5 centuries later dominoes become the most popular game in whole Europe. Historically dominoes made of ivory and ebony, but in nowadays, it mostly has made of wood and plastic.

Domino in my family, I guess, become popular approximately in 20 century when my grandmother and grandfather started to play this fascinating game. Then follow my mother and father and all brothers and finally me, when I was just 6 or 7 years old and firstly sat down at the domino table. I do not think that for first time I liked very much that game, because, I guess, I liked better dolls... Anyway every time when missed some player I replaced him. After some time I become very interesting in domino and took a lead.
In general, there are many different various of this game in the world, but I am going to tell you about more classic one (at least I think so), kind of domino I grew up. So, let’s begin.

First of all, you should turn all domino face down and mix them by moving them with hands. After that each player takes 5 dominoes and stands them in safe position so that other players could not seem them. The less your opponent will know and guess more chances for you to win.
First step make player who have the highest double domino and places it in the centre of the table. Sample of double six domino in the middle:

Drawn by Edmund Zeltins

Next player have to add any domino which is good or one end of the domino. For instance, as I placed double six domino, next player may go with domino who has 6 on one end and placed it to the end of first domino.

Drawn by Edmund Zeltins

Accordingly, next one player should tries placed his domino to the free end of dominos on the table.

Drawn by Edmund Zeltins

Per each turn each player may placed just one of his domino. In case when player have not any domino to set to he free end, he must choose one from the pile until he will find one. If not, he must announce to other players ‘I PASS’, and then next player takes his turn. But one who passes may tries on his next turn. If none have the necessary domino to continue a play, the game ends. While there are players who can continue the game go on. Domino game ends when occur one of this situations:
1.Nobody have necessary domino for combination on the table.
2.One player has used all his dominos.

If the number of dominoes wasn't limited, theoretically then this game would be 'never ending story'...

Drawn by Edmund Zeltins

Friday, 20 March 2009

Long holidays in amazing Guernsey..

Firstly in my life I was in Guernsey at my long holidays with my love Edmund exactly 2 years ago. It was wonderful, truly remarkable time. So, now I am going to immersed in nice memories and write down some facts about Guernsey and show you wonderful Island in photos.

Different statistic resources show us that population in Guernsey in 2008 was about 65 726 and ethnic groups consist of British, Norman-French, Scottish, Portuguese and Latvian. Yes, this is one of the places where people from my country are living and working. I do not know much about their satisfaction of that area, but overall I guess they are happier than where they come from original. Definitely.

Small and shiny Guernsey is less than half from Jersey with a total area of 63 km2 with a long, magnificent and wild coastline. Have a look.

During World War II Guernsey was occupied by German troops. Since that, in Guernsey you could find German defences all around the island’s coast line.

Guernsey like Jersey has rules regarding to over population and they have own immigration and border controls as well.
And the States of Guernsey issues its own sterling banknotes and coins however they accept UK money as well.

If you are going to go to Guernsey for living you must know that in general, the housing market is split between local market properties and open market properties.
In open market properties may live anyone, but in local just those who has been born in Guernsey or obtaining a housing licence.
And there is huge difference of prices between local and open market properties.
Guernsey housing licence is for just fixed periods after what usually employee has to leave Island for some time.
But housing licence is not for every job. For instance, during that time when I lived in Guernsey I found a job in one of local bank, but as I could not get housing licence because of State rules, I was enforce to gave up and together with Edmund return to Latvia.

The national animals of the Guernsey are the donkey and the Guernsey cow. And because of that Guernsey people are traditionally nicknamed like donkeys, surprisingly specially by Jersey people.
By the way – Guernsey people give the same, they have nickname for Jersey people as well - toads or crapauds.

One of the most beautiful places in Guernsey must see: The little chapel.
This brilliant work of art possibly is the smallest chapel in the world, and was built by Brother Deodat who started his work in sunny and warm March 1914.

As is known then his plan was to built a miniature of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France.
This miniature chapel is decorated with seashells, pebbles and from pieces of broken china. Look, how fascinating chapel is:

And in Guernsey you could see often enought huge and fantastic cruise ships.


And the last one interesting place, which I’d like to show you is written into Guinness Book of Records, at least so people talk… And this place is world shortest distance between Church and Pub…
Have a look:

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Welcome to my finance world…

Hi everyone

As I have been working in finance industry for a long years, today I decide to write down something about 'my work world'. From living in Jersey and Guernsey and using local bank's services and products, I could say, that there is a big difference how banks organize they everyday work here and in Latvia.

Certainly, banking and finance are working with one main target - give you hand to manage your money things and on that earn money for themself. And every kind of this organization has her own approach to solve out that. Some of them offer a limited set of products and services others offer range of products and services for individuals like you and me and some are working for a large corporations with very high annual income. In the same time others are interesting in the persons in the street and small family business. It is all about selection.

Overall banking and finance are very interesting, people-oriented industry and very challenging for people within.
In this area you should all the time be ready for new things, because there, as well as everywhere, exist huge concurrence. There is serious fighting for each client, for best results, highest income and so on. Banks managers all the time are seeking more cost-effective and efficient ways of doing things.

As well it is very important to follow developments in information technology area and to think about customers and organization security in all aspects.
There is necessary from time to time invent new products and services which will met customers needs and help them more effective manage their finances.

There is always great necessity on regular basis to find out customers needs (needs have behaviour change as the lifestyle change) and expectations and do as possible as can to satisfy them, because happy customer for every organization is gift.

More often banking sector focusing on sales to find new customers and keep them with wide selection of products and services. And, of course, bank staff should take every opportunity to sell.

In this great changing environment where everyday news possibly could affect finance sector, you should follow all changes and if you want to be on top, have learn a lot and developing regularly. Mostly it is not enough to know one or two finance product. Good specialist have had clear view and understanding of most finance products from just simple bank account’s products, till more difficult.
Well, so far about environment I used to live for about 7 years.

Further, to get clear about this complicated business sector, I am going to show you some routine bank work in my colours and views. At first, as banking area is very wide, I will be more specific and abstract myself from all finance industry and will take small piece, but not less (even more) important, of banks structure – front-line of branch. Further, such kind of bank who is oriented on satisfaction of individual needs and offer all range of well known products and services.

Firstly, let’s begin with working hours.
Banks in UK, as well as in Jersey and Guernsey, where I have more experience dealing with, traditional has 35-hours week, which usually is a little changing depend on needs and life style of customers. Most of banks are working from Monday till Friday, and there is some exceptions who are working some hours on a Saturday. In Latvia, you will always find a branch of bank who is working 7 days in a week from 8am till 8pm. And it is common thing for both – there is no lunchtime in branch everyday work. So, what is very specific for my country organizations – usually staff are working longer hours (it is all because of very busy schedules) as they are paid for.

About bank account.
In Latvia everyone from everywhere in any time of working hours is allowed open any bank account and necessary just a identification document. But in offshore like Jersey, it is more complicated.
For example, if you decide to open an account in Jersey (the same for Guernsey), the first thing you will need is approval address, and valid is just bills from place you live and the second one – passport. Besides here exist a list of rules what you as a new customer can get and what not. For instance, some banks do not issue cheque book while you are not a bank customer for some period, the some story for credit cards, internet banking and telephone banking. The last two is the first what bank staff will sell you at the beginning in Latvia.

Multifunctional staff.
Mostly, in Jersey, I suppose not just there, when coming into bank branch you will meet front-line service staff-cashiers who cash a cheque, check details of account, pay money into account, or transfer money. More experienced cashiers buy and sell traveller’s cheques and foreign currency.

If you think that the same is everywhere you have not been in Latvia. In Latvia, most of front-line so called cashiers do almost everything. They are super-staff. They do all I mentioned above plus opening current, saving accounts, sell all basic products and services, like internet banking, telephone banking, credit cards, debit cards, provide with information about mortgages, investments, travel and other insurance, buy and sell some kind of shares, give you small loans and overdrafts. Advanced cashier even could provide you with pension plan. And it is not all.
What do you think about abilities of Latvian banking specialist ?

So, this is the first impression of front-line job in banking area here and there. How do you like that ?
Second impression I leave for next time - such as security solutions in each country, which in some points are completely different. As well – as I have experience in branch manager work, I will share my opinions about management styles in banks.

See you soon…

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Unknown Latvia...


Today I am going to describe one piece of beauties you can find in my country - wonderful, historic buildings in Latvia – castles and manors.
In total, now there are about 249 such kind of buildings around the country, but back in history, in 1920 there were 1400 ! Each of this beautiful architecture work is worth to visit. Believe me.
Going around the castles and manors of Latvia you could meet wide spectre styles of architecture which perhaps will open your imagination and create vision of old culture and history of Latvia.
Usually, when I am looking at some kind of great example of architecture I think about people who built that, about time when it was built, what kind of materials was used, what technologies were available, who lived there, about period in culture, economic and social live. And that help me fly through history in wonderful way.

So, when you are ready for journey to Latvia to see castles, the first thing what I could suggest you is: get clear what kind of buildings you want to see and find some information about them before. Otherwise, if you will follow just to the way of tourism agencies, you could miss something really fascinating.

For example, I am absolutely delighted with one fantastic castle in Latvia, which, because of bad condition, is not like object of tourism and is not protected by Monument of culture Law.
More over - if things will not change, soon this castle will stay just in our memories. As well I am pretty sure, that nobody will show you this castle if you will not ask. I am talking about this elegant neogothic castle, named Odzienas pils:

This castle was built in middle of the 19th century; just some years ago this castle was one of Latvia’s architecture proud, now it is simple forgotten and unwanted hovel.

Castle of Odzienas was built in neogothic style of architecture and this historical style which arise in mid-18th century come from England. Further this art of building left significant influence in all Europe and North America.

Originally Gothic style history began in far 12th century and was popular till about 15th century, emerge in France and was called as ‘The French style’.

Despite changes in architecture fashion, Gothic survived and started to live in new appearance in the period of romanticism as neogothic.

One of descendant of world historic architecture building as orphan stay alone in dark wood and dieing slowly...

And this is not the only example – there are almost hundred such sad stories around the Latvia.
There are lot of reasons which we have to take into consideration to understand situation, but more significant – mess and black holes in the Law. As well – I think that perhaps there are too small numbers of activists, who are fighting for historical values, or they have not enough necessary influence. Perhaps there exist lack of love for the national architecture and indifference as well.

Of course, in Latvia you could find many beautiful and nice examples of restored historic buildings
The first one I’m going to show you the most beautiful historic building which represents Baroque and Roccoco art in Latvia – Rundale Palace. It was built in 1730s and designed by the Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Here come Cesvaines castle which was built in the end of 19th century and designed by German architect Hans Greisenbach. Castle was built from shaped stones, with decorative elements and impressive entrance.

This castle named Cesu was built in 13th century:

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Comments to comments


This is that day when I’m going to reply to all comments. First of all I would like to thank you all from the heart for your comments which were very interesting and I learned a lot from them about yourself also. As well – thanks my dear Edmund, if not him (again) perhaps I’d never write a word.
In general, my aim here was – wrote something what could be fascinating for you. I hope, I have met this purpose. I have not written all I wanted and promised, sorry for that. I made a lot of mistakes, but it is human. Nobody is perfect.
So, let’s begin. I’ll answer to all comments shortly; I’ll not posted original text of comments; just from which day and to whom I am answering. In Bold I marked you, but in Italic – my answers.

BLOG: Unknown Latvia
Juan Carlos from Ambato said: ‘IS THE BEST THAT I HAVE SEEN’; my answer: Ooh, yes, I know.
Cris from Ecuador said: ‘wow!! your country is amezing’ ; my answer: It’s true.
Alessandro from Rio de Janeiro - BrazilRight, I’m really sad about historical buildings condition in my country, sometimes it moves me almost to tears. I’m sorry for your story too.
Sbimanish from IndiaI’m glad about that.
Tadas from Lithuania a trip to Latvia it is good idea –my country at present is in need for tourists :)
Ramilton from São Paulo, Brazil Thank you, Ramilton.
Toni from Barcelona, SpainThank you for nice words, Toni. I wish you all the best too.
Miya from China Nice to meet you Miya too, and thank you. It will be nice to see your works. When do you suppose to posted your first blog with photos of your works ?

Blog: Welcome to my finance world
Adriana from Brazil said hello from her country and was delighted about photos from Guernsey and felt informed about my ‘finance world’. - It is nice to hear that. Thank you.
Naweed from Afghanistan Mazar-e-sharif – In Latvia we have very wide spectre of products and services. If we take into consideration deep economic crisis in Latvia, I suppose that challenges in 2009 possibly will take direction to ‘survive’.
Teacher Sarah from England Thank you Sarah for comments, I was really glad to read your postings and corrections. You have very nice and rich language and I feel inspired by them. But I hoped to hear more corrections for my blogs. What about Latvian front-line cashiers - I totally agree to your conclusions.

Blog: Long holidays in amazing Guernsey..
Ernesto from Chile Thanks and by the way - good joke.
Wang Bang from China Thank you too.
Soroush from Toronto I wrote as much as I can.
Ana Paula from Brazil - it’s look like everyone likes photos, I’ll check them again :)
Teacher Sarah from England Thanks for holidays.
Frank from ChinaMarvellous, right. Actually distance is unknown, may be you are closer.

Blog: With love from Jersey…….
Thiago Pastorello from Brasil, SP Yes, you are right.
Ernesto from Chile - Hi, Ernesto. My native language is Latvian.
Halima, Bangladesh Yeah, it is so. Thank you.
Ewelina from Poland I feel good and always ready to fight, even if it is look different.
Codi from ItalyYes, I always wanted to be something like you wrote. Good luck you too.
Krisztina from Hungary I think that the way is not as important as aim in thoughts.
Yandira from Peru I hope one day go to Peru as well.
Simone from Brazil I agree that writing is excellent way to improve language, I did not know before and it helps a lot.
William Weber from Brazil In Jersey I am from July 2008.
Toni from Barcelona, Spain Nice to meet you too and thanks.
Thien loi from Vietnam Yeah, it is not easy.
Soroush from CanadaThank you very much.
Leila from Finland So, did you visit Jersey already?
HYOSHIL from UK I think it is better to forget the past and future and live just for today.
Faustine from student French I’ll glad to read your blogs too.
Leila from Italy I agree with you too.
Subra from yamoussoukro,Ivorycoast - too much thinking and rethinking is not good for health ;)
Behrad from Australia :)
GANDHI S from INDIAThanks.
Sandrita from Ecuador – o.k.
Marihuana from ColombiaGood.
Maricela from Ecuador Sorry.
Nelly from Ecuador Good idea.
Mayra and Fernanda from Ecuador Thank you.

Blog: 02/03/2009 Hi everyone !
Vijay from India – Usually I do the same.
Victoria from UkraineI really enjoyed being BBC’s blogger.
Guzin from from Turkiye I hope, you liked all my blogs.
Danyun from Shanghai I hope I satisfied yours expectations.
Felicitas from Germany I feel, I answered to questions via my blogs.
LE Teacher Sarah from Wuxi, ChinaAnswered already.
Codi from ItalyEverybody get what they asked for.
Trong Tran from Vietnam It is great chance.
Anwar from MorocoThank you.
Naheed from PakistanYou too.
Bïa from Algeria I tried as much as I can.
Ewa from Poland I really enjoyed.
Elliot Willians from Brazil Your country is beautiful as well, and I hope one day I'll visit it.
Ana Paula from BrazilThanks.
Liz from Argentina I tried to give you lot of nice impressions.
Elisabetta from Italy The same I could say about Italy.
Silvio Nabarro from Sao Paulo, Brasil Agree.
Nomin from Mongolia I wish the same for you.
Krisztina from Hungary – I think, you have to see my country by your eyes.
Simone from BrazilAnd I agree with you. :)
Regiane Ramos from BrasilAll right.
Starla from Mongolia And I wish you good luck.
Seemapradeesh from Indian, Kerala I am glad you liked my blogs.
Naomi from South KoreaThanks :)

Blog: Wonderland
Thiago Pastorello from Brasil-SP Agree, every country has the same problems – some more, but some - less.
Naheed from Pakistan I feel we met yours expectations.
posted by … - Right.
Ernesto from Chile As well as I.
Felicitas from Germany I do not think that German is in that problem area number 1. Situation could change just heroes. Everybody likes them, but who really wants to be ?..
Charlene from China You are.
Thong from VietNamIt is true.
Ana Paula from Brazil – Agree.
Eunbaee Kim from South Corea Thanks, I feel you are smart and brave person.
Pilar from Spain I think I answered to yours questions via blogs.
Toni from Barcelona, Spain For me the same – I like warm climate better.
Vivtor from China – Yeah, it is eternal question.
K.Thy from Vietnam – I wish you that.
Phuc from VIet NamAgree.

Blog: Hobbies day…
Mercè from SpainYes, I like, really.
Simone from Brazil Thank you.
Vijay from India Thank you. I have not time enough for all my hobbies too.
Masih from Ardestan ( Iran)Did you read already my blog about Domino ? Do you like this game now?
Manish from India First steps in oil painting I got in Academy of Art.
Samarahmed from CairoThank you.

Blog: Express interview
Alessandro from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAgree, Edmund is really skilled.
Thiago Pastorello from Brasil, SP Right.
Toni from Barcelona, SpainHe received your regards.
Ewa from Poland Thank you.
Pilar from Spain Thank you too.
HÉLIO SANTANA from BRASIL-PE I am glad you liked that.
Eveline from Poland
Niki from China I think – living in Latvia need more courage... :)
Ana Paula from Brazil Talented, agree.
Simon from ChinaTrue.
Teacher Sarah from England Hope so.

Blog: All my live like a game
Olga from MoscowYeah, I have not time for regular playing too.
Ernesto from Chile -:)
Phuc from VietnamTell me more aout sudoku.
Baska from Poland You are right; I am not and thank you too.
Frank from China Tell me more about your favourite game.

Question of the day

Thiago Pastorello from Brasil-SPThere are always some kind of companies where proportion is like you said. Right. I do not agree with last sentence.
Quynh from Viet NamThank you.
Fall from DakarThanks.
Naheed from Pakistan Good words.
Kelum from Sri Lanka You never know…
Simo from Agadir There is no right or wrong. You can make your life as you wish to be, without boundaries. Limitation set our head.Ana Paula from BrazilI hope so.
Ernesto from Chile Next step will be more such examples.
Steed from ChinaAbout good things you are talking.
Mark from London You could get know, if you’ll ask.
Bogumila from Poland Good for you.
Phuc from VietnamI agree.
Niki from ChinaYou could change it.

About your comments

Ernesto from Chile - It was not easy, you were right.
Filippo from ItalyNever say never.
Rostislav from RussiaPerhaps.

See you…

From BBC learning English

Just a quick message to say thank you to Ilze for a superb blog. Even though I have been to Latvia a few times and seen many famous attractions, your virtual guided tour of some of the less known but fascinating places makes me start thinking of visiting again - and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

From tomorrow, welcome back to Marcos from Brazil. To those who don't remember Marcos from his January blog, that blog didn't work properly because of technical issues, and so we thought it would only be fair to give Marcos a second opportunity. Enjoy blogging Marcos!

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